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bt sport android 4.1.1

  • Can't log in to BT Sports Android appNovember 30

    We recently upgraded to Infinity 1 and included in the deal was BT Sports channels. I have been trying since to log in to the Android app and I keep getting error I D00 and can't log in.Hi swarfega, Thanks for posting. If you're still having problems

  • If you're using Android and can't watch BT Sport t...November 30

    Just trying to bring some of the issues together.  As the title suggests, this thread is for users with Android devices who are having trouble watching BT Sport using the Android app.  Please provide the following info and let's see if we can all hel

  • Using Android 4.2.2 , no video on BT SportNovember 30

    After bt update to 1.2.4 on 25 Feb, no video. although could access the site on my lenovo S6000 tablets. Bt further update on 13 March to 1.3.11 (to fix android 4.4 problem ?), still no video.  30 March, after numerous emails, bt eventually acknowled

  • Bt Sport on AndroidNovember 30

    I can receive Bt sport on my TV and laptop but am having problems with my tablet which is a Smartpad v10  jellybean/android 4.1.1 (which according to BT is all you need) I downloaded the app from google playstore which is fine however when I try to w

  • Change Registered Device Sky Sports Mobile TV AndroidNovember 30

    Sorry I missed my live chat invite. I never relised anyone had sent me a private message. I never got an e-mail or anyting to tell me I had a PM. Can somebody at Sky please send me another invite and I will be more than happy to give you any details

  • Sky Go Android - Lenovo Yoga Pro 2 Tablet/Sky Sports 28 July 2015November 30

    Sky Sports Channels Picture and audio are not in synchronization Have Made Contact with Sky Tect about this issue. Waiting on feedback Note BT Sports/Eurosport Chelsea HD All Work Find The Tablet You Are Using Is Not Lenovo Yoga Pro 2  4.4.2  So This

  • Android App does not work for meOctober 11

    Hello: I have an Android Tablet with 2.3.3 version. The tablet has flash player 10.1 and  Adobe Air 3.0 installed. I have made a simple apk in flash CS5.5 iwith Adobe Air SDK 3.1. The application only has a frame with a "Welcome" label. When I i

  • Can I stream the BT Sport app to my TV?October 11

    Can I stream the BT Sport app to my TV? The BT Sport app is compatible with both Apple TV and Google Chromecast devices, allowing you to watch video from the app on your television. For either to work, the device on which you are running the BT Sport

  • Check you are set up to watch BT Sport via the app...October 11

    Hello all We're aware that a number of you are having problems accessing the BT Sport app. We're looking into the specific scenarios some of you have described but we thought it would be useful to post up this general guidance as well. Check you're r

  • Creating a Simple IOS / Android APP with web pages?October 11

    Hi all, Recently I created a simple backend database driven website for a clients customers to see their info. The client wants to have his own "Company App", primarily for the marketing aspects. I was thinking that it might be possible to have

  • Trouble with bt sport appOctober 11

    Is anyone else having trouble opening bt sport app?? Solved! Go to Solution.I cant get it to work on ipad or android. S5. Will not login If you like a post, or want to say thanks for a helpful answer, please click on the Ratings star on the left-hand

  • How do i change my device for Sky Sports Mobile TVNovember 30

    I have a new phone and need to register it with my Sky Sports Mobile TV app (Android).  Please can someone from SKY help me ASAP!  ThanksThanks so much! I called this number and spoke to someone who denied all knowledge of neededing to do this for Sk

  • When can I watch BT Sport after ordering broadband...November 30

    I'm confused. I ordered BT Broadband on Sunday and am sure that somewhere I saw that I could have BT Sport on my SKY digital platform within 24 hours? Two days on it hasn't happened. The helpful people on the BT phone lines have told me after taking

  • How to take photos with Android ChargeNovember 30

    OK... here's my problem.  I have an Android Charge and really love all its features....except one - the camera.  I go to many concerts, sporting events, etc., and at every event I see other people with their cell phones taking crystal clear photos of

  • Does the Apple Composite AV Cable work with Sky Sports TV App?November 30

    I have 'The new iPad' and was wondering if I bought the Apple cable that links your iPad to your television if it would be able to stream content from the Sky Sports TV app? The content is similar to that of ITV Player BBC iPlayer apps ectApparently

  • Laptop unable to cast BT Sport via Chrome CastNovember 30

    Hi, I've just received a Chromecast and set it up using my smartphone Galaxy s5) and it works great. Casts iplayer, youtube and bt sport (via the android app) as it should. Now I've downloaded and installed the chrome extension for my laptop and cann

  • Sky Go - Android 5 Miracast ErrorNovember 30

    I've recently updated my phone which is a OnePlus One from Android 4.4.4 Kitkat to Android 5.0.2 Lollipop and SkyGo has stopped working saying "Cannot connect to Sky Go. Sorry, Sky Go does not support Miracast." As far as i know I don't have Mir

  • Notifications for Android ported Apps on BB Z10November 30

    Hi Experts, I know this may sound like a repeat of topic. However, I have read many links on this communinty and crackberry as well. TO be candid, there has not been one link where a straight forward way to enable notifications into hub for andoid po

  • Poor FPS since update (Android)November 30

    Hi I have never had any issue with the bt sport app until the last update (2.0.3). Now it is almost un-viewable as it seems to have very poor FPS so it is jerky and seems to miss frames. I use a Android tv box and a htc m8.  Like I said before the la

  • BT Infinity Homehub 5 & Android TV streaming devic...November 30

    Help needed!! I am trying to connect my Android XBMC device to my Homehub 5 router.  Unfortunately it is not connecting my Navix for movies or live sport channels.  When I connect my box to my friends router, all channels are found.  I have taken off

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