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  • When using panasonic remote2 app, videos shot on iPad appear upside down on the television.  This does not happen with videos from other sources. Any suggestions?November 30

    When using panasonic remote2 app, videos shot on iPad appear upside down on the television.  This does not happen with videos from other sources. Any suggestions?Hi Steve worldweary wrote: Thanks again. I tried channel 13 and it seemed to work better

  • BlackBerry Z10 Phone App slowNovember 30

    The BlackBerry Z10 Phone app is very slow to launch, this needs to be fixed so it as fast as accessing the hub BES 10.2I haven't noticed mine slow. How is it slow to you, in opening, dialing or what? 1. If any post helps you please click the below th

  • How to download the Panasonic image app for my BlackBerry Leap phoneNovember 30

    moved to Downloaded ApplicationsYou can't. The Apple Store app is for iOS devices and is not available for Windows Phone, nor can any other iOS app run on your Windows Phone. You'll have to use whatever web browser your phone provides if you want to

  • Blackberry Curve 9320 - App Store ProblemsOctober 11

    Heyo! I have a problem with my new BB. When I want to connect App World / My account i get this msg: BBID token is expired (Error ID: 40631) I registered first time my phone, so the problem's reason is not this. I also used the store at home, when i

  • BlackBerry Pearl Flip - App Error 523November 30

    Dear All, I have lost the entire charge in the battery this morning. As soon as I came to the office this morning I connected my phone via the USB cable to recharge it. Soon I get this App Error 523 and It comes again and again. Please help me in thi

  • Where is blackberry's own app ?November 30

    I read so much about phone and what kind of phone is popular and why people like it , so i have something for blakberry if they listen to me .  why blackberry didn't make its own app and game for blackberry 10 os ??  , if blackberry made a good apps

  • Blackberry Z10 games appsNovember 30

    Downloaded games on my Z10 from app world cease to function after a few sessions and cause the rest of the games to stop working. Is anyone else experiencing anything like this?Hey sbkeebler81, Welcome to the BlackBerry Support Community Forums. THan

  • Blackberry ID and app world on Z10November 30

    Every time I click on blackberry id I get the following message : unable to connect to the blackberry id server. Please try again. (50506) Also when I try and download anything from the app world I get: an error occurred processing your request.  Any

  • Blackberry world saying apps have updatesNovember 30

    Anyone else find that Blackberry World has the asterisk saying you have apps to update, but actually you don't?Hi marcus_anselm, When you go into BlackBerry World then click on All in the lower left corner, does the asterisk appear on My World? Thank

  • Deleted emails not synching with Blackberry - using google appsNovember 30

    Hope you may be able to advise on this. abcd.com made the transition from Exchange & BES to Google Apps & BIS. 5 users with blackberrys. One of the main problems is synching email. (2nd is duplication of calender & contacts!) When a user delet

  • BlackBerry World Total App Count?November 30

    Hello there, I was wondering if anyone new what was the total app count for BlackBerry World, this includes all versions of the OSs (BlackBerry OS [4.5.0+], BlackBerry Tablet OS, and BlackBerry 10 OS). A reply would be awesome, thanks. Look in downlo

  • Massive problems with BlackBerry ID/BIS/App World after provider switchNovember 30

    Hi, I recently switched providers and got a bunch of different problems since then. The old provider deleted my BIS account, which of course also disabled the push mail functionality on my BlackBerry. I tried to register a new account with my new pro

  • Blackberry Id and appsNovember 30

    I have just purchased a new tablet and am trying to download all the apps.  I have two questions:  Can One Blackberry Id be associated with two playbooks, and second - why can't I reinstall my already purchased Madden 12 on my new tablet.. it is work

  • Blackberry os 7 appNovember 30

    When will Verizon make an app for the new blackberry's with os7 for the fios dvr? I had it for my storm.kmilz, This sounds like this post would be a perfect candidate for the Verizon Idea Exchange. Please search on the idea exchange and cast your vot

  • Blackberry 10: Android App should be 100% compatibleNovember 30

    Hi Spotify, With the recent announcement that newer Blackberry 10 OS versions will come with the Amazon App Store pre-installed. Can Spotify dedicate a couple of resources to test the Amazon version of the Spotify app to work on BB10 devices? I under


    Please I am wondering if anyone will have solution to my BBM problem , I am presently using my blackberry on home wiFi connection as I have ended my contract with my network provider(virgin). The BBM, IM applications ( yahoomessenger, window live, AI

  • For BlackBerry developers and Apps developers !!!November 30

    Hi, This message is to the BlackBerry people, I mean the developers, the people related with the development of BlackBerry Z10. There is no doubt that you guys have done a fab work developing Z10. It is the best operating system in the market as of n

  • Blackberry world and appsNovember 30

    The Blackberry World does not contain all the useful apps that are needed e.g. my airtel Google Play is also not accessible pls advise how to access / download these appsHello, It is rather difficult to discuss "these apps" (note...the plural fo

  • Blackberry 9300 OS app error 523November 30

    Hey everyone, I have this 2 years old Blackberry Curve 9300 and I didn't use it for a while and now I have a problem with it. I have the app error 523 but when I try to fix it as the forums tell me to I get this menssage on on Blackberry Desktop Soft

  • Blackberry curve 8520 app error 523November 30

    BlackBerry Curve 8520 showing me this "APP Error 523 - Reset "it shows to me and it dosen't open,when i press Reset phone restarted but it shows to me the same thing. Later I connected data cable 8520 with blackberry desktop software And delete 

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