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color eye 360 for bb z10

  • Does indesign support  color eyes 360º video playersNovember 30

    I would like for indesign to support 360º videoInDesign supports video export in PDF, SWF, EPUB and DPS. As far as I know, none of those formats supports "360 degree video". Digital Publishing Suite supports Panorama Overlays: Digital Publishing

  • Structure of abap code in fi moduleNovember 30

    Hi all I joined like fresher could you help me how to write the abap code structure of the abap codeCHECK THIS I HOPE IT WILL HELP YOU. *& Report  ZDTK_FI_CRDB *& DESCRIPTION : CREDIT DEBIT NOTE FOR CUSTOMER OR VENDOR. REPORT  ZDTK_FI_CRDB NO STAN

  • Problem in displaying data using Radiobuttons?November 30

    Hi All, I have a requirement where along with some input fields in have three radiobuttons and under each of the radiobuttons there are date fields, now when i click on the first radiobutton the second date field has to be disabled and the a report o

  • Flash Movie CreatingNovember 30

    I have an Imac G3 grape that does not have internet and has at least 128mb of RAM. I am hoping that there is a program to make flash movies with my computer, help would be helpful.The program that makes Flash movies is called, strangely enough, Flash

  • 9100 Pearl 3G Unlocked Phone with 3 MP Camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Optical Trackpad and GPSNovember 30

    General 2G Network GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 3G Network HSDPA 850 / 1900 / 2100 HSDPA 900 / 1700 / 2100 Announced 2010, April Status Available. Released 2010, May Size Dimensions 108 x 50 x 13.3 mm Weight 93.6 g Display Type TFT, 256K colors Size 3

  • LED visual displaysNovember 30

    got use to my Bold phone with selecable color LED notifiers, upgraded to Z10 and i only have red for new msg and amber for low battery. does anyone know about access to additional LED colors for a Z10 ?Apps are available on BBWorld, first read the re

  • Diaply long textNovember 30

    hi, i need to diplay long text using function module read_text. using asset number company code,could you please help me how to display long textCHECK THIS *https://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/sdn/advancedsearch?cat=sdn_forums&query=read_text&adv=false&am

  • Color Picker: Hue 360 degrees, any more?November 30

    I'm just wondering if anyone knows why there are 360 degrees of hue to select from... is this a theoretical choice, a technical limitation, or a design choice? I'm wondering if there are more colors out there? Are there alternate color pickers to be

  • Unable to connect Z10 to WIFI 2WIRE MODEM 2710HGV White color modemNovember 30

    Hi, I bought Z10 on 30th March 2013 with great enthusiasm. That enthusiasm didn't last as I was unable to connect to the WIFI with the   WIFI 2WIRE MODEM 2710HGV. I took the help of my service provider but couldn't solve the problem.  Yesterday I wen

  • When I open a PDF and try to use the Ctrl F (Find feature), the colorful spin wheel pops up and it spins for a while. When it finishes I get an error box that's titled 'Adobe Reader Quit Unexpectantly'. I work off of a MACBOOK Pro, version 10.9.2. I haveOctober 11

    Hello:           When I open a PDF and try to use the Ctrl F (Find feature), the colorful spin wheel pops up and it spins for a while. When it finishes I get an error box that’s titled ‘Adobe Reader Quit Unexpectantly’. The following is all of the in

  • How can I convert 16bit greyscale pictures to 24bit color picturesOctober 11

    Hi, I am stuck at coloring 16bit greyscale pictures without losing the resolution of 16bit, as it would happen when using the WindMapping-thing (which reduces the displayed resolution to 8bit). I figured that what I would need is probably an array co


    Hi, BlackBarry This is you informing you to my blackbarry z10 mobile is not still repair. My problem is - when does battery come near 45% then my mobile switched off suddenly. why is dalying in my mobile problems to resolve. I have 2 times visited yo

  • Scanner error 6: HP LaserJet Pro 400 color MFP M475dw does not get through initialization phaseOctober 11

    My lJ400 MFP475 detects a problem with the scanner unit after chewing on it for several minutes and never finishes intitialization. Initially you can hear the scanner head move softly, but after less than a minute it starts rattling at the end of eve

  • Z10 Tips, Tricks and ShortcutsOctober 11

    I've compiled these tips from several week's worth of using the Z10 BlackBerry. For the new Z10 user, you'll find some good stuff here and I urge you to just sit down for 20 miutes and go through each of these. They'll stick with you that way. For th

  • I am having a problem hooking up my Xbox 360 to my new Toshiba 32" 32DT2U TV...October 11

    I just purchased this 32DT2U tv and have an older Xbox 360 with the red, white and yellow AV cables. I hooked up the Yellow (video in) to the Green port, and finally got the sound working, but the screen is grey and white. I see the game and all, but

  • Getting DSL Modem, TimeCapsule, and XBox 360 to play niceOctober 11

    I just bought a 1TB Time Capsule and pretty much hooked it up without reading the manual by using what seemed like the defaults. Everything seems to be working fine...I've got internet access, my two MacBooks are backing up using Time Machine...my on

  • Xbox 360 Trade-In IssueOctober 11

    I've rarely felt so insulted in my many years of retail work and patronage as I have felt today at Best Buy. As a former employee of the chain, both in retail and the Geek Squad, I am generally quite forgiving of any issues I have while shopping ther

  • Photoshop CC Color IssuesOctober 11

    When I updated my Photoshop program two updates ago I began having color issues in Photoshop as the rest of the Adobe Suite.  Regardless of whether the color mode is RGB or CMYK the colors appear washed out on the program.  This image http://i.imgur.

  • Can you change the color pallet in Logic Pro X?October 11

    Hi there, Is it possible to change the colors on the color pallet in Logic Pro X? They are too dark for me. I would appreciate your replies. Thanks and cheers, [email protected] Eriksimon: Thanks for your help. Now, I understand that it's a little different. Basic

  • My z10 camera is not working :(October 11

    Hi * pace be upon you * My camera can't be use Now its the third day with out it Please help me '( Z10 -'ve been hacking at this all day now reading the entire internet, wiping my phone and rebooting ect.. Here a recap that may help you,

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