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  • Pearl 8110 will not sync with Outlook CalendarOctober 11

    I have a Blackberry Pearl 8110, and I upgraded the Desktop Manager, then it quit syncing with outlook calendar.  It does sync with noes, memos, addresses, but no calendar.  when the sync is getting to the calendar it says "please wait" then just

  • BB pearl no longer receiving emailsOctober 11

    I have hughes for my internet provider.  They just recently upgraded thier email system, since then, I can not get mail on my pearl.  When I go into email settings, it just tells me that there is already an account set up for this pin.  I am so confu

  • Problems setting up hotmail email account on Blackberry PearlOctober 11

    I have had difficulty setting up my hotmail account on my pearl. whenever i enter my username and password (which i have checked millions of times to ensure that it is correct) and hit log in i get the message "please check your information and try a

  • How can I transfer all my data from my Pearl to my new Curve 8320?October 11

    Help! I have a Mac and have downloaded every bit of software/manual/information/help that I can find and still can't figure out how to transfer all my data from my dying Pearl 8100 to my new Curve 8320. Any suggestions?Hi Vanessa, There are two ways

  • A few problems with new Pearl 3G 9105October 11

    Device info Carrier: 02 Model info and OS version earl 3G, 9105 Apps and free space: 125.6MB free (1.5GB free in Media Card) Did a battery pull fix your issue? no Apps installed and their version if possible.  No Apps installed Hello, I recently purc

  • No browser icon on Pearl 8100October 11

    Hiya... I am in a world of pain... Sorry - quite a bit of background on this... In 2009 my husband bought me a brand new Blackberry Pearl 8100 from the internet (he can't remember exactly where from). I put my existing O2 sim in it, expecting to be a

  • Pearl 8130 will no longer sync with Outlook 2007 or Entourage 2008 Calendar via USBOctober 11

    I currently have the Pearl 8130 v4.5.0.77 running Desktop Manager v4.7 on my office computer (Windows XP) and Pocketmac on my home computer (iMac OS 10). I do not utilize the BES - all syncing is done via USB. I previously used the earlier version of

  • My Pearl 8100 is not recognized by my Windows 7 computer and Desktop SW 6.0October 11

    I cannot get my newly installed desktop software (v6.0) to detect my Pearl 8100 when I connect it through USB.  Upon the first software installation, it will recognize and sync once but after disconnecting and reconnecting, it will not detect.  I hav

  • What are the features of blackberry pearl 9100?October 11

    what are the features of blackberry pearl 9100?lalitive, please don't ask vague questions like this. There are too many features to list here and you certainly know how to use google.com for a search, don't you? Likewise, there are various models of

  • How do i edit the service book on my pearl 8120October 11

    I bought a sim free pearl 8120 from the carphone warehouse in the summer and put a virgin mobile sim card in it everything works fine but the picture messaging i have contacted virgin and they have sent me what i need to put into the service book but

  • Installed Windows 8 on a late 2011 MacBook Air and was working fine now keyboard not working so cannot enter password? Caplocks key works but I am locked out on my own PC and cannot seem to get it to recognize built in keyboard,bluetooth,generic USB one.October 11

    Installed Windows 8 on a late 2011 MacBook Air and was working fine now keyboard not working so cannot enter password? Caplocks key works but I am locked out on my own PC and cannot seem to get it to recognize built in keyboard,bluetooth,generic USB

  • Unable to install OS 6 on Pearl 9105October 11

    Hello, I read the post: http://supportforums.blackberry.com/t5/BlackBerry-​Pearl/9105-failing-to-install-OS-6/td-p/980163 and http://supportforums.blackberry.com/t5/BlackBerry-​Pearl/9105-failing-to-install-OS-6/td-p/980163/pag​... But I still have t

  • Can't Import Outlook Express address book to Pearl 8100October 11

    A friend just gave me an AT&T BB Pearl 8100 and I am using it as a phone only with no data plan (it's a company cell phone but they won't pay for a data plan -- I just put my SIM card in the BB).  I am trying to connect to my personal PC with the USB

  • Still unable to connect pearl to my macbook pro OS 10.5.5October 11

    Okay, The pearl does not mount on the desktop nor does pocketmac make a connection to the pearl.  So, in looking at other posts I did the following:  I deleted these two files: BlackberryUSB.kext BlackberryUSBdev.kext Then rebooted and the pearl moun

  • Trouble sending files via bluetooth from my powerbook to Blackberry PearlOctober 11

    I didn't know who else to check first. So I'm taking a chance here. Over the weekend I made the big step of purchasing a Blackberry Pearl 8100. I was looking forward to trying the bluetooth feature. So I paired my phone with my Powerbook G4. Everythi

  • Moving music to my media card in my BB pearlOctober 11

    SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME! I just bought the new 8130 pearl... i can't get music on it! (I've bought 2 songs through iTunes) I tried using BB Media Sync and it won't work... I've tried draging and droping and it's not working... When I look at my BB car

  • HELP! BB Pearl 8130. Solid Red Led Light. Won't go away.. HELP!October 11

    My LED has turned a solid Red color. It's on all the time and is only off when I pull the battery out. My phone does still charge. I've done everything to get rid of it even wiping my blackberry and upgrading the software. I read something about Blac

  • I wish to get the game Word Mole on my Blackberry PearlOctober 11

    I wish to get the game Word Mole on my Blackberry PearlI know that Word Mole is included when you buy a BlackBerry Storm, Bold or Pearl Flip 82x0. I do not know about the Pearl 81x0. The search box on top-right of this page is your true friend, and t

  • Mapping software/website for 8120 PearlOctober 11

    Hi, I'm wondering what the best mapping software or website is for the 8120 Pearl.  I'm talking about something like a Google maps application, I don't need GPS.  I do have the Google maps mobile software but it requires A LOT of data transfer.  Is t

  • Upgrade to 4.5 device software on Telus Pearl 8130: HTML Email viewer doesn't workOctober 11

    I just upgraded the software on my Telus Mobility (Canada) BlackBerry Pearl 8130 (from 4.3). One of the main reasons I wanted to upgrade was to take advantage of the HTML email viewer (yeah!  finally!). My installation went fine, and the View Message

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