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blackberry 8520 lcd not woking

  • Blackberry 8520 keeps repeatedly downloading the same email messages and facebook notificationsOctober 11

    My Blackberry 8520 has all of a sudden started downloading the same email addresses and facebook notifications, that I have already read, I tried deleting them totally and also deleted from my computer inbox, but it just downloaded the next lot in my

  • Not able to use facebook on my blackberry 8520.October 11

    Still no revert received regarding my earlier post. Not able to use facebook on my blackberry 8520.If you can access Facebook while on Wifi at home, but you are unable to access it while away running on your carrier's 2G network, I could phone your c

  • Opening pdf file in Blackberry 8520 curveOctober 11

    I am unable to open pdf file in my blackberry 8520 curve. Can anyone help me in this regards. The mobile does't have any pdf reader pre installed. Do we need to install software, if so please send me the link to download or the software itself. Thank

  • Application error with blackberry 8520 curveOctober 11

    hello, i own a blackberry 8520 curve and i keep having the same problem with logging in into yahoo messenger. while i can log in from a PC or another phone, logging in from this phone seems impossible, regardless the account i try logging in with. af

  • Blackberry 8520 Media cardOctober 11

    Hello, i cant recognize in my blackberry 8520 any media card. Can any one help me? ThanksWhat kind of media card are you using, what size, and what type? What is your Operating System loaded to your device? Look at Options > > Device > About, thi

  • Blackberry 8520 curve hangs, suddenly white screen comes and the only solution is to re-insert battery with power source on?October 11

    My Blackberry 8520 curve suddenly hangs giving a white screen and when i restart it - the screen remains white. After i put it into charge - then only a successful start is done. So the only solution as of now i have - is whenever my blackberry hangs

  • Hi from belgium a problem with blackberry 8520October 11

    help please blackberry 8520 hi i have ablckberry 8520. Version: . i use it to navigate in internet every thing is ok. but i have a problem with a site of advertising that i always use it ; http://www.vivastreet.be/ I CANT LOGIN IN THIS SITE

  • Blackberry 8520 - To to wifi connection I need pay a data plan? How to connect when I dont had cell phone signal with wifi connection?October 11

    Its strange.. but I need to pay a data plan to connect in wifi network with Blackberry 8520? Its a joke or serious?Hello musashibr, The following article should provide you with more information on using services over Wi-Fi. http://bbry.lv/rpW2Gj Che

  • T9 on blackberry 8520 doesn't workNovember 11

    I can't set the t9 on blackberry 8520. The instructions on manual doesn't work. Thanks.Hi,      We don't have t9 facilities on 8520, as we have the qwerty keyboard on your blackberry 8520 so we don't require the t9. Regards SVS. Read other 2 answers

  • Hindi Language in Blackberry 8520 CurveNovember 30

    Hi there, I am unable to see hindi posts/fonts on blackberry 8520 curve. Please assist me how to get this done. RegardsIts a mere perception that Blackberry 8520 Version 5.xx doesn't support Hindi or Indic fonts. Visit the following url from your Bla

  • How Can I Download os 5 (NON Carrier) for my blackberry 8520November 30

    Hi Im new here so i was just wondering like how can i download the os 5 for my blackberry curve 8520 because im reloading it using BBSAK But the only problem is that i dont know where can i download a non carrier os like the original one that came wi

  • Blackberry 8520 does not start upNovember 30

    HI,   I have just bought a Blackberry 8520. It has been working fine till today suddenly a white screen came on with a small clock icon in the centre. The phone does not switch on. I have tired taking the batter off, sim and the memory card but nothi

  • Question about the BlackBerry 8520 UnlockedNovember 30

    Hi all, I've a question about the BlackBerry 8520. I saw it's being sold as unlocked and I'm wondering if once I buy it I need to have a particular carrier plan to use it or if I can simply use my pay as you go At&t plan. So far I didn't buy any smar

  • Blackberry 8520 data plan not connectingNovember 30

    Dear sir 3month to I'm using wifi internet now I have data plan when I connecting data plan its not connecting "your currently on a service plan that dose not support this application plz connect wifi network or connect your service provider to upgra

  • My blackberry 8520 device can't attach file *.docNovember 30

    Dear all,, My device can't attach file *.doc when I want to send an email using attachment file My device is Blackberry 8520 Gemini Need help and suggest here ThanksOK thanks, that clarifies many of the points. You have successfully registered HRT as

  • Blackberry 8520 - PDF viewingNovember 30

    Hi, I would like to know why it is possible to view pdf documents received via email without any issues but it is not possible to view a pdf document that is on my Blackberry 8520 device. Basically, how the pdf is openned for viewing when it is attac

  • Blackberry 8520 - Generic Data PlanNovember 30

    I just recently purchase a 3G generic data plan for my blackberry 8520 under a mistake. I understand that this plan is not suitable for bbm or any other RIM services, however I expected that I could still use third-party application like Whatsapp, Op

  • Contact transfere contacts and other informatio​n from one blackberry 8330 to a blackberry 8520November 30

    I moved from Verizion Blackberry 8330 to a Blackberry 8520 T-Mobile I'm also using the Blackberry desk top software. Like I said in the subject line all contacts cannot be foundWe really appreciate the posts, but this is a peer-to-peer Forum designed

  • Music to listen on my Blackberry 8520November 30

    I just bought this phone yesterday. I haven't bought the internet plan. Can someone tell me how to get music to listen on my Blackberry 8520? I have absolutely no idea about this. Not having a data plan means you are probably missing out on most of t

  • Mep 0 for blackberry 8520November 30

    How can I unlock a blackberry 8520 with mep 0?please help meHello lukejonnortje Welcome to BlackBerry Support Forums Sorry to hear that , but you should not have wasted your tries by entering wrong codes and now it is hardlocked , you can refer to th

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