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blackberry z30 proximity sensor stays on

  • Proximity sensor stay's on in Iphone 4 since update to IOS 5.0.1October 11

    Proximity sensor stay's on in Iphone 4 since update to IOS 5.0.1 No screen cover and worked fine prior to upgrade.Only lasted for awile. Then the problem resurfaced.Read other 3 answers

  • Z30 Proximity Sensor IssueNovember 30

    Currently using my Z30 Device and when I receive or make calls it doesn't turn off the screen however it keeps blinking and also if I use blackberry virtual expert the sensor return readings indicating that the sensors are working. I don't know what

  • Blackberry z30 motion sensorsOctober 11

    Suddenly I have faced a problem with my brand new z30. Motion sensors are not working.  After rebooting the phone they work for 2-3 minutes, and somehow go off. I have tried to go back to factory settings – did not help. Have used Blackberry Virtual

  • Today I get issues with thte device. When I in a phone call, the screen don't auto turn off. There is no a screen protector on there and it seems that the built-in proximity sensor is not responding. I have to press the screen with my face accidently.October 11

    today I get issues with my z10 device. When I in a phone call, the screen don't auto turn off. There is no a screen protector on there and it seems that the built-in proximity sensor is not responding. I have to press the screen with my face accident

  • N97 proximity sensor problemsNovember 30

    Hi. My proximity sensors on n97 don't work as they should be. Very often they tend to freeze the screen (not allowing me to hang up or do any further actions once within a call). The screen simply stays black. Does anyone have similar problems and ho

  • Proximity sensor problem in classicNovember 30

    I recently bought the Blackberry Classic.... in spite of all of my friends suggesting for an iPhone. The biggest problem I am facing is the improper functioning of the proximity sensor. When I hold the phone at the ear during the call, it keeps press

  • Lumia 920 proximity sensor not workingNovember 30

    It's a 5 months old Lumia 920 and already the proximity sensor stopped working!!! When i make a call or receive a call, when i place the phone beside my ear, or cover it with my hand just to check, nothing happens! The phone screen doesn't go black,

  • 4.1 update completely screwed my proximity sensorNovember 30

    I have an iPhone 4 and never suffered any issue with the proximity sensor. After the 4.1 update the behavior is totally random. I make several calls and I saw the screen turn on and off permanently with the phone a half an inch of my head. I also not

  • [BUG] iOS 6 - BATTERY DRAIN : SIRI Raise to Speak/Proximity Sensor Always On/Flashing When Screen ActiveNovember 30

    Bug: Raise to Speak sensor for Siri remains on whenever the screen is active - regardless of Siri Raise to Speak Setting (enabled or disabled). After updating to iOS 6 (via iTunes - not OTA), I noticed that my battery was taking quite a bit of a hit.

  • Lumia 1520 proximity sensorNovember 30

    After update to 1028.3562.1402.0001 last week, proximity sensor stoped working properly. It works OK right after I restart the phone, but sometimes after half an hour or sometimes after half a day it stops working - screen stays on during a call and

  • Can I change the sensitivity of my proximity sensor?November 30

    Post iOS 7.1 update, when I am talking on the phone, my background doesn't turn dark/"Inactive" anymore.  Instead it stays lit, or "active" and puts the caller on speaker phone, tries to add a facetime call, or puts me on mute. This ha

  • Light and Proximity sensors not workingNovember 30

    Hello. Recently, my Z10 hasdeveloped a very strange problem: light and proximity sensors would not work on the device. My Z10 no longer auto-dims the screen, and the screen stays on during calls. According to BBVE, light and proximity services are bo

  • Confused proximity sensor?November 30

    my iphone 3GS is doing the opposite of what it's supposed to do: when i hold it to my ear, the screen stays lit, and when i take it away, the screen goes black. this has two negative consequences: one, my ear tends to press random "keys" on the

  • Proximity Sensor and power usage?November 30

    Is there any guidance from Apple on the use of the proximity sensor? Does enabling the sensor draw a lot of power?I have BlackBerry z10 and I had the same problem ( proximity sensor was not working while being on call) and it started only available t

  • My proximity sensor doesn't work anymore while calling... How do I fix this?November 30

    The proximity sensor of my iphone 5S doesn't work anymore. Therefore my screen just stays on while I'm on the phone and every time my face touches the screen I pauze the conversation, or mute it, or... Does anyone know how to fix this?Try removing yo

  • Proximity sensor AND lock button NOT working on iPhone 4November 30

    My iPhone 4's lock button is all of a sudden stuck. Along with it, the proximity sensor has stopped working and, consequently, the screen stays on during calls, so I keep hanging up or starting FaceTime through my face. Is this one single problem or

  • Z10 - Light and proximity Sensor not workingNovember 30

    Hi, unfortunately neither the light Sensor nor the Proximity Sensor are working on my device (Z10). I did reset my device to factory settings yesterday but without success. BBVE tells all sensor services are available and running but the Proximity an

  • Proximity sensor and light sensor not workingNovember 30

    Z10STL100-1/ My proximity and light sensors are not working. BlackBerry virtual expert can't detect motion in proximity sensor test and not able to handle light dim or high in light sensor. What should I do now? It's very frustrating becau

  • Just replaced proximity sensor - now green shading?November 30

    Hello all,      Working on an iPhone 4S.  The power (sleep) button has been dead for some time.  No more click and the button stayed depressed (down, not sad!) Ordered a tool kit and new proximity sensor cable.  Took the phone apart only to realize t

  • C7 proximity sensor always on and redNovember 30

    my new c7s proximity sensor is always emitting red light even when I'm not making any call.please tell me if theres something wrongif you have key lockers like pocket lock or dzlock which uses the sensors it will stay on at the end, is a program that

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