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C50 Logitech speaker

  • Satellite C50-A - Logitech speaker system - quiet subwooferNovember 30

    Hi I have a brand new Toshiba Satellite C50 A -19T. I have a Logitech speaker system that produces a pleasing sound. When I plug it into the new laptop, the subwoofer only produces a very quiet sound, leaving a tinny sound overall. The speakers work

  • Connecting a Logitech speaker system to my laptopNovember 30

    I recently aquired the above speaker system & wish to connect to my laptop. The only socket available is the earphones socket - anybody any experience of this?And where is the problem? Maybe you need some adapter? By the way: which Logitech speaker s

  • Logitech speaker S715i won't recharge my "ipad mini" using the lightning to 30-pin Adapter. Has anyone solved this problem?October 11

    Everytime I connect my mini to the Logitech S715i or Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus speaker a pop-up appears telling me the iPad doesn't recognize the device and the battery symbol shows that it isn't loading. I am using the lightning to 30-pin Adapte

  • Re: iPhone 4s compatible with Logitech Speaker?October 11

    I have a Logitech rechargeable speaker, Model S315i which I have been using with my ipod touch. I looked on their website and it states that it is compatible with the iPhone 4, but doesn't say anything about the iPhone 4s. Does anyone know if it woul

  • New Logitech speaker dock - does it work ok with Classic?November 30

    I'm thinking of getting the Logitech Pure Fi Anywhere speaker dock for my Classic. This is the latest update of the Logitech ipod speaker dock. From testing I know that the previous model worked fine and didn't seem to experience any of the problems

  • Use iPhone with Logitech Speaker for Public Address?November 30

    I have an iPhone 3G and Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere speaker/dock. (Amazing volume and sound quality for such a small package, but of course no deep bass.) Is there any way to send my voice out through the speakers, when I talk on a microphone plugged i

  • X-FI and logitech speakNovember 30

    I currently have a set of old Logitech Z-560 4. speakers which are hooked up to my new X-Fi card. My question is that these speakers come with a "soundtouch control center," which for those of you who don't have logitechs, is just a dock that co

  • Can't charge iPhone with Logitech speaker dockNovember 30

    Six months ago I bought a "Logitech pure-fi express plus" to play music and charge my iPhone in the Kitchen. Recently the player has stopped charging the phone. I have upated to OS 4, but my wife has not and her iPhone won't charge on it either.

  • Will my iPod wake up my Logitech speaker dock?November 30

    I have a 120gb iPod classic. I'm planning to buy a Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere 2 portable dock which connects through the usb port. My question is, if I set an alarm, will it wake up the dock if it's switched off? If not, I can always just keep the doc

  • Iphone suddenly not supported by logitech speaker systemNovember 30

    speaker system has worked with my iphone in the past, still woks fine with ipod but suddenly will no longer work with iphone.  "this accessory not supported by iphone" message on iphone when connected to dock.  any ideas on a fix, please?speaker

  • Logitech Z506 5.1 Speakers and Apple TV - how to set up?October 11

    Hi, As of now, to watch movies I've got an old Mac Mini conntected via VGA to an HP screen and a 2.1 Logitech speaker system plugged into the Mini. For listening to music, I simply plug the speakers into my iPhone or Mac. Now that my 2.1 speakers are

  • I am trying to use my shuffle with a logitech meant for an ipod.  It wont chargeOctober 11

    I need an adapter to use a ipod shuffle on a logitech speaker system which was designed for an original ipod.  Does anyone know where I CAN FIND ONE?.  what is the model of the adapter?We are starting from the beginning like its a new ipod starts out

  • I cant get Logitech z 5300 speakers to woOctober 11

    i have a Audigy sound system and cant figure out how to hook my Logitech Z 5300 speakers up.the Audigy is an older system..NOT audigy 2 or any of the newer ones..just a plain old Audigy system.if anyone can help..thank you.heres a link to the Logitec

  • Nano using Logitech Speakers ----November 30

    I'm having this problem using my nano with Logitech MM50 speakers. When I plug in headphones it works, but when I plop the nano in the docking area of the Logitech speaker box, I get no audio sound? In checking to see if the docking station works, I

  • I cannot get my logitech external speakers to workNovember 30

    I cannot get my logitech speaker to work? They are new.Hello there Salvatore, It sounds like you are trying to use a set of either bluetooth speakers or speakers connected with a 3.5mm plug or digital out on the computer. If the latter, I would recom

  • Cable to connect iPad to external Logitech speakers ?November 30

    Hi, I have Logitech mm50 portable speakers for my iPod touch, and am wondering if I can also connect my iPad to them. Since the IPod touch actually sits on the dock mount, which the iPad obviously can't do, I was wondering if there is a suitable cabl

  • Has iOS 6.1.3 fixed speaker  / sounds issue with iphone 4 and 4s?November 30

    updating to iOS 6.1.1 or 6.1.2 cause external speaker not working on iphone 4 and iphone 4s.Hi there, I'm writing from Switzerland. I got the same issue since iOS 6.1.1 or 6.1.2 and expected improvement with iOS 6.1.3...but I still have the same prob

  • My speaker system won't work with the 6th gen nanoNovember 30

    Why won't my Logitech Speaker system for the iPod play or charge my 6th gen nano? It's worked for all of my other nano's. I hope there's no compatability issues.I'm having almost the exact same problem with my JBL On Stage Micro Speaker (from around

  • How to use airplay do I need additional hardwareOctober 11

    Cant see the airplay icon how do I use this I am trying to conect with Logitech UE Air Speaker and iphone 5 ? ipad air sorry if this is silly question but I've never used airplay before so not sure if I need any this else.GIves us more info The speak

  • Windows 7 64bit will not shut down after using firefox, Why???October 11

    After using Firefox the only way I can shut down is to kill the power, normal shut down does not work. When I use internet explorer I have no problem, unless I have used Firefox during the session.The idea of a 3rd party unrelated app didn't seem rea

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