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blackberry z10 system memory problem

  • BlackBerry z10 device memory problemNovember 30

    I have a problem with my BlackBerry z10 device memory. Over time the so called "other data" keep growing, eating up the internal memory even though i didn't install new apps. So now i have less than 1 gb free storage and keep getting message tha

  • Blackberry z10 Wifi Connection problemNovember 30

    Just acquired Blackberry Z10, and transferred contacts, accounts from Curve 9300. Can anybody please help with failure to reconnect to saved  wifi networks? I have a blackberry z10 and have found that when Idiscoonect from home or work wifi (by leavi

  • Blackberry Z10 application memory spaceNovember 30

    The blackberry Z10 comes with 11.3GB of usable internal memory storage. Can anyone who actually has the blackberry Z10 phone tell me how much of this is allocated specifically to application memory?11.3GB. Storage is storage. it doesn't differentiate

  • Blackberry z10 stl100-1 problemNovember 30

    i have a blackberry z10 stl100-1 and that is the model avalabole for my country which have low procesor and difrrent spec than other blackberry i paid 720 $ for it and thats what i get and it cant even run some games wtf blackberry i'm a loyal fan an

  • Blackberry Z10 Software Update problem?? HELP!! PLEASE!!! :'(November 30

    I received the blackberry software update about a month ago,, i'm currently at system softwate, I keep ignoring the update because my internet connection is bad, but now, I can't update!!! When I click "check for updates"

  • After wipe my blackberry z10 has software problems please can someone help?November 30

    I got a secondhand z10 today and decided to do a security wipe and now the phone wont work.  It says unable to connect to update server after sofware update.  ??  I don't know what to do please helpdeborah1978 wrote: Ah is doing something now it says

  • Problems with AOL IMAP server connection on my BlackBerry Z10 STL100-3, and BB PlayBook 64GB WiFiOctober 11

    Problems with AOL IMAP server connection on my BlackBerry Z10 STL100-3, and BB PlayBook 64GB WiFi Thursday 4:20am EST, 02-19-2015 Hi, My connection to the AOL IMAP server has suddenly failed - Says "Not Connected" on Accounts page I haven't chan

  • Problems with the location on facebook blackberry z10October 11

    hi , my blackberry z10 facebook application doesn't show my location when i update a status or a check-in i will be pleased if you could help me to solve this issueThis is a known problem with Internet Explorer 11, which Microsoft has been aware of s

  • I have a problem my blackberry z10 after update os version 30

    I have a problem After update os version 10.2 to  in my BlackBerry z10 .I lost my whole data after phone switch off  and all setting are reset. Please anyone help me to resolve this issue. Hi and Welcome to the Community! Here is a KB tha

  • Probleme de synchronis​ation contact calendrier notes sur blackberry Z10November 30

    Bonjour, Je viens d'acheter le blackberry Z10 chez Orange. Je n'arrive pas à synchroniser les contacts et le calendrier de mon outlook. J'ai configuré mon adresse mail, plusieurs fois en pensant que le probleme venait de là en vain. Je reçois les mai

  • BlackBerry Z10 -- note re operating system and hint for an improvement perhapsNovember 30

    I am not sure this is me or the Z10 operating system [latest update].  I really like the device, by the way, and recommend it highly.  I am a new user, and a bit of a klutz, and I have noticed when I log on to our household wireless with the BlackBer

  • Some problem facing use blackberry z10November 30


  • What is the latest version in the Blackberry Z10 operating system?November 30

    What is the latest version in the Blackberry Z10 operating system? I read in the internet that there is an update to the BB OS but when I run the update on my device it gives me a message saying that I have the latest software; i.e.. Is th

  • Blackberry Z10 microphone problem :(November 30

    Good Day, i had this first three days of my blackberry z10. Then suddenly my mic wasnt working, i had the OS Guys i need your help please on how to trouble shoot this problem. Thank you Solved! Go to Solution.It's against the forum rules

  • Blackberry Z10 OS Upgrade + BBM Status ProblemsNovember 30

    Hi First of all I am having problems updating my Blackberry Z10 OS Software as I have version and from what i have read in the forum that it is the Carriers who is responsible to release the upgrade but i have already spoken to them and th

  • My Blackberry Z10 restarting itself & also having Network ProblemsNovember 30

    Hi Guys, I have been using Blackberry Z10 for +/- 16 months now and I was happy with it from the beginning but as time goes on, it's frustrating me a lot as a result I sometimes question myself if I ever made the best decision for choosing "Blackberr

  • Serious problems with my blackberry z10 STL 100-1November 30

    sir,i had bought blackberry z10 in the last december.in the 1st month it worked like anything,but after the update it had many issues like battery draining,mobile reboots or turnoff itself automatically.even after many updates after that those issues

  • Blackberry Z10 problemNovember 30

    I have purchased my BlackBerry z10 six months back. 2nd day itself its my mobile started giving trouble. Even i replaced my mobile. But still im facing same problems. I cant able to charge my mobile more than 80%. If my mobile battery reached 30% aut

  • Is it problem in Blackberry Z10 battery ?November 30

    Hi  My bb z10 spend charge even Im not working with it Actually , I would know this is normal and all z10 are like my z10  , or my smartphone has problem ? Also how can I save my battery power? thanks Solved! Go to Solution.Hello hossein87, Welcome t

  • Blackberry z10 hanging and battery problemsNovember 30

    I have a blackberry z10, STL 100-1, after like 4 weeks of using it, i realised that the battery drained quickly so decided to do a security wipe. thats where my problems started. The battery heats up and the phone goes off or rather hangs then goes o

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