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  • 9iAS DAD reuse problemNovember 30

    Hi, We are having a problem when we set reuse to yes in the wdbsvr.app file. Our app server and database are seperated by a firewall. The firewall is set to drop inactive connections after 30 seconds (we have NO control over the settings of the firew

  • Error while running a report JSP in a war file from 9iAS serverOctober 11

    Hi, I've a web application archive file (war) which i m deploying to the web using OEM. The war file consists of many JSPs. Among those JSPs i have one Report JSP, which i m calling from another JSP which is like a parameter form for the report JSP.

  • Error in the assistant of installation of Oracle 9ias 9.0.2 single sing-onOctober 11

    Install oracle 9ias, but when this in the assisting existing Oracle 9ias single singn-on the error that the host or port are not been worth appears. in the host sijita.uptc.edu.co places and in the port 7777. That it can be the error??? one d

  • 9ias release 2 in HP-UX cluster  in HA mode configurationOctober 11

    Hi all, We have configured 9ias release 2 Business intelligence . Both Infrastructure, Report server, and database on the same HP-UX 9000 server. Its been critical application, we want to configure the same in the HP-UX for High availability of the a

  • Server Error on Create user page in 9iAS Portal 11

    Hi, I have installed Oracle 9iAS Portal on WinNT I got the SSO page loging thru admin login and everything is fine .....i can get into build page groups etc..... Problem creation of users When i click Build --> Administer --> Create User Pag

  • Hardware specs for a 9iAS applicationOctober 11

    Hi, Where can we get some documents regarding the hardware details needed for the 9iAS. Suppose the scenario is like this:- we have our 9iAS on an NT server, a maximum concurrent usage of the the deployed forms is predicted to be between 250 and 300,

  • Installation of 9iAS on HP-UX 11 64 bitOctober 11

    Hello, anyone who has already done the installation on this platform. please guide me on the preinstallation tasks and requirements at the OS level. My Installation CDs do not contain the installation guide Thanks YogeerajSee http://technet.oracle.co

  • Oracle 8.1.7/9iAS installation problem on IBM AIX 5.1 - loadext failsOctober 11

    Dear colleagues, tried to install Oracle 8.1.7 and then Oracle 9iAS over AIX 5.1 on IBM eServer p-series. The installation fails in the very beginning - loadext for post-wait Kernel Extension (/etc/pw-syscall) fails with 'exec format error'. Document

  • Installation problem on  9iAS on Lunix platformOctober 11

    Hi, I have already installed Linux 7.3 plus Oracle 9i release 2 in my PC, and then today I am going to install 9iAS and the error messages shown 'Your local host file database file (typically /etc/hosts' is not configured properly when i choose 'J2EE

  • Domain problem still persists -9iAS installation on windows 2000 profto do?October 11

    Hi I tried installing 9iAS rel 2 on Windows 2000 prof. As per the pop-up during installation I did the changes. I did the changes as per the instructions. In the "hosts" file c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts I added <my compute

  • 9i and 9ias installation on SuSE linux 7.3October 11

    Hi, Are there any known issues involved in installation of 9i and 9ias on SuSE linux 7.3 ?? Also please let me know what are the workarounds for those problems and where the patches may be downloaded from ?? I am asking this question because SuSE 7.3

  • Succes installing 9iAS R2 (release 2) on RedHat Linux 7.3October 11

    I had success installing 9iAS release 2 on RedHat Linux 7.3. I used the instructions on http://www.puschitz.com/OracleOnLinux.shtml. At first, I tried this on RedHat 8.0. Funny thing is: installation of infrastructure failed even though I followed th

  • Installation guide for 9ias on RedHat Advanced Server 3October 11

    Hi Does anyone has the installation guide for 9ias on RedHat Advanced Server 3 please? Thank you!there is an installation guide for oracle applic server 9 and above on red hat advanced server 3 in pdf format on the linux technology center page on ora

  • Installation problem of Oracle 9iAS rel2 on redhat advanced server 2.1October 11

    Hi, I am trying to install Oracle 9ias Rel2 on redhat advanced server 2.1 Following instructions i downloaded and installed the binutils patch binutils- I have set ORACLE_HOME appropriately and created a new user oracle. During

  • Why is it not possible to write a UIX (or ADF) portlet for 9iAS?October 11

    Hi, I have been trying for months to create a UIX/BC4J portlet for 9iAS but have been unsuccessful. The documentation and examples cover doing this with JSPs (there is a nice Forum application available for download on portalstudio). However all of m

  • Errors in 9ias patch dcumentation!October 11

    folks, this applies to all who're trying to upgrade their existing 9ias to the latest patch set version using the integrated patchset. this is also helpful if you're doing a first time install and there are some issues that help in getting the server

  • Why 9ias WIRELESS seems to be a PANDORA BOX ??October 11

    hi: In release notes of my 9ias downloaded documents it says that i have 9ias I've installed Enterprise Edition but i've choose just to configure after instalation forms and reports services. What the hell i need to put 9ias Wireless workin

  • Problem with 9iAS and Day Communiquh 3October 11

    Hi, i have a problem with the deployment of Day Communiquh 3 web application (a tool for content management) on Oracle 9iAS (not on the OC4J stand-alone..). As explained on Day guide, i've disabled the following services in the delivery.xml of publis

  • How to reuse a 9iAS Portal database connection in a BC4J application?October 11

    Hi, I have a 9iAS Portal 9.0.2 application, and I want to call a BC4J/UIX application from the Portal application. Ideally I would like to reuse the database connection already established within Portal, because it has authenticated the user with the


    Hi All, I am trying to export file on Oracle 9iAS using discoverer using excel format, But not able to export in proper format. Can anyone help me for this please Regards KumarPlease reply for thisRead other 2 answers

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