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Cant enable dual mode on n73

  • G505s: Adobe Flash Games Running Laggy & How to Enable Dual Mode?November 30

    I keep hearing about how the G505s has a dual graphics mode. What confuses me is that when I am playing some adobe flash games online, I am noticing considerable lag, while some Win8 App games and MMOs run perfectly fine along with having quality gra

  • I have Two Monitors how do i enable dual displayNovember 30

    I have two monitors hooked up to my G4 and they are displaying the same thing how do i enable dual display where i can pan between them? Thanks for your help I am using Os 10.3.9Hi I'm fairly certain your graphics card doesn't support it. As far as I

  • A85XA-G65 can't find option to enable dual channel memory modeNovember 30

    Hi, My system is new build. Specs: MSI A85XA-G65 AMD A10-5800K Black Edition 3.80GHz (Socket FM2) APU Trinity Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 PC3-12800C9 1600MHz Dual Channel Kit Corsair Force GT 120GB (system drive) PSU OCZ ZT 550W Win 7 64

  • How to configure Grub or enable dual boot Windows7 & Oracle Enterprise Linux6November 30

    Hi, I had Windows 7 installed on my PC and later on I have installed Oracle Linux6 (Server). While installation I didn't get any option to configure dual boot and now I am unable to boot Windows7. If I do fsdik -l command on Linux prompt, I get the r

  • Enable Dual control function for FBZ2November 30

    Hi, Its related to Dual control functionality for vendor master data.  I got a issue, if I change the sensitive fields for a vendor master and run F110, then it shows exception that vendor master not yet confirmed. IS it possible to post outgoing pay

  • ENH: Enable Dual-axis Bar ChartsNovember 30

    Enhancement Request for SVG Charts (Bar, Line): 1) Allow specification of dual y-axis values, such that series a, b, and c can show relative to values on y-axis1 (on left side of chart) and series x, y, and z can show relative to values on y-axis2 (o

  • How to Enable Dual Channel?November 30

    Hi,  I have an MSI K8N Neo Plat, with a Newcastle 3200+ cpu, and two sticks of Kingstone DDR-SDRAM PC3500 - 256Mb. Anyway, according to CPU-Z the memory is running in single channel mode... Is there any way to get it to run dual channel? I've tried i

  • [Other 865 Series] MSI 865PE Neo2-V and Dual Channel Mode QuestionOctober 11

    Hello, I have a quick question regarding dual channel mode with my current motherboard. I have an MSI 865PE Neo2-V and am wondering if it is possible to enable dual channel mode while having three RAM modules inserted in the motherboard. For example,

  • Dual monitor not working in 2012R2 essentials anywhere accessOctober 11

    Hi I tried to connect to 2012R2 Ess anywhere access (Remote portal) from a W7Pro client using two monitors. Only one monitor gets used though. Can Anywhere Access be configured to enable dual monitor use in RDP sessions? Many thanks Rgds WillemHi Wil

  • Multi-monitor enableNovember 30

    I just upgraded to this MS-6526G with P4 1.8. Now I'd like to enable dual monitor support by disabling onbaod VGA and adding PCI card BUT... BIOS doesn't have initial boot PCI/AGP setting like my previous MB did. Help please.Just to clarify my questi

  • Dual coreNovember 30

    hey guys, Is there a way to enable dual core processing within java? I have got my hands on a dual core system and find that cpu intensive tasks use a maximum of 50% (im assuming its only using 1 processor). Is there a way to enable it to use both at

  • Pc won't run in dual channel modeNovember 30

    Hi.I have an msi P6N SLI motherboard which supports dual channel ram configurations.I first purchased four 1gb ddr2 pc 800 ram modules and the pc wouldn't boot so i have 2 1gb and 1 2g modules which work fine.When i remove the 2gb module and the 1gb

  • Dual Layer DVD SupportNovember 30

    Does anyone know if the current iBook G4 14" (Dual USB, 1.42GHz) that comes with a SuperDrive standard, supports dual layer DVD media? I'm trying to find out on my system in System Profiler and in Toast drive features, but I can't seem to find out an

  • W530 dual channelNovember 30

    I upgraded RAM on my W530 and it's working only in single channel mode. How to enable dual channel in BIOS? Here is screenshot about my RAM http://imgur.com/ilbCUil Solved! Go to Solution.I did some testing earlier this year and did a short write-up

  • Dual-active detection for VSS via enhanced PAGPNovember 30

    Hello, What is the configuration needed on an etherchannel PAGP trunk to enable dual active detection for VSS on 4500X ? I have enabled it on my vss in global mode but I don't know which vlan to allow on the trunk towards my switch in PAGP. Is it the

  • MSI DR8-A Dual layer burning?November 30

    i would like to ask if MSI would release a firmware for the DR8A that would support dual layer burning? ive read this article at http://www.afterdawn.com/news/archive/4863.cfm which is for the pioneer dvd burner which states that they might release a

  • Need help with Dual Channel DDR memoryNovember 30

    Hi, I have a msi nvidia MOBO, K7N2G and it supports dual channel memory. The manual says to put one in 1 and one in 3. I did then it wont start. System gives the old beep.........beep.........beep. I have to patriot 512 ddr sticks. They work fine in

  • K7N2 Delta-L Dual Memory Mode!November 30

    Just Upgraded yesterday, plugged it in and system just beeps.  Plugged in the D bracket and it states that there is a problem with the RAM.  When i have one of my sticks of 256 on the 3rd slot to enable dual mode sytem just beeps and does nothing els

  • 770-C45 Dual channel slots?November 30

    OK, I read the manual and it doesn't make it very clear, do I put the 2 dimms in slots one and two, or one and three for dual channel? Or in other words should I put the dimms in the same colour slots? ThanksI think the problem is MSI can't decide ho

  • MSI GT72 memory upgrade/dual channel questionNovember 30

    I just recently purchased a GT72 2QD laptop which has 12GB of ram installed (with 1x4GB module and 1x8GB module). The RAM is shown as running in dual channel, but it is asynchronous and I'm getting inconsistent memory bandwidth results when testing b

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