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Bios doesnt start 99 at corner

  • F10 for nVIDIA RAID BIOS doesnt work.November 30

    Like many others I am trying to set up a SATA 1/2 Raid on my MSI NEO2 Platinum 54-G using two WD-Raptors 74Gig. I've read the FAQ's about how to set up the Raid Array. So I set up the drives on SATA ports 1 and 2 in the bios (following the instruncti

  • Bios Doesnt Fit ScreenNovember 30

    Hello, I have a MSI A78-E35 motherboard and I've recently switched to HDTV's for my monitor setup. I'm having an issue with the ClickBiosII fitting to the screen. I can't edit my bios options because the only things that show up are the OC Genie and

  • BIOS doesnt recognize SATA connected Hard Drive- need help flashing bios from bootable USBNovember 30

    hi I have an envy laptop running InsydeH20 bios rev f14. the bios doesn't recognize the internally connected hdd/ssd. I have heard that with insyde bios', sometimes you have to unlock 'secret capabilities' to recognize hardware incl internal hdd. but

  • MSI P965 Neo-F Bios doesnt recognize my DVD RW driver,Help!November 30

    Hi, I just bought a MSi P965 Neo-F motherboard and when i boot  the pc because bios cant  find the DVD driver and i cant start my windows xp 64. I thought og upgrading bios but i cant because i dont have floppy driver  and my cd drive is unknown for

  • Mobo pt 880 neo lsr - bios doesnt recognize seagte hdNovember 30

    Hi There, i´ve a MSI pt880 mobo,with 2CD-Rom , 1 Zip Drive ,and FDD and 2 Seagate 120GB SATA HD. and i cant seem to make the MOBO recognize them . When i start the computer , and run the RAID aplication , it recognizes them i´ve managed to pair them

  • K7N2GM-L 6777 BIOS doesnt correctly detect CPU temp and FAN speedNovember 30

    Hello, I use a K7N2GM-L 6777 mobo with a amd 1800+ and a arctic copper silent 2tc. the mobo isnt able to detect the right cpu temperature and cpu fan speed in bios. did anyone experienced that problem?? i already updated to the latest bios V1.6 but n

  • Best/correct settings for MSI865PE-LS Bios Vs1.7November 30

    I just update bios to Vs 1.7 on my MSI 865PE-LS MB I would like the best performance settings to run at optimal speed memory I am using Dynamic Overclocking: ? Performance Mode: ? CPU Ratio Selection: Locked DRAM Frequency: ? Spread Spectrum: Disable

  • HP Envy 15 3040nr UEFI BiosNovember 30

    Can we replace the bios of the envy 15 3040nr with the similar model, the original bios doesnt support UEFI boot, is there any other way to make it support UEFI boot??HP ENVY 15-3210txHi, Try the following. Download the IDT Audio installer on the lin

  • CnQ prob after BIOS flashing (K8N)November 30

    hi everybody i've been flashing the bios of my k8n neo plat. from the start without any problems. but since i installed v1.52, i got a prob with CnQ. whatever multiplier i select in bios, it only works as long as i enable CnQ in windows. from then on

  • G500 BIOS sucks Increase Shared RamNovember 30

    System: Lenovo G500 windows 8.1 64-bit 1TB 8GB ram intel hd graphic 4000 SO heres the deal-> Intel Hd 4000 is capable of running new games with low specs. It does not have a dedicated video ram. But that can be done by increasing the shared memory fr

  • MS 6341 Weird Bios and unstable tooNovember 30

    System: 1.2G Athlon T-bird running at 950 mhz, thermatake cooler  runs at 55C. 128mb ddr 266 ram with heat sink 41gb ibm hd new Ati all-in-wonder video Problem 1: Bios reports as "award 6.0PG" but support page lists ver. 1.5 as latest? Should I

  • BIOS 1.8 for 875P NEO SeriesNovember 30

    Just curious if anyone has downloaded and successfully flashed their 875P NEO boards to the current BIOS version of 1.8. If so, is your system stable? Is another BIOS update just around the corner for the 875P or is the 1.8 the latest and greatest BI

  • K7266 Pro - down after bios updateNovember 30

    Hi guys, i need help. I flash my bios throught live update to version 1.9. I have winXP. after few sec i see NT update and after 15 secs computer goes down. I wait. after 2 mins i turn computer off and boot again. but bios doesnt working now. I try y

  • CMOS Error..Also BIOS wont save settings...November 30

    Well, as the title says, i get a "CMOS checksum bad" error on system startup. This never occur'd until i upgaded my BIOS to the latest version, and ever since then i get this checksum error, and also my BIOS doesnt save ANY settings which i chan

  • P965 Neo 7325 BIOS update issueNovember 30

    Hello, I'm having a problem updating my bios. I recently upgraded to win 7 64bit home premium and installed 4gb of ram 2x2g corsair xms ddr2 along with the 2x512mb of corsair xms2 ddr2 memory that was already in the pc. My problem started that the bi

  • Satellite L - system failure to boot and no HDD in BIOSNovember 30

    HI all, my laptop for some reason doesn't seem to think it has a hard drive installed, it says none in the BIOS for hard drive. I made the mistake of not making recovery disks. Anyone have any idea of anything I can do to get this working again? Than

  • Hp Bios Update loop after successful(?) bios updateNovember 30

    So i tried to update bios through windows first, system hung and then my laptop wouldnt turn on with the battery on. I removed the battery, entered windows and tried again to update bios, but this time i got a fail message. I entered the bios update

  • MSk7t Turbo ver3 bios 3.6. Help with XP 1800 chipNovember 30

    Hello: I know this bios doesnt have a voltage setting and the Board can only modify the memory speed.   So, has anyone tried a different bios on this board?  Possibly one from the Turbo2 ect? I had a hard time flashing my bios with Windows 2000 (unab

  • K8NM: be aware of bios 1.5November 30

    I used my K8NM FISR MoBo with an Athlon64 3000+ (130nm, Newcastle) for a year. After upgrading bios to version 1.5 the MoBo died within 5 minutes - just switched off. After a succesfull RMA I tried this bios agan  (my stupidity) - of course, the MoBo

  • WXP installation on Tecra M9October 11

    Hello, Please help. I have Tecra M9 with Vista preinstalled. I want downgrade to XP, but during installation XP cannot recognize SATA hard drive. As far as I know I need to either provide SATA driver on a floppy, or set hard drive to IDE compatibilit

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