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blackberry z10 wont boot

  • Blackberry Z10 wont bootNovember 30

    Hi One of my users brought a defective Z10.  Here is the list of symptoms unplugged, with battery inserted, holding the power button down 10 seconds: nothing happens plugged, with battery inserted, holding the power button down 10 seconds: 2 quick re

  • Blackberry z10 wont work in 3g !!!November 30

    my blackberry z10 was working in 3g well but now when i make a new softwear it  wont work in 3g , just work in 2g only , i changed the soft and the sim , but dosent work >>> any help plzbambenooooo wrote: my blackberry z10 was working in 3g well

  • My blackberry z10 wont install any downloaded appsNovember 30

    My z10 since the latest os upgrade cannot install apps from anywhere even blackberry world I have os How can I sort this outHere's what I would do. Make a full backup of the device: http://www.blackberry.com/btsc/KB33526 Then do a Securit


    i was updating to the latest bb messenger and it said a re.boot was needed, so i selected thisand now it only loads to about 60% HELPHello samjay892010 and welcome to the BlackBerry Support Community Forums. If you remove the battery for 30 seconds o

  • My Blackberry Z10 wont open after heating upNovember 30

    Hi Please Help me. I charge my battery for almost an hour and i saw the screen with battery charging icon that look like this.   I notice that my battery was freaking hot, so i decided to unpluged it. After i unpluged it i was trying to open it but t

  • Z10 wont bootNovember 30

    I have a BlackBerry Z 10 with the most current software. The phone has been problem free until this morining. The first thing I noticed wasFacebook for BB10 was not populating images. I attempted to open Blackberry World and it woudl error and close

  • Blackberry Z10 wont turn onNovember 30

    Hi, I upgraded today and asked my service provider to transfer my data to the new phone, in that time my blackberry went of and now it doesn't want to restart, not even on blackberry link, it doesn't even give me a red light if I try to push the star

  • Blackberry z10 & z30 text and call issuesNovember 30

    Recently my blackberry z10 wont tell me I have a text and if I do see a text I cant open it. Also says call service provider when im trying to make calls. .the text issue sometimes I get atext and sometimes I dont. Sometimes I can open and sometimes

  • Blackberry wont boot (No USB)November 30

    Hey,First time poster. I Have a blackberry curve,USB port broke,i made my own charger for the battery,lately my blackberry wont boot,it boots 3/4 of the way,i cant reset os becuase you need a usb,its a blackberry curve 8520,for some reson i cant go i

  • Frozen Boot Up Screen On Blackberry Z10November 30

    I have a blackberry Z10 Smartphone STL100-1, which is about 4 months old. Two days back I had switched it off and when I tried switching it ON it was stuck at the boot screen. It was stuck in that mode for hours, yet it could not boot. Whenever I tri

  • Blackberry z10 help | My Mac cannot recognize the phone and my phone stuck at booting %99 for 6 hours nothing happenedNovember 30

    My Blackberry z10 , Stuck at %99 Boot , and my Mac OSX doesn't recognize it?. i have latest Blackberry Link VersionThe funniest part of the whole situation, Apple Care explained it to me as some kind of feature. The told me how to adjust the time whe

  • Blackberry Z10 Email Wont Send ProperlyNovember 30

    So, before postig this I contacted my ISP (Rogers), my websites hosting company and Blackberry and nobody can figure out what the problem is. I have my email address setup through my domains hosting company. [email protected] I've never had a problem

  • Must-know BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry 10 tips and tricksOctober 11

    Check out the following must-know BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry 10 tips and tricks to get the most out of your new BlackBerry 10 smartphone. 1) BlackBerry 10's Built-In Screen Shot Feature Capturing a screen shot on a BlackBerry 10 device is simple.

  • I have a problem my blackberry z10 after update os version 30

    I have a problem After update os version 10.2 to  in my BlackBerry z10 .I lost my whole data after phone switch off  and all setting are reset. Please anyone help me to resolve this issue. Hi and Welcome to the Community! Here is a KB tha

  • PC wont boot up after installing playbook via USBNovember 30

    Well. This morning I connected for the first time the Bb Playbook to my Dell M1730 Vista Laptop. I had already preinstalled the Bb desktop software to my PC. As soon as I connected my Playbook via USB, the computer detected it and proceeded to "insta

  • Error Reloading BlackBerry Z10 OS using BB LinkNovember 30

    Hello There, I saw my Blackberry Z10 in the boot screen today morning. I think it might have restarted it after an auto update which I am not sure about. It was in the boot screen nearly fro an hour and it never booted. I tried all possible ways of r

  • Z10 Wont turn on fully after a reset.November 30

    I was wondering if anyone can help me turn my phone on. It froze this morning so i removed the battery. The red light flashed and it came on to the black screen where its only the word Blackverry ( in white) andit wont go further than that? I have re

  • N97 White Screen .. Phone wont boot at all ... Stu...November 30

    Hello all, So I have finally stumbled upon the White Screen of Death ... Really sad that it happened but I still have hope that it may work. THe phone does not boot up and its stuck on the Nokia logo [Long read] It happened one before a day and I man

  • BlackBerry Z10 randomly turning on by itselfNovember 30

    Hello everyone, I have 2 BlackBerry Z10 phones experiencing a weird issue; randomly, the phones will turn on by themselves when they are powered off. This issue has been happening since 10.2.1, and is still occurring on 10.3.1. I have not noticed any

  • Blackberry Z10 cant see sent e-mailsNovember 30

    My Blackberry Z10 used to show me sent e-mails from my e-mail account in my hub, even if the sent message was typed on my home computer, but since I updated it to the most recent update i no longer get the sent e-mails, for example. If i reply to an

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