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blade 100 type 7 not recognized

  • Home use KVM switch for Ultra60 , Blade 100& Intel BoxesNovember 30

    I have go a Ultra 60, a Blade100 and some Intel boxes at home. Tired of connecting and disconnecting the monitors and keep my desk full of mouses and keyboards. Any one know which type of KVM switch is suitable capable for these boxes and does not co

  • New to Solaris - Installing on Blade 100, Various IssuesOctober 11

    I have recently purchased a Blade 100 to use as a workstation/server/faffing-about machine to basically learn how Solaris works! After working out all the different editions, I downloaded b76 for SPARC and installed. As I don't have enough RAM (yet)

  • How to remove firefox 2 from solaris 10 sparc (Sun Blade 100)December 8

    I need to remove firefox 2 from a Sun Blade 100 running Solaris 10 ( s10s_u4wos_12b sparc ). Mistakenly I installed firefox 3.6.14 unaware I had firefox 2 installed on the system. Currently, firefox 3.6.14 crashes constantly (completely unstable) and

  • Pls help SW guy w/ HW question: CD-ROM drive repl. on Blade 100November 30

    I have been programming for close to 25 years, but I am very naive with hardware. My home computer is a Sun Blade 100. I bought it right when it came out, so it still has a read-only CD-ROM drive. Discussion groups make it sound rather easy to replac

  • First time install of blade 100November 30

    I have just purchased a blade 100 and booted using the automatic install. As soon as it attempts to start the cde, the screen goes blank and the machine freezes. i try to do stop-a, sync,sync, power-off, but there is no response. Is it something to d

  • PCI slot in Sun Blade 100/150: 3.3v/5v or 5v only?November 30

    I was wondering if the PCI slots in the Sun Blade 100/150 are truly 3.3v/5v switching, or 5v only. The documentation says conflicting things: "PCI Three full-size PCI slots, 33 MHz, 5/3.3 volt" http://sunsolve.sun.com/handbook_private/Systems/Su

  • Sun Blade 100 after Power FailureNovember 30

    I have 2 Sun Blade 100's, I'm running Solaris 10 on both machines, the hardware is the same except for the memory and hard drive sizes. After the local power went off today one of them restarted when the power returned and the other didn't even try.

  • In new version of Thunderbird it's not possible to define file types to be recognized automatic - because of this files are automatically opened while sendingOctober 11

    When I send attachments - for example graphic file (.mi extension from CoCreate's Designer drafting program) Thunderbird "opens" it (while sending it) as it is text file and thus makes teh message long (thousands of rows). I'm now solving this s

  • Firefox won't open site - Mime type not being recognized?November 30

    I'm taking over management of a site that hasn't been touched in 5 years or so, to rework it, and find it works fine in IE, but won't open in Firefox. There are .asp pages in the site, but I can't quite get the layout between the asp and html pages -

  • Types of file recognized by iMovieNovember 30

    Hi I'm new to Mac and to video editing. I'm trying to use iMovie9 to make a movie with the best scenes of some movies. here are the issues i've been facing: 1) when i try to load a movie dvd (original, like the ones we buy in a store) with .vob file,

  • Can't read disk label: Booting Blade from CDROMNovember 30

    Folks ! I am trying to boot Sun Blade 100 from its internal IDE CD-ROM drive using the Solaris 8 boot/installation CD (01/01). When I give the command "boot cdrom" from ok fromt in OpenBoot, disk seems to spin for a moment (green light comes on)

  • Type 7 USB Keyboard/MouseNovember 30

    Hello, I am looking to acquire a used Sun workstation/server (preferably a multiprocessor SPARC) to keep in my house to learn mySQL/Solaris and to create a SAMP machine to that end. I am purchasing things piece by piece, and started with the least ex

  • How to display name of the table and the description and the table typeOctober 11

    Hi, Can you people tell me how to display the name of the table and the description and the table type (View, structure, etc...) used in the program. I want to display in a list. Kind Regardsuse this program TABLES : TSTC, tstct. TABLES : DD03l, DD02

  • Smartcard and Sun Blade: How to use itOctober 11

    Hello, We have received some Sun blade 100, with smartcard reader. Does someone know how to program this reader ? I have found include files in /usr/include name samrtcard.h and a directory with the same name, but source code is a little bit fuzzy fo

  • Weblogic +  jnlp MIME Type not recognisedNovember 30

    Can anyone help, I'm trying to get JWS to run on a machine that is running a Weblogic & Apache server for a large enterprise app. I've added the jnlp mime type to both the httpd.conf & weblogic.properties file. Depending upon where the jnlp file i

  • ORA-04044: procedure, function, package, or type is not allowed hereNovember 30

    Hi, I am trying to build an object hierarchy.The object hirarcy is for a multi division, multi department, multi cost center and multi operation Organisation.Multiple department can store into multiple divisions, multiple cost center can store into m

  • Attaching output types  to TcodeNovember 30

    hi everyone,     can any one please tell me the settings for attaching output type which we give in NACE that must be attached to ME21N that means when ever a PO is created that must be printed or e-mailed...... what ever it may be, according to the

  • How to get count of records for each type from internal tableNovember 30

    Hi Guys, I want to implement a logic to find out the count of records in a internal table. Assume my internal table have one field having the entries as shown below. Internal table Entries 10 10 10 11 11 12 12 12 12 13 14 14 15 15 15 15 15 16 16 17 1

  • ABAP Table Type in RFC Callable Object in GPNovember 30

    Hi Experts, I have created a RFC in ABAP that has as one of its export parameters a table type. I am trying to call this RFC in my GP process. So I created the external service callable object as required. However, when I look at the output parameter

  • HT1476 i phone is not recognizing chargerNovember 30

    my iphone 4 is not recognizing when it is plugged in. i powered it off and the battery charged over night however it is not being recognized by itunes or a charger when onguillaumefrombiarritz wrote: Hi everybody, I've got the same problem, with my I

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