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chevy cobalt 2007, how to use a ipod

  • Connecting ipod mini to usb port in chevy cobaltNovember 30

    I am trying to connect my ipod mini to the usb port in a chevy cobalt and I get a message saying the port does not recognize the device. Has anyone else had this problem? Is the mini not compatible with the cobalt but other models of the ipod are? I

  • IPod Classic (160GB) + 2007 BMW X5November 30

    I have a 160GB iPod Classic with firmware version 1.1.1 Mac that I'm connecting to a 2007 BMW X5 through the iPod interface. It appears the unit is connecting fine. I can access all sections of the iPod EXCEPT for my playlists. Does anyone know why a

  • My wife purchased me a Ipod 80GB back in 2007 under her account. How can in download my music from my PC into my Ipod without using her passwordNovember 30

    My wife purchased me a Ipod classic 80GB back in 2007, she also has a Ipod classic, but both are under user name and password. I have a newer PC. How can I download the music from my PC to my Ipod?iRip is a nice little program  it will get all your m

  • Iphone 3G and Cobalt LTNovember 30

    I just bought a Chevy Cobalt LT and was told the USB port on the cobalt would be compatible with my Iphone 3G with 2.1 Firmware. It is giving me a message Ipod not recognized please check firmware or something along those lines. Anybody have this pro

  • IPod mini seen on desktop, not in iTunesOctober 11

    The iPod is fully charged, I have reset it about 4 times, I've restarted my computer, and I've done everything else detailed here: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/695939?start=0&tstart=0 (though one of the messages is for a Windows computer) I a

  • Contacts created on iPod do not sync to Exchange server. Outlook created Contacts sync to iPod correctly.October 11

    I have an iPod Touch 4th gen (model MC544LL), running iOS 5.1.1 My Contacts and email synchronize with the corporate Exchange server of my employer. I use Outlook 2007 (Windows) on my Desktop. If I create a contact in Outlook 2007, it synchs to the i

  • In Exchange server 2007, is syncing notes to iOS device supported?October 11

    In Exchange server 2007, is syncing notes to iOS device supported? Specially iPhones, and iPads.  Thanks.Hi, Here is an article about how to set up Exchange 2007 on iPhone, iPad and iPod: http://www.rackspace.com/knowledge_center/article/setting-up-e

  • I just purchased an Ipod Touch off Craigslist. How do I know it wasnt stolen or something???November 30

    How do I figure out if an IPOD was stolen before I purchased it.This site concludes yuo really can't. http://www.stolenipod.com/home/2007/11/15/related-stolen-ipod-articles.html?PLUC KarticleId=d0045b32-f90a-ed60-4a73-1130d774ff33&PLUCKtitle=How_to_K

  • More Mac OS 10.2 and iPod nano questionsNovember 30

    I did a search and found that other people were able to get their iPod nanos to work using 10.2.8, so I decided to give it a try. How did you do this? When I plug it it in, the iPod just flashes "Do Not Connect" and when iTunes tries to open, I

  • IPhone with my car ipod connectionNovember 30

    I have a 2007 with the built in ipod connection...will my iphone work in my car? im scared to plug my iPhone in. Please Help, thanx.It works if you plug it in I plug mine into my stereo iPod connection and it worked. It does tell you that its not com

  • Can you import raw photos via a camera or card to the ipod?November 30

    I am considering buying an ipod classic, becuase I need to be able to store photos whilst on holiday to a large storage device.  I suspect that I might not be able to view the files on an ipod, but I was hoping that I might at least be able to transf

  • Need software/firmware 1.0.0 to Ipod Classic 80Gb 5-genNovember 30

    I need the old firmware, the new ones wont work with my dock. Anybody who knows where I can find it?I agree with Jeff's comment about Pioneer - if they state that the iPod is compatible with their head unit, then they (Pioneer) should support it and

  • Something happened to my iPod classic 160GbNovember 30

    Hello guys, I've got an iPod 160Gb for christmas (12/25/2007) It worked until yesterday. Yesterday (12/27/2007) I finally connected my iPod to my pc and iTunes showed a message telling me there was a firmware update for my new iPod and asked me if I

  • Redchair software's Anapod corrupts ipod classic 160 on PC?November 30

    Hello. Does anyone use Redchairsoftware's Anapod Explorer on their PC? I find that I can use it to add songs to the ipod classic 160, but once I disconnect, no songs are found on the ipod. And then when I connect to itunes, it says a restore is neces

  • IPhone Issues with USB Connection and Bluetooth in GM carsOctober 11

    I recently purchased a 2009 Chevy Cobalt SS/TC and it has a USB connection for an iPod. Prior to the 2.1 updated the USB connection worked flawless as well did my handsfree/bluetooth. I had the Apple Genius Bar check my iPhone for any issues due to a

  • IPhone: issues with glOrthofNovember 30

    I am trying do some z-buffering stuff and glOrtho is acting strangely. I am putting up labels in my 3D universe with a z-component, so some objects closer to the viewpoint will obscure objects and their labels further away. This wasn't happening. The

  • ITunes Help DeskOctober 11

    Okay I will freely admit this may be more of a rant then a request but I am curious if I am doing something wrong, contacting the wrong people, saying the wrong thing... etc It always goes down this way: I have a problem with a download (latest was t

  • Froze and sound unbalacedNovember 30

    I recently purchased a 8GIG 3rd Generation iPod Nano from Hong Kong, China. This was the sweetest thing that I have ever brought or included in my iPod collection. I currently have the following iPods: 1Gig - 1st Generation iPod Nano (given to me by

  • Unable to invoke EJB from a BPEL process.November 30

    Hello all I am running BPEL process manager over weblogic 8.1 App server. I am trying to invoke a simple stateless session bean from a synchronous BPEL process. I have created a WSDL for this EJB with appropriate binding and service elements. I am ab

  • Iphone button stopped working, apple store could not fix it for me!November 30

    Hey Guys! I am a pure apple user since 2007. I have owned ipods, ipads,iphones and macbooks. I have always been satisfied by apple's quality products. If any problem occured in the past it was easily fixed by either getting a replacement product or f

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