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BlackBerry world bypass country

  • Access to BlackBerry World store of US while being outside USOctober 11

    Hi BlackBerry I was wondering why the access to blackberry world is determined by which mobile carrier I'm currently using my phone with. Correct me if I'm wrong, If someone from the US for expample is out of the US and is using a sim card from the l

  • How do i get my apple tv to work in italy?October 11

         I am stationed in Sicily in the Navy and I recently purchased the apple tv from the Navy Exchange on base. I brought it home and hooked it up to my tv and it started up fine. I noticed that the language settings were in english but the movie tit

  • List of issues with DM6.0October 11

    Here's my list of issues with Desktop Manager 6 that I would like to see addressed. 1) No minimize to system tray. This isn't a huge deal but I'd like to see it return. 2) Halt incoming e-mail to device when connected. This needs to come back. I don'

  • 2 Users, 1 Computer, 1 iPhoneNovember 30

    I have a 3G all up to date. I have 2 User ƒ's on my MacBook: one personal, one business; named differently. I originally started using the iPhone with the personal account, letting the Blackberry do most of the heavy lifting. But soon copy/paste & sy

  • Problem with set-up: Blackberry ID- country and languageOctober 11

    Hello, I am setting up my Playbook tablet for the first time and have hit a snag on the third or fourth screen. I am supposed to enter my country and language for Blackberry ID, but I see only 'No country indicated' and I find no way to enter a count

  • Connecting Blackberry 9780 to Playbook in a country that doesn't support app worldNovember 30

    Hey guys, I recently bought a Playbook.. Before buying it I heard that you can connect it to your Smartphone and I amazed, actually its the reason why I bought it  After watching the video the explains the way of connecting the two devices I noticed

  • Blackberry world is not available my countryNovember 30

    Hi . I live in Ethiopia blackberry world is not available my country but I have blackberry I'd . What shall I do open my black berry world please give different options Subject Title edited to reflect new topic.Hi and Welcome to the Community! Please

  • BlackBerry Z30 - Country selection of BlackBerry Solution License AgreementNovember 30

    Hy everybody! I just changed my BlackBerry Bold 9700 with the new BlackBerry Z30 and during the start up procedures, from error, I have selected another country than mine for BlackBerry Solution License Agreement. Do you have any idea on how can I se

  • Bypass guest webauth for Blackberry ServiceNovember 30

    Hi Folks, Our wireless deployment has two wireless networks - one with 802.1x auth for corporate machines and the other is an open one with internet access for guests (but with a web auth page). What I'd like to do is allow staff to connect their Bla

  • Blackberry Internet Service other countryNovember 30

    Hi, I have moved for a few months to Colombia for studies and I came with my blackberry in order to have my information here. The first day I arrived although I didn't had any data plan here, I kept receiving emails and BBM messages via wifi. But I c

  • HUB showing contact number with country code and not with its name..blackberry Z10 STL100-2November 30

    I have an issue with Text Messages and call lists, in my blackberry Z10 (STL100-2), which is, If I have not saved my contact numbers without country code, the msg may appear in local formate (w/o country code), and it also appear as International for

  • Blackberry Apps World Not Available In My Country Why?November 30

    i just wanna ask if i have Blackberry device and it's legally getting sold in my country Pakistan Then Why i am not allowed to use apps from Blackberry Apps World?Hey Endlesst247, Thanks for the question. Are you trying to connect to BlackBerry World

  • Blackberry app world not available in my country when my country is listedNovember 30

    Goodday guys.can anyone help me.I have been using my bb app world,my subscription ended and I renewed it.after the renewal,I tried opening my bb appworld but each time I get this error message: "BlackBerry world is currently not available in your cou

  • Blackberry App world is not currently available in your countryNovember 30

    'Blackberry App world is not currently available in your country, Please check blackberry.com/appworld for updates.' - Whenever I try to access to blackberry app world I get a pop-up saying what I have written previous. I am from the United Kingdom a

  • BlackBerry phone to be used in a country with a different SIM cardOctober 11

    Hello Everyone I have got a BB phone which was purchased through o2 retailer (english mobile operator) in the United Kingdom as I lived there for a long time. I am back in Italy where I hoped to continue and use it by simply inserting an italian SIM

  • My Blackberry thinks it's in another countryNovember 30

    My wife likes her Blackberry so much I thought I'd try one. So I bought it online - probably refurbished but the price is right- and when tried calling it automatically adds an 86 , international code forthe US, to the front of the phone number. How

  • BlackBerry appworld not available in your countryNovember 30

    I have had my pb for 5 months now and never had a problem with wifi.  By the today appworld started giving me an error that it is not available in my country.   I live in Canada and did nothing to my network to cause this...I was able to get on after

  • HT4528 I currently use Verizon and have a Blackberry with an unlimited data plan. Is there a way I can buy an unlocked iphone and keep my unlimited data plan bypassing Verizon's requirement to get a new plan with a 2 year committment?October 11

    Is there a way to purchase a new iPhone and to continue my unlimited data plan without having to sign a new 2 year committment and new plan with Verizon?You don't buy an unlocked phone. You buy a Verizon iPhone at full retail. I just did this myself

  • Blackberry is popular in Iran despite sanctions-​a great market for blackberryOctober 11

    Iran is considered the largest market for cellular phones in the middle east [guardian]. Blackberry z10 sales have started since February in the world. There is no official Blackberry store in Iran, but market demand has made importers bypass restric

  • Blackberry z 10 Ghost VpnNovember 30

    Hello ı have  problem , I have cyber ghost vpn, Cyber ghost vpn is working every model phone (I-Phone and Android) but my blackberry is not worked  I have username and passworrd how can ı setup this application I need to help Yes, we should all chang

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