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bought hp envy 700 dont know password

  • Where are the front USB ports on the HP Envy 700-210 Desktop?October 11

    I bought the Envy 700-210 desktop because it has so many USB ports.   However, I can only find 8 - 2 on top and 6 in the back.   According to the specifications, there are supposed to be some in the front.   Do I have to take something apart to find

  • I want to change my envy 700-239 caseNovember 30

    I bought an Envy 700-239 (intel core i7) a year ago, and i plan to upgrade it by taking out all the components and put it inside a brand new case, and upgrade the graphic card. I am thinking about getting a Razer H440 case and a GTX 750 ti. I am wond

  • HP Envy 700-329 not accepting Windows 8.1 Pro!October 11

    Hi There, I recently purchased a HP Envy 700-329 for our company. It came pre-installed with Windows 8.1 Homre Premium. I had to format it and put Windows 8.1 Pro on it so we could join it to our domain. However what keeps happening is every time I i

  • Basse doesn't seem to work on HP Envy 700-340 nz i7 DesktopNovember 30

    Hi all, My problem is the following : I just bought new speakers for my computer with a pretty big one for the basse but it doesn't seem like there's any comming out of it. It was working on my previous speakers I just unplugged them and installed th

  • HP Envy 700 desktop computer issuesOctober 11

    My HP Envy 700 desktop computer crashes within only ten minutes of use on only one account and it's very frustrating. It will not run long enough for me to run virus scans and it keeps giving me the blue screen. Hi Andrzejowska, Welcome to the HP For

  • HP Envy 700-030qe Windows 7 64 bit DriversOctober 11

    Hi, I purchased a HP Envy 700-030qe desktop The computer came with Windows 8 preinstalled. I'd like to downgrade it to Windows 7 64 bit, however HP website only has Windows 8 64 bit drivers available for download. I tried it but it doens't run on Win

  • HP ENVY 700-210xt changed the case. Wifi adapterworking but can't find my networkOctober 11

    Hi all, I just changed the case of my  HP ENVY 700-210xt and now my wifi adpater cannot find my network. I work as an IT so I have done this before many times but this is weird. The adapter is detected by the OS. I installed the newest drivers with a

  • How to downgrade from windows 8.1 to windows 7 profession​al on Envy 700-329October 11

    I am fed up with the problems resulting from Windows 8.1, eg program incompatibility, Slow/no response in browsers, especially IE 11, forced to use touch-screen style interface on conventional monitor and so on and so on. I have a Windows 7 Professio

  • Windows 8.1 Pro Bitlocker with HP Envy 700October 11

    I just got a new HP Envy 700-249. I upgraded to Windows 8.1 Pro immediately for Bitlocker and Remote Access. The PC will be stored in a relatively unsecure location and is for public use - but will have a few users who have access to install software

  • Envy 700 w/Windows 8.1 Boots Past Advanced Start-Up Options MenuOctober 11

    I have an Envy 700 desktop with Windows 8.1.  I'm trying to install a non-signed driver. I've gone through the documented process that is supposed to bring up the Advanced Startup Options screen, however when I do the Re-start it boots right past it

  • HP ENVY 700-049 Won't Update to Windows 8.1 - 0xC1900101 - 0x20018October 11

    I recently purchased an HP Envy 700-049 desktop and have updated to the latest Windows 8.  I have re-downloaded and installed all of the Windows 8 drivers listed on the support page.  I disabled the wireless LAN in Windows (no way to do so in the BIO

  • HP ENVY 700-210xt CTO Desktop PC/windows 8.1: can't display 2nd monitorOctober 11

    Detail information: -  HP ENVY 700-210XT CTO Desctop PC -  One VGA port and one DVI-D port (used DVI-D to DVI-D cable to connect to second monitor) -  video card is a buildin card on motherboard -  Two monitors: AOC 10X16, Acer 12X15 (with both VGA a

  • Low Memory when rendering a video file (Win 8.1; HP Envy 700-230qe)October 11

    Rendering a 4-minute video (with several video tracks) using Sony Vegas Pro13, keeps stopping around 70-80% of completion --- saying that there's low memory.   How could that happen on a HP Envy 700-230qe with 32GB DDR3 memory? I look at the Task Man

  • HP Envy 700-414 won't boot up. HELP!October 11

    Hi all, I had recently downloaded Ubuntu 12.10 and was planning to dual boot with my HP Envy 700-414 (with Windows 8.1). The installation seemed like it was going good, then Ubuntu prompted me for a restart to complete the installation, however, when

  • Help installing a second hard drive in HP ENVY 700-230qe CTO DesktopOctober 11

    I am trying to install a Western Digital 1.5 TB (model # WD15EARSSP) internal hard drive to my HP ENVY 700-230qe CTO Desktop PC. Would you please provide me the instruction menu and procedure for the second HD installation? What kind cable and other

  • HP Envy 700-056 needs s-video outputOctober 11

    problem: s-video output needed on this HP Envy 700-056 machine any suggestions? e.g. a PCI card with s-video output? This question was solved. View Solution.Hi, Are you looking to capture input video or just output? S-Video graphics cards are pretty

  • Manual for Envy 700-216November 30

    When are you going to release the correct manual for Envy 700-216?  The manual I downloaded is NOT for my machine. I have had this machine since Feb and still haven't found a service manual for it.Hi, Its home page:    http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf

  • Moving Hitachi Desktop hard drive from pavilion's desktop to Envy 700November 30

    I need to get the information off of a defunct Pavillion m9177c to an Envy 700 but the power chords and data cables for the hard drives are different. Are there easy adapters available or should I try to find another drive box to use as a server?  I

  • RAID is not an option/not available/​missing in BIOS Storage Options?? HP Envy 700-047cNovember 30

    Hello - I have an HP Envy 700-047c. It came with a 2 TB HD. I put in another 2 TB HD same model/type. The system in the BIOS and Windows 8 sees the new drive. However, when I boot and go into F10 BIOS/HP Setup utility, go to Storage menu, select Stor

  • Very poor sound quality on bluetooth headphones through HP Envy 700-074 desktopNovember 30

    I recently purchased a pair of Bose AE2W wireless bluetooth headphones to use with my HP Envy 700-074 desktop computer. After successfully pairing the headphones the sound quality is extremely poor. I know the headphones are not the pronblem since th

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