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  • Broadband plansNovember 30

    We have 50 gb monthly allowance on our home broadband and 4 gb allowance on our telstra 4g wireless mobile. As we intend to go away for several months in our caravan does anyone know if I ican ncrease our allowance on our wireless mobile and decrease

  • I wish to Downgrade Phone plan & Upgrade Broadband...November 30

    Hello, I am currently on the Unlimited Evening & Weekend Calls Phone Calling Plan with 10GB limit Broadband Plan. Because I use the internet more than I use the phone, I would like to be able to downgrade my Phone plan to Weekend Calls and upgrade my

  • Existing network + mobile broadbandNovember 30

    Hello. Hopefully this is at least vaguely the right place for this, as you guys haven't failed me yet... I'm currently running a wireless network for my Time Capsule/broadband/AirTunes. Due to some rather flaky service I'm thinking of replacing my br

  • Unlimited Plan throttled and punishment for overageOctober 11

    Yes, I have read the fine print, previous entries, and understand that even with my grandfathered "Unlimited" broadband plan, Verizon will throttle back my speed when I go over 5gb. Here is what angers me.  Being a loyal VZW customer for over 9

  • Separate Data Plans for iPad and iPhone?November 30

    If you have both devices, do they each require their own data plan, or can the data usage be shared?tjmack99 wrote: If you have both devices, do they each require their own data plan, or can the data usage be shared? The iPad required a mifi or wifi

  • Inspection Plan versionsNovember 30

    Hi,   Can we have Versions in Inspection Plan just like we have in MIC and Inspection Methods.? Appreciate your response Thanks SMHi Insapection plans doesnt have versions, but you can have counters youcan have wiht differnet MICs and operations in m

  • They eliminated our friends and family plan half-way through the contract without even telling me!!!November 30

    Whatever you do get it in writing, and even then, don't believe it! We switched to a 700 minute plan over a year ago and were told it included 10 friends and family numbers. My Verizon two months ago showed us over our minutes so I went in and update

  • MI-Fi monthly planNovember 30

    I have a Mi-Fi 2200 plan for 250 MB/month @ $40/month.  Now Verizon is offering 3GB/month for $35. The IPAD deal is also getting me steamed. For $20/month you can get 1 GB. I called to cancel because I haven't been able to change my plan to a better

  • Removing All Data From Time Capsule For SaleNovember 30

    I recently purchased a new 1 TB Time Capsule and have a 500 GB Time Capsule I plan to sell. What is the best way to restore the Time Capsule to how it came out of the box new? I would like to wipe my backup data off the hard drive and have the settin

  • Are iPhone4s, Time Capsule, and iCloud intercompatible?November 30

    I have a Time Capsule and plan to purchase an iPhone 4s as soon as Best Buy receives stock.  Will I be able to save my stuff on the Time Capsule to manage memory in the iPhone (my first one)?  Also, will it sync automatically if I can figure out how

  • 4G MOBILE BROADBANDNovember 30

    Is their any addional charge to upgrade my wireless broadband.Hello there, Efren225282! What exactly do you mean by "upgrading your wireless broadband?" Are you looking to change the mobile broadband card that you have or are you looking to chan

  • Cant finish data plan for Ipad2 from singapore is 50GB ?November 30

    In singapore the Teleco operators is giving out 50 GB data plans as a package . we will needs a application to use it as in data plan for sms to use up our plan . any other application on Ipads that used data plan for communication .Stacyanne, sorry

  • Does the BT Broadband account username/password ha...November 30

    I'm a little confused as to whether the BT Broadband account username and password has any significance. Let me explain. I have just upgraded the Broadband plan on one site and BT sent me a new Business Hub 5. I didn't need it as I have installed a T

  • Bring back Unlimmited planNovember 30

    seriously verizon bring bck the unlimmed plan the usage limmit is so horrid i would like to do more things on the internet but i cant cause the oonly other service is satalight and i cannot use that for online gaming which blows.I don't need unlimite

  • HomeFusion & Mobile Broadband RatesNovember 30

    Any chance the HomeFusion rates will apply to the Mobile Broadband rates?  HomeFusion rates are cheaper for 10GB and it would be nice to get 20 or 30 GB on the Mobile Broadband plan.All that was announced was the initial few cities noted here: http:/

  • Why the difference in plans between USB modems/hotspots and tablets?November 30

    I have a USB760 3G USB Modem that I want to activate on Friday when I get paid.  I went to the Mobile broadband plans webpage and looked at the pre-paid plans that are available. However, they price data access differently for USB modems/hotspots tha

  • Broadband cut off and a whole other mess by BT - h...November 30

    I have BT Total Broadband and Unlimited Anytime.....and I receive 2 bills from the same company....why can't they just charge me one amount per month for all the services I get from them?? So....I somehow missed a DD payment in December for my Broadb

  • Bigpond Mobile Broadband vs Telstra Go Mobile BroadbandNovember 30

    I am currently on a 15GB Bigpond Moble Broadband Plan, and whilst checking out options to reduce my monthly costs noticed the Telstra Go Mobile Broadband Plan.  As far as I can tell the only difference is that the Go Mobile Plan allows you to add an

  • Links Pallet Missing. Adobe Help Line baffled.October 11

    A day killed on the Adobe Help Line and no hope in sight. The Links Pallet is AWOL and Adobe tech support can't find it. Originally the problem was an error when trying to export a 275 page book to idml format as something was going wrong with the mi

  • What is the Cisco tool for measuring traffic of wireless endpoint usersOctober 11

    Hi Experts I am looking to start a Mesh WISP utilizing Cisco Aironet products (1500 series) and would like to know what is the best Cisco (or if the case has to be "non Cisco") product for measuring the amount of traffic from wireless clients co

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