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Bbz10 stuck on 100%

  • Disk Usage stuck at 100%, Factory installed windows 8 running like a turtle not being able to use my laptop. What should i do?October 11

    I have a HP Pavillion Sleekbook 15-b002ee with Third generation core i5 processor 1.7 GHz, 500 GB Hard disk and 4 GB of RAM installed. Windows 8 came pre installed on it. I bought this laptop 11 months ago and it worked fine for 10 months and then fr

  • Macbook pro 17" 3g battery status indicator stuck on 100%November 30

    Battery status indicator stuck on 100% Worked normaly until today resetting smc does not help Battery Information:   Model Information:   Serial Number:          9G95201YS4M0A   Manufacturer:          DP   Device name:          bq20z951   Pack Lot Co

  • IPhone 4s battery stuck at 100 percent. How do I get it back to normal?November 30

    iPhone 4s battery stuck at 100 percent. How do I get it back to normal? Ever since the update, I am having issues with the battery. Phone shuts down while it still shows 100 percent battery life. Normally not a big deal because I don't use it all the

  • Tried to upgrade the software...stuck on 100%November 30

    I got the software alert, so followed through the steps to upgrade to OS10 on my Z10....and it said it had to restart.  Clicked Now...it restarted but then got stuck on the blackberry logo, saying 100% and would not leave.  I could not shut it off, s

  • MSI 970 FAN PROBLEM (Fan 2 stuck at 100%)November 30

    Hi I have a problem with my 970, when i start the pc the fanspeed is normal on both my 970. But when i wait approximately 5 min the fanspeed on Card 1 (fan2) ramps up to 100% even in idle. I have tried everything to ramp it down but it dosnt even sho

  • My iPad mini is stuck at 100% battery life (HELP!)November 30

    My ipad mini has been stuck on 100% battery life all day and when I unplug it, it dies shortly after. I have to keep it plugged it to use it but it gets annoying. Its been stuck on 100% and has not gone down yet ! I have tried turning it off, rebooti

  • Volume level gets stuck at 100%, iPhone 3gNovember 30

    iPhone 3g, running the latest 2.0.1. I just got the phone yesterday but twice now the volume has gotten stuck at 100%. The volume display reads full blocks and you can't change it with the volume controls or vibrate switch. Even if you go into the iP

  • Some Application downloads stuck at 100%November 30

    We have a few Applications (Adobe CS6 suite and Matlab) which seem to be stuck at 100% downloading, never moving to the installing step. I let it run overnight and it still did not finish. The applications are large (5–8 GB) with fairly deep/complex

  • Nokia Lumia 521 stuck at 100% preparing to installNovember 30

    Please help! I got  new 521 and decided to update it to black, but it wont update it gets to 99% and then goes back to 95% then it wont update when it reaches 100% someone help me ive hard restarted this phone 3 times and it wont install i payed over

  • Download gets stuck at 100% ?November 30

    Hello, I bought a monthly subscription to After effects -I had the trial version- and I started downloading it. Everything is fine, just that the download does not finish and gets stuck at 100%. While I try to open the program in Finder, it opens a w

  • Charge display stuck at 100%November 30

    The charge display on my iPad 3 is stuck at 100% even though I know the battery is below that level.  Any ideas?  I rebooted and still the same display. The only thing that has changed recently is that I updated the IOS.Okay, nevermind, as soon as I

  • Battery reading stuck at 100% (iPad3)November 30

    My battery display on my new iPad (3rd gen.) is stuck at 100% even after using it for a couple of hours.  It happened last week and I was able to fix it by turning off the percentage display under settings and turining it back on.  Now that I've rech

  • Battery icon stuck at 100%November 30

    My battery indicator is stuck at 100%. It will stay there until it dies. I have tried resetting by holding home and power keys. I have also tried connecting to iTunes and doing a restore. It is still stuck at 100%. Any ideas on how to fix it? It is p

  • PCM stuck at 100% when using any audio program for the first timeNovember 30

    I've had this issue for some months now after an update and couldn't find any solution anywhere so help would be appreciated. First time I run an audio program after boot PCM gets stuck at 100% and can't be decreased. Also, i3status's PCM info switch

  • Battery stuck at 100%November 30

    Hi, I'm not sure if this happened after the update, but I suddenly noticed that my ipod and ipad are stuck at 100% no matter what. I tried resetting, restoring, restarting several times without success. I'm currently using the latest iOS and latest i

  • Battery stuck at 100 then shuts off at 20-30%November 30

    Have had an iPhone 4 since Verizon launch...the phone will be stuck at 100 percent forever...when the percentage finally starts going down the phone will start shutting off at 20 percent then a few days later it will last longer at 100 and shut off a

  • Charge stuck at 100 percent!November 30

    Even after playing game for close to 3 hours, charge is stuck at 100 percent! Its same being shown in Battery Guru app too! Previous to thiis incident I had a Battery Health(according to Battery Guru) 97%, but now its 64%.. Any suggestion as to what

  • Z30 stuck at 100 % bootNovember 30

    Hi guys, so, strange thing: My Z30 ran out of battery yesterday, I recharged it this morning, it started to reboot but is now stuck at 100 Percent for at least 3 hours. I tried a soft-reset (Power and Volume Up/Down) but it just reboots to a 100 perc

  • IPad 1 battery indicator stuck at 100%November 30

    Since yesterday my iPad's battery indicator has been stuck at 100%. I've used it for a few hours since charging it, so I know the indicator is incorrect. Has anyone else encountered this? I've tried powering it off and on again, but it still reads 10

  • IPad battery life meter stuck at 100% since 5.1 installNovember 30

    My iPad 1 battery life meter has been stuck on 100% since the 5.1 update, even though I have used it for many hours and done a power cycle a few times. Update was done through iTunes.I guess I spoke too soon... Doing the reset took it from sticking o

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