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  • Adjusting the SIM card activation sound - BlackBerry Bold 9900November 30

    Hi there, when activating a SIM card on a BlackBerry Bold 9900 on the newest available build of BlackBerry OS 7, for example if two or more SIM cards of the same provider are used with different devices, using the code *100#, a system sound reminisce

  • How can i transfer all my data on my iphone 4s to my blackberry bold 9900?October 11

    I want to know the quickest and easiest way to transfer all my things from my iphone 4s to my blackberry bold 9900. i understand that most things wont be able to be transffered to the blackberry (apps) as they are not compatible. but things like cont

  • Blackberry Bold 9900 OS software update from version 7.0.0 to version 7.1.0October 11

    Helo Everyone I tried to upgrade my Blackberry Bold 9900 device software from version 7.0.0 to version 7.1.0 but having difficulties. I tried using the Blackberry Desktop Manager but there was no version 7.1.0 listed among the available updates. Even

  • How do I lock my screen on Blackberry Bold 9900November 30

    I just got Blackberry Bold 9900 from Rogers can someone tell me how to lock touchscreen. Thanks Steve DayI'm just confirming that what Escon-eu said about not being able to turn off the touchscreen function is correct.  The 9900's touchscreen is part

  • Blackberry Bold 9900 / Enterprise ActivationNovember 30

    Thank you in advance for your help with this matter. I have purchased the Blackberry bold 9900 smart phone couple of days ago. Not an expert myself but expected better from our own IT Dept-seems that they need help themselves. Not certain how to find

  • My blackberry bold 9900 makes a lot of freezes when i receive and sent on whatsappNovember 30

    Device info hey  i get my blackberry bold 9900 OS 7.0.0 it freezes a lot when whatsapp get in use, receive or sent, but when i close the application and restart the device, everything get back in exellent condition the whatsapp application, is stuck

  • Switch from BlackBerry Q10 to BlackBerry Bold 9900November 30

    I need to transfer from a BlackBerry Q10 to a BlackBerry Bold 9900 and retain the data in the Remember app on the Q10.  Any idea how to do this?Nevermind, I did some more searching, Googling, etc. and found out that BlackBerry is not able to be downg

  • Disable blackberry bold 9900 screenNovember 30

    Hello everyone, I got a blackberry bold 9900. It is a good phone but the tactil screen disturb me. Can you explain me how I can disable the tactil function on my screen of my blackerry bold 9900. I would like use my phone with my keyboard, I have too

  • How to sign in blackberry with new SIM cardNovember 30

    I got a new SIM card and put it into my Blackberry Bold. It asked for my ID password. Which I keyed in. It did not accept it. I then was adviced to change this online and reset the password. I did this but it only worked on my laptop and not on the p

  • My blackberry bold 9900 stuck on 80% of its rebootingNovember 30

    Was chatting on my bold 9900 when all of a sudden it just reboots automatically. It stuck at around 80% of reboot on the screen and has not moved. Took the batteries and SIM out, in beginning it was rebooting fine but again stops at the same spot (at

  • Blackberry Bold 9900 would not sync with Desktop Software for MACOctober 11

    When connecting my Bold 9900 to my MAC the Desktop Software opens correctly, phone is recognised and connected but the SYNC option is not available. I cannot click the Green sync button nor click the relevant sync button under the device tab. All ans

  • BlackBerry Bold 9900 - Volume Up button jamedOctober 11

    Goodday to all my blackberrry 9900 bold is having a problem with it's music volume keys. when i want to increase the the volume of a song, the phone's louderspeaker volume continues to go louder automatically, and  a while later after i already turnt

  • Dodo does not support the Blackberry Bold 9900 - can this be fixed?November 30

    Hi there, Could someone help me with this please? I have a contract with Dodo and they don't seem to be able to support the Bold 9900...is this correct? If so, can this be rectified please? Kind RegardsHi thewhitebear Each provider determines which B

  • Blackberry Bold 9900 stuck on boot screenNovember 30

    Hello, My BB Bold 9900 has been stuck on the boot screen for a long time now - each time i re-insert the battery or conect to a power supply the the boot screen comes up starts to load and then stops just above the 'bavck' button and then stays like

  • Blackberry Bold 9900 won't load, load bar stops at 75%November 30

    Hi, My Bold 9900 has had this problem for the past few days, whenever i go to boot the phone the loading bar just stops at 75% of the way and will continue to do so until the battery runs out, i charge it and the same thing continues to happen, i've

  • For 10 days now, I have not been able to sync the calendar between iMac and Blackberry Bold 9900. Events prior to 10 days get moved over to Bold but not new events.November 30

    iCal in MacBook Air was able to sync with bold 9900. However, in the last 10 days, no new events created in iCal is moving over to Bold 9900. Is there an issue with iCalThe seller has been nothing but helpful. They have contacted O2 relentlessly to t

  • Migrating to Z10 from blackberry bold 9900November 30

    What is a nice simple step by step procedure for migrating my data from a blackberry bold to a Z10. I have spent hours wasting time with device switch. I also downloaded some stupid ap that doesn t seem to do anything.  really shows why blackberry ha

  • Blackberry 8700g INVALID SIM CARD?? HELP PLEASENovember 30

    I just received my 8700g.  It has the T-Mobile logo on front of the phone, BUT the phone was used by a Cingular subscriber  when I turn it on.  I inserted my T-Mobile SIM card from my T-Mobile Dash phone and I get "Invalid SIM card message"??  C

  • Blackberry bold 9900 Number of Icons row in Home Screen.November 30

    Occassionally the "All" screen starts displaying two rows of icons instead of the normal single row.  Again, very random.  To correct this, I open Options, Display, Home Screen Preferences, then Rest Setting and select Icon Arrangement.  That fi

  • Blackberry Bold 9900 email setup troubleNovember 30

    When i access the setup app and then select email accounts i receive instructions to "activate your enterprise account and enter details provided by your system administrator". From looking at information on the internet it seems i should be get

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