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certsrv static tcp port not changing

  • How to do a silent configuration of SQL Server 2005 to a static tcp port ?November 30

    Hello, I have a SQL server 2005 but after checking the ports of sql server,it is observed that dynamic ports are being used. I want to install SQL server 2005 and configure SQL serevr to a static TCP port by using silent mode of installation.There ar

  • Always on Availability groups using static SQL Tcp PortNovember 30

    Hi,  I have 2 SQL 2012 servers in my DMZ and I have assigned SQL to run on a static TCP Port.  I would like to setup Always On availability groups on the servers but I cannot get the failover to work with the static TCP port.  It works fine with dyna

  • Pre-Requisite Check SQL Server 2012 SP2 TCP Port Enabled ErrorNovember 30

    When doing the pre-requisite check to install SCCM (CAS) using an instance of SQL Server 2012 SP2, you get the following error even though SQL Server TCP port has been enabled, set to static port 4022 on the IP addresses in use in SQL Server Configur

  • Route decisions based on destination TCP port with EIGRPNovember 30

    Need information and plausibility on making routing decisions within EIGRP based on different destination TCP port.  I have a third party partner that we communicate too and they are adding a second location which we will connect too.  They are wanti

  • 2008 r2 DNS Listening TCP PortNovember 30

    Hi All, DNS server listening on TCP 53, I also show DNS listening on random TCP port number.  I am configuring Cisco ASA firewall so two DNS servers can talk. Is there a way to configure a specific TCP range of listening ports on the server so I can

  • How to get the number of bytes at TCP portOctober 11

    Hi all, How to get the number of bytes to read at the TCp port...as someone had suggested in some forum we do read the number of bytes first and then pass this... but we get a problem when we have FF data in this...because then it sends 2 FF data...a

  • Bypassing TCP port 25 restriction (i.e. worst ISP EVER; Mail is not allowedOctober 11

    Hi The private company that runs my DOES NOT ALLOW Smtp connections on its "hi speed internet connection". Meaning that Mail cannot function and I have to check via webmail. I'm serious. Their FAQ states: Can I use email clients such as Microsof

  • ACS 5.5 SFTP repository non-standard TCP portOctober 11

    is it possible to change the TCP port in a SFTP repository from 22 to something different  ? like this is not working repository sftp1   url sftp://   user user1 password hash bc14bc179d2708cc31cbc22ee6a679cd22c095a1There is not

  • Http probe on non-standard tcp port 8021October 11

    I've configured http probe on standard port 80 with no issue. I'm now trying http probe on non-standard tcp port 8021, confirmed with packet capture to confirm that the CSM is indeed probing, status code 403 is returned but the reals are showing "pro

  • Unknown open TCP ports on routerNovember 30

    Anyone know how to close these open ports on my Cisco 7606 router? Anyone know what these TCP ports are used for? 49   - Not sure what this one is other than what IANA reports about TCP port 49 4510 4509 2222 I'm sure I could add an ACL to block comm

  • Smbclient wants to connect to TCP port 139November 30

    On my Powerbook, using Little Snitch under certain conditions (undetermined) I get the following message repeatedly, I am not connected to a network (except for Airport) or printer: The application "smbclient" wants to connect to

  • LMS 4.2 Why is TCP port 514 used and how to close it?November 30

    An internal security scan showed that TCP port 514 is open on the Cisco Prime LMS 4.2.4 server.  The security team is concerned that this port is commonly used for rsh, which is not encrypted and may use plain text logins or poorly authenticated logi

  • Tomcat Servlet - TCP Port Already in Use?November 30

    My problem is that tomcat/servlet is not releasing its TCP port after my servlet closes the port. Next time a servlet tries to use the port it gets an error "Port already in use". Using netstat I can see the port is still in use. If I stop tomca

  • [SQL QUERY] Select TCP Port Monitors and their related Watcher NodeNovember 30

    Hi everybody, I'm working on a SSRS report and SQL Query, I have no problem to find all my TCP Port Monitor (SCOM 2012 R2) based on the DisplayName, but I can't figure out how to get their related watcher nodes (in my case only 1 computer is a watche

  • Agentry Client 6.1.3 installation with preconfigure SMP server name et TCP PortNovember 30

    Hi, I'm looking for a way to deploy an Agentry Client (version 6.1.3.xxx) on multiple devices without having to manually specify the SMP server name and TCP port. When the user get's it, I just want him to only enter his credential to start the first

  • Changing the TCP port on async ports in Cisco routerNovember 30

    Hello, My goal is to replace old terminal servers from a factory environment. These terminal servers act as a aggregation point of terminal equipment (printers and factory automation). Software used in this factory writes to these devices using ip-ad

  • ACE Probe Config for Blue Coat Proxy TCP Port 74 NETRJS-4November 30

    We are running 4710's with A5(2.2). We use Blue Coat proxies for our internet connections, specifcally TCP port 74. So when we open up a browser connection to www.cisco.com, the HTTP GET is actually encapsulated in TCP port 74 netrjs-4. We want to lo

  • ACE VIP OK HTTP, NOK other TCP portNovember 30

    Hi, we are having issues in configuring load balancing for a TCP port. For HTTP it's working without issues and we have the ACE also balancing for other TCP ports. Here goes the relevant config: probe http PROBE-HTTP   interval 5   passdetect interva

  • Can a real Server be applied in two different server farms associated with two different VIP IP and TCP PortNovember 30

    Good day everyone, I have a question in regard to real server operation with different server farms, and VIPs Can a Real Server be associated ( for simpliciy) with two different Server Farms that have a VIP associated with each, servicing the same TC

  • WCF static send port, use of custom behavior to change the endpoint location?November 30

    The send port is outbound to various web service endpoints, all of which is the same WSDL just different location. Prefer to use the static port for features like ordered delivery. Is it possible to change the Microsoft.XLANGs.BaseTypes.Address dynam

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