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captivate iframe in muse

  • Adding captivate files to muse???November 30

    is it possible to add work ive done in flash pro and captivate onto my muse website??? whatever I do does not work. this is doing my head in because I cant even find one google search that relates to this question, ive been searching for days. please

  • Can't get HTML iframe to work in Muse CC 2014October 11

    I'm having some trouble with iframes in Muse CC 2014. I'm using Adobe Captivate 8 to create interactive tutorials. Catptivate then exports a tutorial as an HTML 5 web page into a folder with all of it's related content. I want to place that HTML 5 pa

  • How to embed youtube using responsive iframeNovember 30

    Anyone was able to ebmed someting with responsive iframe ? Ive found some solution here http://toddmotto.com/fluid-and-responsive-youtube-and-vimeo-videos-with-fluidvids-js/ but have no idea how to add this to muse...Thank you for posting. You can em

  • Embed Tumult Hype in MuseNovember 30

    I am trying to embed an interactive graphic created in Tumult Hype into a Adobe Muse website. I manually uploaded the hype file to my server, then used an iframe to display the file in muse. But the file is cropped off in Muse, and I can't figure out

  • Issue in Develop mode for embedding google mapOctober 11

    Hello, I am facing an interesting issue in Develop mode for embedding google map html code (screenshot is attached) The map rectangle showing almost same size box underneath filled in black, while in preview mode, it is working properly. I could not

  • Video in LightboxNovember 30

    Hallo, ich habe folgendes Problem: Ich möchte ein Video ( Iframe) in die Lightbox einfügen. Dies funktioniert auch, allerdings verschieben sich anschließend die anderen Elemente (nicht alle). Was mache ich falsch? Gibt es noch andere Möglichkeiten, e

  • Is it possible to make an iframe full size to the browser inside muse , if using insert htmOctober 11

    using iframe code , it is coming in a small box want to use it to full browserHi, You can use : <iframe src="enter page link here" style="position:fixed; top:0px; left:0px; bottom:0px; right:0px; width:100%; height:100%; border:none; mar

  • Having trouble implementing Captivate simulation in an iFrameNovember 30

    Hi all, hoping you can give me some pointers. I'm trying to implement Captivate scalable html5 simulations in a proprietary LMS that requires that I place it in an iFrame.  It works, but the scaling is not working properly.  Immediately upon loading,


    Okay So i am making a client there website in muse and they're wanting a customer login and customer sign up into there webpage but muse does not have that option. I called adobe and they said to make an iframe in dreamweaver and then put it into mus

  • Playing captivate 8 in iFrameNovember 30

    All - I am working on something using a captivate 8 module and while it does have review questions in it, there will be no scoring functionality. The system we're using it on will require us to either open a new window to play it in or to send it thr

  • Can't Place Captivate 6 swf or html5 File into Muse v3.2.November 30

    Muse v3.2 won't place my Captivate 6 swf or html5 files. "Error encountered during import" error 0. Has anyone else solved this or a similar problem? What can I do? Suggestions welcome.I inserted the following HTML code that I gleaned from http:

  • I am using an Iframe to scroll a pdf on my Muse site, but it doesn't work on the iPad. Please adviseNovember 30

    I am using an iframe on my Muse site to display a multi page pdf document. It works perfectly on any desktop, but it doesn't scroll on the iPads. Can some one advise, perhaps I need to add a code in the html or use a different widget. Thanks, Wally B

  • Muse iFrame for html websites?November 30

    I see how to use iFrame for Google and YouTube, etc. Is there a way to open another html website within a widget Lightbox such as one might do for a portfolio?Yes, I just used a lightbox display widget from the widgets library, and the 'embed page' s

  • Internal muse file will not scroll in iframeNovember 30

    I placed an iframe text box on the front page of a web site. I built another file within the site to be displayed as scrolling text within the iframe. The file shows up in the iframe however it won't scroll. When I built another file in Dreamweaver a

  • Adobe Muse and "frames" and "iframes" in the codeNovember 30

    Hello, i was ask by an SEO specialist that i had to remove all the "frame" code from my Muse sites because this is something that Google dont like. My question is : is it really bad for google to have a web site with frames? Is this something i

  • Captivate 8 HTML5 not playing in iframeNovember 30

    Hello, I am trying to view a Captivate 8 HTML5 published responsive webinar within an iframe, but am only seeing the loading symbol, it does not ever start. Here is the code that I am using: <a href="/Portals/0/webinars/mra/captivate8_html5/respon

  • Resize the captivate movie according to iframe dimensions.November 30

    Hello, I have captivate interactive movie embedded inside iframe. When I see only the output, it looks perfect and resizes according to dimensions of browser window. But, when i embedd the movie into iframe its dimensions seems distorted as shown bel

  • How do I add a swf from captivate into museNovember 30

    I have created a swf in captivate and need to add this to muse.  How do I do this?Hi, Please refer to the following link http://forums.adobe.com/message/5087131 Regards, AishRead other 2 answers

  • Update muse and made changes to home page now getting this error message... error calling selector function: Security error:Failed to read the content document html Iframe elementNovember 30

    Made changes on my home page and it looks great in the preview in browser, but when i upload to my server I get the attached error message. PLEASE HELP!!!It's common for opening a locally exported website that contains Social widgets or other third p

  • IFrame element from other website breaks Muse's basic slideshow widgetNovember 30

    I'm not sure if this is a bug or what, but the minute I add this iframe element from a website that has a calendar on it, my site stops functioning and the slide show dissapears.  I've tested this in different ways and it all seems related to the ifr

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