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calls are ending by itself q10

  • Sprint says Q10 can not access internet/data in Chas/Hunt WV areaOctober 11

    So I upgraded to a new Q10 and spent a few hours loading and configuing all my emails, etc.  Driving to work this morning, I noted that there was no emails received after I left my house (wifi-enabled).  Tried to open the Browser and received the err

  • Q10 stuck at reboot after software update - PLEASE HELPOctober 11

    Hello I was checking for software updates for my Q10 yesterday and was informed that there is a new update I clicked on download and install, and it asked me to reboot when it was done. After that it loaded very slowly until it reached 99% 6 hours la

  • Blackberry needs to sort out he brightness issue on the Q10 - Its very badOctober 11

    Blackberry needs to release an update for its Q10 device ASAP.  The device has brightness issues since it was launched. In a response to a Forum member's complaint about the screen dimness, a support staff here said that's how the device is made with

  • Q10 buggy stuff with text entry making me sadOctober 11

    I impulsively replaced my 9700 with a Q10 instead of the S4 i wanted, and now i regret it.  I am hoping these are just user errors as I want to love the Q10 and it's lovely keyboard. Two major issues: 1. Autofill -- how the heck do you turn off text

  • Issues with on Q10October 11

    I just got this patch a few weeks back because my carrier is extremely slow I guess. I noticed mostly negative differences after this update, which usually isn't the case. The UI itself is a lot clunkier and slower to navigate I find, and especially

  • Issues with Exchange Account and Q10October 11

    Well, I hate to be writing this, but I'm hoping that there might be someone out there that can help get past some first day issues I am experiencing. The background: I have a long history with legacy BlackBerry devices, and almost as much history wit

  • How can I forward an SMS as an email , i have doing this daily on 9900, surprised to miss this on Q10, i am ready to buy an 3rd party app also, if required, it is must for me.October 11

    1. when i read an sms, there is option to forward as email in 9900. Since i am using Q10, i can not do this. I need this immediately. Anybody can help?? I am ready to buy any 3rd party app also, if it can provide this without slowing down the perform

  • Open letter to the chief designer/engineer of the Q10October 11

    Premises: - I have never bothered to post anything on any forum in my whole life but today I could not hold it. - I have been using blackberry devices every 5 minutes for the last 6 years of my awake life. - I work in a bank and half of my 2000 conta

  • BBZ10 and Q10 key Features.October 11

    Here are some key features of Blackberry Z10 and Q10: 1) The Z10 which has a 4.2-inch screen(1,280 x 768 display), will be sold at an unsubsidized price of $599, but can be obtained through some carriers for $149 with a three-year contract. Pricing f

  • Q10 - problem with SKYPE after upgrading to 10.3.1October 11

    Hello ! After i made the upgrade on my Q10 at 10.3.1 OS, the SKYPE doesn't work. It give me the following message : "Unfortunally proces com.android.systemapps has been stopped" Why don't you make SKYPE for BlackBerry OS and this version that is

  • Evaluating a Q10... 12 days left to decide if I want to keep it...October 11

    Hello, I am on day two of evaluating a Q10 (AT&T) and I have 12 days to decide if I want to keep it.  I'm on the fence.  I loved my 8330 Curve back in the day but as of today there isn't a mobile device I am found of.  I've been begrudingly using the

  • Meetings created on Q10 do not sync to Outlook 2013 calendarOctober 11

    Am using a Shaw email account on Outlook 2013. Just got the Q10 and cannot seem to sync. It syncs from Outlook to the phone but not from the phone to Outlook. BB Link ver Office Professional 2013 BB Link does not throw and error messages and

  • BB Q10 - VERY dangerousOctober 11

    Hi Support and community. I really tried my best getting hold of an E-Mail address so I could mail BB direct, but it seems the forum is the only place I could post my concerns. First a bit of history wrt my concerns: I used to be a Nokia user for 10+

  • How does email work on my new Q10?October 11

    Hello BB10 gurus, My experience with my new Q10 is now measured in days, not hours....  (1.25 days to be exact.)  Anyway, I am trying to get a handle on how this device handles my Telus email accounts.  I use two accounts - let's call them [email pro

  • How to open a. bbb backup from a q10 that no longer existsOctober 11

    I had a q10 the phone crashed and i had it backed up i took the phone in for repair and got a replacement phone. That phone also died after a month after returning it to my carrier they gave me a sony android phone. I could never transfer my backup i

  • Multiple emails with their own icons for q10!!!!! And Hide option missing?October 11

    As i understood, it is at this time impossible to have email icon outside HUB. I dont like that because many of us enjoyed having separate email account icons. For multiple reasons. One of them is privacy. If I want to use HUB, but still want to have

  • My Q10 is down. I think I should replace it to new one.October 11

    Hello.... I bought my Q10 and the phone is not working now. I think main board is broken. Of course, I've done nothing wrong. I sent a mail to BlackBerry online store, and they say defective product replacement is not their job, and they said ask abo

  • Is there a way of preventing q10 from creating PC contactsOctober 11

    I use gmail contacts as Imap in q10 When I sync these with my outlook, BB creates a separate list called PC contacts So under contacts I have: 1. All 2. Favorites 3. Groups 4. BBM 5. Gmail 6 PC I actually wnat only one list, I want to remove all the

  • Is there a way to view what is running on the Q10?October 11

    I know about closing apps open in the HUB, but is there a way to see what processes or programs are running on a Q10? I am watching one of our phones drain slowly just from sitting. Only thing running is our phone network. Maybe its syncing too often

  • Why I'm giving up my Q10 to go back to the Bold 9900October 11

    Hi, I wanted to take this opportunity to detail my experiences and frustrations with the Q10 and why I have decided to return to the Bold 9900.  I'd like to stress that these opinions are my own.  I recognize that the industry has a whole has embrace

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