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    Hi, I have these tow jobs in my production system and they are taking a lot of time. >   /SDF/RSORADLD_NEW >   /BDL/TASK_SCHEDULER Does anybody know what they do ? Thanks in advance. RegardsHi, /BDL/TASK_SCHEDULER is task processor job related to EW

  • /BDL/TASK_SCHEDULER terminatingNovember 30

    Dear All, When scheduling Refresh service definitions task in solution manager SDCCN. Background job /BDL/TASK_SCHEDULER taking more than 40000 seconds!! After that terminating. Thanks & Regards, Nikunj ThakerHello The Refresh Service task in SDCCN i

  • /BDL/TASK_PROCESSOR running as DDIC accountNovember 30

    There's been several discussions on background jobs not running as SAP delivered accounts such as SAP* and DDIC. We're taking some initiatives to follow these standards. One paritcular job seems to be vexing to reschedule as another user ID. It is cu

  • EWA onfigurationNovember 30

    We have solution manager 7.0 EHP1  and we configured Early watch alert  DEV client 100 which is 7.20 EHP5. but EWA show red flag and report is blank also when I run in se38 RTCCTOOL in DEV system it give me error new addon St-A  required but SDCCN wo

  • Sdccn - scheduled jobs don't startNovember 30

    i have scheduled several tasks in the sdccn. but there don't start at the scheduled timed. is there a backup tasks which must run?André Smoktun wrote: > i have scheduled several tasks in the sdccn. but there don't start at the scheduled timed. > is

  • BDLS updating logical systems in CIF models?October 11

    Hi The BDLS tool can be used to update logical system names in systems. As I understand this tool is often used when copying systems (Production system to Q system for instance). In a situation where you copy the productive system to the  Q system: D

  • BDLS failed in new systemOctober 11

    Hi all, We are experiencing an error when runing BDLS in SAP BW 7.0. To give you an overview, I am working on a new production system called BWP (copy of an acceptance system). Attached to this new BW system, we have a new source system called BRP. I

  • Runtime error while executing transaction BDLSOctober 11

    Hello, While executing BDLS transaction for converting logical system names I am getting following error Runtime Errors         CONVT_NO_NUMBER Except.                CX_SY_CONVERSION_NO_NUMBER Short text      Unable to interpret "7,160 " as a n

  • Not converting the logical system through BDLSOctober 11

    Hi Experts, I did the system copy of BI system from production to developemnt To change the logical system  in RSA1 --> Source systems I have choose client role as test in scc4 and in tcode BDLS i have given the old logical system name new  logical s

  • Post System Refresh Activity - BDLS runOctober 11

    Hi, We have finished system refresh of a QA system from Production.  We need to run BDLS now to convert the original Production logical systems to QA relevant logical systems.  I am short of understanding of this process.  Can anyone please help me w

  • Source systems vanishes from RSA1 after renaming of the LSN after BDLSOctober 11

    Dear BW/BI Experts,            We are doing BW3.1 upgarde to BI7.0........After system copy there is need of rename of logical system for BP1 to BD1 (Prod. to Dev. and Dev. is our new Target BW system ) and From RP1 to RQ1. Before renaming I checked

  • BDLS Question?October 11

    Hello I am using SRM 5.5 extended Classic and ECC 6.0. We have recently re-pointed our test systems to a different R/3 test client and have changed some of the logical system names manually before running BDLS. Please can you advise what will happen

  • BDLS failing with ASSERTION_FAILED dumpOctober 11

    Dear Experts, We have replaced the existing quality system DF0 with RC0.These both system are quality systems and RC0 has been refreshed from production. So in BW qulaity system we need to replace the DF0 with RC0 as source system. I have created log

  • BDLS errorsOctober 11

    Hi, We were connected to a R/3 source system before and ran BDLS to convert the logical system names for existing BW Dev system pointing to a new ECC 6.0 Dev system.  BDLS did convert some table entries but the cross-client tables with * did not crea

  • BDLS or BDLSS after Client copyOctober 11

    Hi all, I am currently working on two systems ..SRM and ECC 6.0.In SRM and ECC.We have 2 clients 100(Development) and 120(Customizing) in both the systems.We recently did a client copy of production to our development clients and I have one confusion

  • BDLS ConversionOctober 11

    Hi All, As far I remember in SAP 4.7 release after system refresh of QAS from PRD system, I used to run BDLS logical system conversion in all the QAS clients. But in the current project they do refresh in R/3, BW, APO on same day simultaneously, when

  • BDLS vs BDLSS vs RBDLS2LSOctober 11

    Hi, I have some query about BDLS, BDLSS and RBDLS2LS? 1) Apart from the fact that in BDLSS logical systems can also be convert remotely in all partner systems. What other features are provided in BDLSS and why one should go for BDLSS and not BDLS? 2)

  • BDLS in productive ERP systemOctober 11

    I have an interesting requirement.  A customer is currently running R/3 4.7 with multiple countries.  They want to split the system so one country has it's own system.  The approach has been to take the existing 3-system landscape and perform a homog

  • BDLS in system refreshOctober 11

    HI all I did a system refresh of BI .After running BDLS the logs in BDLS shows success. But logical systems are not getting converted.When I checked in SLG1it shows no coversion has taken place. Can any one help me to proceed further and change my lo

  • BI 7.0,  BDLS is not converting all logical systems for datasourcesOctober 11

    Hello all, We have refreshed an ECC system, and during the post steps in BI, we were running into issues. We've ran BDLS to convert the logical system from ECCCLNTXXX to ECCCLNTYYY, but it's was not converting for several datasources. One in particul

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