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  • BlueScreen Error 9f and Windows Updates won't installNovember 30

    I just got my new T430 machine on Monday, but Windows 7 is already having issues - as of the first day! When it goes into sleep mode it ends up shutting down instead, and I get a BlueScreen 9f error after I restart.  When I try to install Windows Upd

  • Getting a list of recently visited websitesNovember 30

    Dear All , i made client/server application , where the server is running on a machine on the same local network and me (the client) send commands to be executed and parse the output ... i'm trying to get a list of recently visited websites of the re

  • Biometric Reader no longer works on my Envy 17-j092r LaptopOctober 11

    Hello Consumer Support Forum I purchased a new HP Envy 17-j092nr Laptop about 15 months ago that came with a biometric (finger print) reader. I just recently had to re-install the operating system and when I did that my finger print reader no longer

  • Pavilion dv8t 1200 - simple pass/digital persona software won't installOctober 11

    Howdy, Windows 7 Home Premimum 64 bit Intel Core i7 Q720 @1.60GHz Pavilion dv8t - 1200 Notebook PC The reader worked fine for the first few months/year, however it then only started working for signing in & occasionaly for sites & gTalk. I was coo

  • My biometric reader won't work with your latest version, how do i go back?November 30

    I spent £1000 on a laptop with a biometric reader as continually inputting passwords shall we say irks me. It was fine and dandy up until your latest version...30. Now it doesn't work at all, instead all i have is YOUR option to save passwords.....i

  • Cannot login using ThinkVantage Fingerprint softwareNovember 30

    Hi, I cannot log in using my fingerprint reader. I am sure that fingerprint reader is OK, I sucessfully enrolled fingerprints. I enabled fingerprint login, when computer starts up, windows 7 message saying "Swipe your finger on green" shows up,

  • Dv6 Notebook biometric reader not turning onNovember 30

    Hi  I am having an issue with the biometric finger print reader not turning on (no light). It was working fine yesterday but today it is not working. The biometric device is detected in the Device Manger (Validity Sensors v4.3.205.0) HP Simple pass v

  • Biometric not foundNovember 30

    In the past my biometric device (fingerprint scanner) has stopped working just randomly. I downloaded something in the past which fixed it for about 2 months, but now it is acting up again. When i start my laptop it won't turn on and when i go into d

  • Time Machine will not backup Lacie 1TB Rugged (Biometric) driveNovember 30

    I have a Lacie 1TB Rugged Drive running Lacie Safe Manager (Biometric Login). I use this for my iPhoto libraries and Final Cut Pro media and would like this to be backed up by Time Machine. Problem is that even when the Lacie drive is unlocked and av

  • I can't find biometric device in device manager OR control panelNovember 30

    I recently got a HP Probook 450 G2 running Windows 7 x64, and it came with a built-in fingerprint scanner. HP Client Manager was also pre-installed, and what really caught my attention was its fingerprint function. Although, every time I opened the f

  • Thinkvantage Fingerprint SoftwareNovember 30

    I recently updated to version 5.9.6. I can sign on to the computer using the fingerprint reader with no issues, it works like it always has.  However, now when I got to a web site or anything else that requires a password I get the following error: 

  • Is Lenovo Fingerprint Software = Upek Protector ?November 30

    I just found this article about Upek Protector suite being vulnerable to hacking of the registry stored password.   My W520 comes with an AuthenTec (who bought UPEK) TouchChip Fingerprint Coprocessor. http://arstechnica.com/security/2012/09/windows-p

  • Validity Fingerprint Sensor WBF drivers (without HP software)November 30

    I really want to use the fingerprint reader on the HP Probook 430 G2, which is a Validity VFS495.The default wat is to use HP's security software, which I don't want to use.Another option would be to use Windows 8.1's built in "Biometrics" featu

  • Windows Hello and Biometric driversNovember 30

    I have a HP Elitebook 8760W which I recently upgraded from Windows 7 64 Pro to Windows 10 64 Pro.   All went well except I can't get the fingerprint driver to work with either Windows Hello service or the HP SimplePass program.   I have a Validity 47

  • Are adapters mandatory for using the windows biometric framework ?November 30

    Hi, Im trying to develop a driver for a biometric device using WBDI. The biometric device has all the required functionality to capture process and store biometric data and nothing needs to be done in software except start capture and request for mat

  • No biometric device foundNovember 30

    Hi to all, i have a problem with my fingerprint sensor, it just stoped working the next day i uninstall norton, i dont no if this is the cause of the problem, but i saw somethin similar in another post, i tried to reinstall the drivers and nothing. I

  • Biometric is not available in devices managerNovember 30

    I just upgraded my OS to windows 10 pro and everythings working will.  My fingerprint was not working nor it appair in the (set sign in options), while Biometric validity fingerprint driver was among  the drivers in my device  I deleted the driver fr

  • Biometric device not foundNovember 30

    hi, after installing the driver for my fingerprint scanner, i go into control panel to find the fingerprint scanner, but it's not there. it says " windows did not find any biometric devices on this computer. You might need to attach your device or in

  • Biometric GP setting is missing from win2k8 standard FE.November 30

    Following GP setting does not exist on the defaul domain policy. Computer Confguration / Policies / Administrative Templates / Windows Components / Biometrics / Allow  Registry is also missing.  HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Biometrics!Enabled I w

  • Load Biometric applets using JCF Biometric APINovember 30

    I have an egate 32K card with a biometric (MOC) mask on it. I have sample applets from precise biometrics I would like to load on the card then capture fingerprint and verification. I'll appreciate any help with this. ThanksFirst of all you need to d

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