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cisco update oid on a 3310

  • The cisco snmp oids do not work, I can't get cpu or memory data.October 11

    Hello. I want to monitor the cpu and memory usages on my cisco devices using snmp. I found the snmp oids related to cpu in the following page : http://www.cisco.com/en/US/tech/tk648/tk362/technologies_tech_note09186a0080094a94.shtml I just copy the t

  • How to update OID oblogintrycout attribute through java codeNovember 30

    Hi Team, As per my requirement ,i need to update OID oblogintrycout attribute through java code. could you please help me on this. where can i get the java code. Regards, Ravi.As always, Google is your friend. Follow the bouncing link. http://www.goo

  • Recent Cisco "update" to E4200 produced Error Code 3018, which ended wireless.November 30

    The update "failed," due to an "unexpected error."  Wireless connection is disabled, although, as you have probably noticed, I can still connect to the internet (using an ethernet cable from my router to my laptop OSX 10.6.8).  Error C

  • Cisco IPS OID specific log fieldsNovember 30

    I am setting up a third-party log server checkpoint smartevent server to log events from Cisco IPS 4240. The setup requires to configure the OID specific log fields of the IPS. Where do i get the information. Will appreciate your assistance.I believe

  • Update OID within a TransactionNovember 30

    I have data in an Oracle Internet Directory that I am managing from a J2EE application running under OC4J. This same application also manages data in an Oracle Database. I would like to be able to write code (preferable an EJB) that updates data in b

  • Cisco ASA OIDNovember 30

    I am looking all working OID for ASA 5540 to use on snmp version 2 and snmpwalk.any body can give me the link or the lists? thank you in advance for you helpshow snmp-server oidlistRead other 2 answers

  • Performing "offline" compliance module update to new ISE installationNovember 30

    Hi everybody, I am just wondering if anyone knows how perform compliance module on a new ISE installation to get the AV and AS updates, while the ISE is "offline", (not connected to Cisco/Internet). The ISE has Advance Service license, but the c

  • ISE profiler feed policies update changelog / release notesNovember 30

    I often notice that updated feed policies are skipped because the policy was canged by an admin (me). In the past the cisco provided policies weren't detailed enought to use them for secure authentication policies, so I modified/added a lot of them.

  • Cannot access Cisco MIBs via SNMPGETNovember 30

    Hello, I'm sure this is a simple fix and I'm too stupid to figure it out, but I'm having trouble accessing Cisco ACE specific OIDs via Net-SNMPs tools. If I run snmpwalk on the device, I get a nice list of standard SNMP OIDs such as SNMPv2-MIB, IF-MI

  • Cisco CallManager InstallationNovember 30

    As new in Voice Networks, I have a question ! Is Cisco CallManager Solution must be installed on designated / cisco recomended hardware. I want to try it before going a head with buying stuff. Can i install it on my server machines with Windows 2000

  • Nokia E63 UPDATE!!!November 30

    I got Nokia E63 and I found in Nokia website that there is new Firmware 410.21.010. But when I got to NSU i get that the latest is the one I already have. Any theorys why???aspergerguy wrote: @s0ulhunter If you are very unlucky such as PC issue durin

  • Nokia E63 update firmwareNovember 30

    What can happen when i install firmware on nokia E63?It is safe ?I will update it with nokia updater.What can go wrong when i do it?aspergerguy wrote: @s0ulhunter If you are very unlucky such as PC issue during device software update you can be left

  • Rename User Login and OID  UIDNovember 30

    Hi We have configured OIM (11g) with LdapSync. I have changed User Login from IDM admin Interface, but it didn't update OID UID attribute value. How I can update OID uid attribute value? thanksI guess that's ok. I was able to remove "bob" from t

  • USR_PROCESS_TRIGGERS or Response Tasks in OIM seem inconsistentOctober 11

    We have a scenario where an existing user is updated through trusted recon. The particular update needs to fire several unrelated adapters. For example, when a user is terminated in good standing in HR, they are given a grace period during which thei

  • Simple question. Hard to find an answer. Threshold setting on WVC2300November 30

    Hello I have a WVC2300 What is the most sensitived setting, a plus or a minus - ??? Come on Cisco, update your documentation!Hi Clifford, Thank you for posting. It has been a long time since I played with those settings but if I remember correctly th

  • Oracle Access Manager and Passing Cert Info to HTML or JSPNovember 30

    Friends, We are trying to pass the CN information from our smartcard (CAC) that looks i.e. john.doe.123456789 as a parameters to an Oracle Forms using the staticHTML implementation utilizing the OBLIX SSO OR utilizing a JSP or HTML file to read these

  • ADMIRAL database on SQL 2008 R2 Named InstanceNovember 30

    Hi, we are running  TES (test Master) upon a remote SQL 2005 SP4 named instance database, all is right. I need to move the ADMIRAL database to an SQL 2008 R2 SP1 named instance. What JDBC, JRE and connection string do I need to succeed ? Th

  • BAPI OR FM REQUIREDNovember 30

    Hi All, Is there any BAPI or FM available to change the make ready time and machine time for an operation in a production order ? Thanks and Regards, Navneeth K.the main program for the program u have mentioned is SAPL0IPR it is generated viewmainten

  • Mac OS X Leopard Fails with Clean Access AgentNovember 30

    Hey All, I've had several students in my office saying that Leopard and Clean Access don't work together. I haven't seen a specific error, yet, but was wondering if anyone else is seeing this problem...? I'm using the agent for Macs. MikeI am

  • Working with groups programaticallyNovember 30

    Hello all, I have a need to add users to groups, set default group etc.. via sqlplus. I have tried using the wwsec_apis and encountered numerous problems. 1) wwctx_api.set_context needs to be set to use the functions, but this procedure generates use

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