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CD.fpbf ISO9660

  • I recently tried to burn some photos to a disc.  It did not work, but then I ended up with a .fpbf folder on my desktop.  Can't trash it, and when trying to burn again, I get this "... can't be burned because the original items can't be found". Help???October 11

    I recently tried to burn some photos on a CD. For some reason, It did not work.  Now I have a .fpbf folder on my desktop. I can't seem to get rid of it.  I tried dragging it to the trash, but then I get a box asking my to type my password it, so Find

  • Cannot Delete .fpbf File from my DesktopOctober 11

    I tried burning photos onto a CD a few weeks ago and the burn failed.  I now have a .fpbf file on my desktop, that shows all the pic files, but appears to be empty.  When I click on the pic files, I get the following message:  "The alias "Beauti

  • How do I remove the DVD.fpbf from my hard driveOctober 11

    I cant seem to remove the DVD.fpbf from my hard drive under favorites. I am not sure what to do?Removing icons from Finder window sidebar after 10.6.7Read other 2 answers

  • How to get rid of "Untitled CD.fpbf"?October 11

    Hi, I own a 13" MacBook Pro and I recently tried to burn an audio disk. I have a couple questios. First, how to I burn a disc that can play on older car cd players? I burnt one and tested it in my husband"s vehicle's mp3 cd player and it woud no

  • Automount with iso9660 dvd problemOctober 11

    Hi all! I have a problem with automount: I have two optical drives (an LG cdrw drive, detected and accessible from /dev/sr0, and a LG dvd+-rw, detected and accesible from /dev/sr1). I can mount and umount manually all kind of dvd/cd from each of them

  • JAVA iso9660/UDF file system creationNovember 30

    Is there a class or utility in JAVA that will allow the creation of an iso9660 file system for CD's and/or the creation of a UDF file system for DVD's? I am looking for such a class to incorporate into an applcation that is currently under developmen

  • HOW TO USE ISO9660 JULIET FORMAT CD IN MAC BOOK anybody can helpNovember 30


  • Leopard support discs burned in ISO9660 Level 3?November 30

    Does leopard recognize disks that are burned in ISO9660 Level 3 format? I am burning a backup disk and have some dmg files that are over 2GB in size and when trying to burn the disk in Linux I get an error about ISO9660 Level 3 and Mac OS XWikipedia

  • How to burn disc with period (.) in name? Finder says ".fpbf" extension reqNovember 30

    I'm trying to burn a disc with the date in the name, like "mydisc 2006.10.31" but the finder says "you cannot remove or change the extension .fpbf because it is required by the finder." What is this supposed to mean? I don't want a dis

  • Open windows iso9660 part of hybrid windows mac (iso 9660 & HFS) CDNovember 30

    Does anyone know how to cleanly and correctly mount the windows (iso 9660) part of a hybrid mac & windows CD? Any CD made for dual operating systems automatically mounts the mac HFS by default and loads it onto the desktop & into finder. I'm inter

  • [Solved] vfat and iso9660 support?November 30

    I'm not sure whether this is a newbie question, or not!  Earlier this year I moved from Ubuntu to Arch. I find that I am unable to mount vfat and iso9660 volumes Error mounting /dev/sr1 at /run/media/root/SELPHYCP910: Command-line `mount -t "iso9660&

  • Cant read DVD in ISO9660 joliet DVDNovember 30

    A quite strange thing happened. I burned several foto dvds on my Imac (Iso9660 joliet) and after a few days later my mac was not able to read them anymore. Which means the drive is working hard ( very noisy) but after some seconds eject the DVD witho

  • ISO9660 (Rockridge) mp3 cdsNovember 30

    Is it possible to burn mp3 CDs in iTunes or otherwise so that the filesystem of the resulting disc is ISO9660 with Rockridge extensions? I've got a car CD player capable of playing mp3 discs, and it doesn't play nicely with MacOS Extended or ISO9660

  • Fpbf Ordner löschenNovember 30

    Hallo, Ich habe in der Seitenleiste im Finder 3 Ordner, die ich nicht auswählen, oder löschen kann. Es handelt sich um Ordner des programms  "Burn" mit dem Atom Icon. Wenn man den Ordner auswählen will, erscheint kurz in der Kopfzeile die Bezeic

  • Data disk I used often years ago now shows on desktop as empty .fpbfNovember 30

    DVD-R that I know has data that I've used in the past now shows on desktop as an empty burn folder. Since last using I upgraded from old G4 to Intel Mac Pro w/ OSX 10.7.5.On further investiagtion of my data disc collection, I found that the CD-R disc

  • How to remove unselectable .fpbf files from Finder sidebarNovember 30

    every time i burn a cd i end up with an .fpbf file in the finder sidebar ie. 'Untitled CD x.fpbf" (x = accumulating). these files are not selectable to be able to delete. and every time i burn a new disc another one gets added. anyone have any idea h

  • I can't play music burned as CD.fpbfOctober 11

    Recently, my computer started using burn folders, including when I try to burn music CDs. The problem is, I can't get these CDs to play in my car or anywhere outside of my computer. I'm not even sure how to benefit from burn folders and at this point

  • Can't get rid of Untitled DVD.fpbf after trying to write onto bad DVDNovember 30

    I apparenlty had a bad set of DVDs, which I discovered by having tried to back up some data onto them. Fair enough. But the problem occurs after the bad disc is discovered. When finder discovers (and reports) that the disc is bad, I am forever unable

  • How to erase the "untitled dvd.fpbf" from my finder?November 30

    can you help me to get these out?(those three that located in the left) it's annoying.. hahaha thx before..Hold down the Command key and click and drag them out of the side bar.  They will dissappear in a puff of smoke. OTRead other 2 answers

  • Are there any recovery tools for optical media?October 11

    I've had a couple of DVD's  turned in to coasters recently and I was hoping that Linux could come to my rescue with some awesome 'raw-read' / recovery tools for optical media? I burnt the discs in Windows 7 using InfraRecorder on a brand new Plextor

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