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blackberr 8900 software restore

  • RE: Can't install OS 9 from Software Restore discsOctober 11

    I noticed this post: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=260277 I was having the same issue, but managed to figure it out. That post has been archived, so thought I would note my method in a new post. OK, so you've installed OS X 10.4 T

  • Can OS 10.2.1 software restore & install discs for iBook be used by others?October 11

    My wife's iBook died late last year and I eBayed all the components, including the software restore and install CDs (I made a net of about $200 from everything, after eBay fees, Paypal fees and shipping! But it was A LOT of work!). The person who bou

  • I want to reload original software in IMAC G4 - i have original disks, can i install OSX first and then load "software restore 1 to 6" and not load OS9October 11

    I just purchased a used IMAC G4, cpu G4(1.1), powermac 4,2, 800MHz 15 inch FP and 55 Gig hard drive.  I now have 750 k memory and it is working fine.  i want to reload the original software.  i have all original disks -CDs. These include OSX Install;

  • TS1559 After performing a software restore in iTunes, the problems remains... I still cannot turn Wifi on as it is still greyed out??? Can anybody help please?October 11

    Have performed software restore and still I am unable to turn my wifi on as the option to turn on is greyed out??? Can anybody help?.If no change after restoring the iPhone with iTunes as a new iPhone or not from the backup, make an appointment at an

  • Clean Install and Software Restore CDsNovember 30

    Hi, I have had my iBook G4 since February 2004. Yesterday I did a Clean Install and completely erased my HD. I used Install Disc 1 and 2. However, I was never prompted to insert Disc 3. Did I miss something? Also, I also found the 8 Software Restore

  • Software Restore to use Classic in OS X 10.4?November 30

    Hi, I had my computer upgraded from Panther to Tiger a couple of months ago and since doing that get a message saying I need to reinstall Classic before my kids can use any of their old games. Reading throught the posts I think I have figured out wha

  • Where Can I Find The Fonts On My 2 Software Restore DVDs ?November 30

    Recently I completely erased my eMac and installed OSX Tiger from a Tiger DVD, which I then updated to OSX 10.4.10. I was able to retrieve the original eMac applications from the Software Restore DVDs using Software Restore. However, I have just disc

  • IMac G5 Software restore CDs won't install on different iMac. Why?November 30

    I recently sold an OS X 10.4 iMac G5 Software restore CDs set. I got a message from the buyer and he says "I noticed that the discs say they are part of a hardware bundle and should not be sold separately." He says that the CDs will not install

  • What for: OSX 10.1.2 Software restore disksNovember 30

    Trying to catalogue and sort my Mac software disks. Came across SX 10.1.2 Software restore disks [6 of them] and I can't recall what they do or are for? When would a person need them? I have old Macs in my home that I keep around for sentimental reas

  • G4 quicksilver 800 -  do software restore disks re-install os9 onlyNovember 30

    Hi there I've got a g4 800 quicksilver machine. I want to do an disk erase and re-install of just OS9 without the 10.1.3 system that my machine shipped with. I've got a set of restore cds and a single 10.1.3 installer disk, but no single install disk

  • Software Restore/Boot FailureNovember 30

    Hi all, I have a slot loading iMac G3 600mhz, 40GB HD, 384 MB RAM, CD-ROM. When I recieved the system, my employer was running OS 9.2.2 on it. I have all of the original system CDs, and sucessfully installed OS 10.1.3 from the OS 10 install disk. I'm

  • Software Restore. Backed up Phone but now everything is gone even in iCloudNovember 30

    Updated to ios7. Had a problem with WiFi so did a software restore. Backed phone up to iCloud before restore but now all apps and music are gone and do not even exist in iCloud (which is now empty). It also did not fix my WiFi issue.How to Restore fr

  • How do I do software restore on iPad?November 30

    The problem is that I only get wifi within about 3 feet of a router.  Technical support line said I need to do a complete software restore.  How do I do this?  The software version is up to date.Locked Out, Forgot Lock or Restrictions Passcode, or Ne

  • HT201210 My Iphone 4S screen went black but iTune is unable to finish recovery and software restore.November 30

    My Iphone 4S screen went black but the Iphone was still working. I was able to play music with the headset. I went a head and put it in a safe mode to perform a recovery. iTune updated the software succesfully but is unable to finish recovery and sof

  • Software restore DVD not workingNovember 30

    I deleted my GarageBand library and can't boot the software. So I'm restoring from the DVD. I launch the DVD, then click Software/App Restore, go through a few dialogs, then makes my desktop items disappear, with a centered window that tells me to cl

  • After software restore, window is very smallNovember 30

    I have a G3 ibook i'm trying to do a clean install on so i can sell it. i just did the whole software restore process, then reinstalled OS 10.2 (the discs that came with the computer) and erased the hard drive at the same time. it all seems to have w


    Basically, was having some computer problems and had to do an erase and install and put Tiger back on. But now I don't have Classic system folder, and cannot find my Software Restore CD anywhere...do I have any options at all?Hi, ellekktric - Welcome

  • Software restore without discsNovember 30

    I've got an iBook with combo drive - just bought another one off eBay that doesn't have combo drive and didn't come with any discs. I re-installed OSX with my old discs, but the new computer without the combo drive doesn't like the Restore Software d

  • How do i load ibook g4 from software restore disc?November 30

    have a used ibook g4. had bad hd. put in new hd. need to reload os. can any one help? have software restore dics X3.Hi, and welcome to Apple Support Communities. Choose the appropriate link to instructions from this Apple Knowledge Base article: How

  • Installing certain Applications via Software Restore...November 30

    Hi All, I was wondering is there any freeware available over the web that allows me to select certain application I'd like to install into my Mac via the Software Restore disc? Many thanksHello and welcome to Apple Discussions. To read up on using So

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