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bbm versi 8.2 untuk BB curve 8520

  • Curve 8520 BBM scam messagesNovember 30

    I'm receiving loads of BBM's in what looks like Arabic.  The messages come up in red and come from ID's such as 23956AC8 or 297D310A.  I've called my network provider Vodafone but they say I need to get this sorted through Blackberry.   Anyone got an

  • No BBM icon on Curve 8520November 30

    I have updated blackberry messenger with v on my Curve 8520, however my BBM icon  is no longer present. Please advise how to correct this issue. Thanks, Dev MullHey devmull, Welcome to the BlackBerry Support Community Forums. Thanks for the

  • My bbm messenger isent working curve 8520November 30

    My BBM messenger sent working curve 8520  ive tried turning if taking battery out and all I get is the 3 lines  to say its sending but it never send to no one please help meHi and Welcome to the Community! Given what you state, you are still using yo

  • Blackberry curve 8520 - BBM HELP PLEASE.November 30

    Hey , i just got a Blackberry curve 8520 on a tesco sim and its on a 12 month rolling sim only deal. i have had this for about an hour. My BBM is not working , it is saying pending to all the invites i have made and people have invited me but nothing


    okay, so i have a bb curve 8520, and i am on o2, and have the bb bolt on £5 a month.. my bbm only lets me add some people successfully, and others, it just stays as pending, even tho whoever i have added has accepted me.. i have rang o2 and got nowhe

  • Cannot Send and Receive bbm to Curve 8520November 30

    Hi, I just came from Dubai and currently in the Philippines where I avail bbm promo through Smart. The customer service has changed my settings and has done too many reports to settle my blackberry issue wherein ?I cannot send message through bbm and

  • BBM 7 is not working at all on blackberry curve 8520November 30

    Bbm 7 is not working at all on my blackberry curve 8520 and I have tried to install it several times and my app world has said it has been installed but its still the same 6v software I had from before. Getting tired of this 'booky' software.I'm sorr

  • My Blackberry Curve 8520 will not let me read my bbm.November 30

    My Blackberry Curve 8520 will not let me read my bb messages. how do I fix this? Why on earth does blackberry not have a number I can call rather than this stupid thing!!CoryH wrote: What is your: OS Version (Options > About) BBM Version (Options >

  • Problems Setting up Email on Curve 8520October 11

    I'm not able to set-up email on my new curve 8520. I know that other people have posted about it before, but I still can't seem to get it working! I have BIS and have already created a Blackberry ID. Whenever I go to email setup, the only option I'm

  • Curve 8520 won't turn on all the way, please help!October 11

    I have a blackberry curve 8520, i bought it last month sometime. I woke up yesterday morning and the balckberry was off, and would not switch on after i pushed down the ON button. So I charged it for a while, and still, it wouldnt switch on. Then, i

  • In my BlackBerry Curve 8520 any applicatio​n is not workingOctober 11

    Hello.. My name is Hamza Qureshi. I am using blackberry curve 8520. My service provider is Airtel Prepaid.I am facing some problems when i am using 2g plan in my curve 8520 then except browser not a single application is not working like (whatapp, we

  • Cannot open transferred .doc files on my BB Curve 8520October 11

    I am a new user and have just bought a BB Curve 8520. Carrier is Virgin Media; OS is V4.6.1.314 (platform; Desktop Manager Version is I have transferred photos, music and some documents from my PC successfully to my BB using Desk

  • Windows 7 64-bit driver for Curve 8520 ??October 11

    Greetings - New here, & new to Blackberry. Connected he Curve 8520 via the USB to my homegrown Win 7 64-bit computer. Was 3/4 successful - but Win7 couldn't find a Blackberry driver. Is there a driver I can download (or is it on the CD somewhere)? Th

  • What is wrong with my Curve 8520? Please help!October 11

    I am having problems with my BB Curve 8520. v5.0.0.592 First the phone started freezing all the time and I had to do a battery pull to unfreeze it, and everytime after it restarted it got the Uncaught Exception: java.lang.error. I uninstalled my BBM

  • Help required with upgrading to OS5 on curve 8520October 11

    Hello everyone, I'm using an unlocked version of the bb curve 8520 and want to upgrade my bb device os to v5.0. (current version- 4.6.1) I tried using the application loader on the bb website (NA & India both) but it just tells me that my OS is updat

  • Help with Internet Settings for Blackberry Curve 8520 On Orange Pay-MonthlyOctober 11

    I need help with my internet settings I'm currently on Orange Pay-Monthly and have recently bought a second hand Blackberry Curve 8520 which is unlocked but used to be on 02! I don't have a clue on what to do or where to start all I know is in the to

  • BlackBerry Curve 8520 - in need of unlocking codeOctober 11

    I want to unlock my BB Curve 8520, so that I can use it in Europe with a local sims card when visiting family, etc. Anybody any idea how to do that?? I asked ATT, but they told me I had to go to RIM to get this............  RIM says I have to to my c

  • How to solve this problem 'Uncaught exception: dssma: invalid state(5): 25 in blackberry curve 8520?October 11

    HELLO, I have blackberry curve 8520. i have got error in my phone. the error is "Uncaught exception: DSSMA: invalid state(5): 25. I am unable to open my Inbox messages and unable to view phone's call history. the phone shows the same message again an

  • Blackberry Curve 8520 not working correctlyOctober 11

    My Blackberry Curve 8520 is not working correctly. It has worked on and off for about 2 days now. The first thing to stop was the media files - at first it said the SD card was inserted, but couldn't find any files. I've tried repairing the card. The

  • How to display pdf file on curve 8520..October 11

    y is pdf file not displayed on curve 8520.. how to make it happenHi and Welcome to the Forums! For the time that a PDF remains an email attachment, you can render it on the BB. Once detached or otherwise not an email attachment, the attachment servic

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