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bbm hack country time zone

  • BBM 6 from Beta Zone - playbook crashes with new bridgeNovember 30

    Hi am actually using bbm 6 available from the beta zone, but ever since ive downloaded the new bridge, when ever i try to open bbm on my playbook it keeps crashing, like i would have to tap bbm atleast 3 to 4 times to get it up and going, i uninstall

  • Bbm hack problemNovember 30

    hi i have a freaky problem. my bbm has been slow all day i have noticed that this has happened twice to me. when in a conversation a random message would be sent from me without me knowning. however it would dissapear afterwards. i dont the think the

  • BBM Hacked and used to Imposter asking MoneyNovember 30

    My blackberry Id is hacked and used by the hacker to contact my family asking some money and transfer to another account.<br><br>They manage to copy all my contact and change my email (blackberry id) and use my name with their device without r

  • Howto: Zones in private subnets using ipfilter's NAT and Port forwardingOctober 11

    This setup supports the following features: * Requires 1 Network interface total. * Supports 1 or more public ips. * Allows Zone to Zone private network traffic. * Allows internet access from the global zones. * Allows direct (via ipfilter) internet

  • How change 'home' time-zone in ical?November 30

    Hi Question ... how to change 'home' time-zone in ical? I have just relocated countries ... to a different time zone. I use time-zone support in iCal and add time-zone to various tasks. But when i add a task and note it as my now current time-zone th

  • SAP Time zone vs oracle time zoneNovember 30

    Hello Experts, I am confused by SAP's system time zone setting and oracle database's time zone setting. Can I change SAP time zone setting without affecting the database time? Are they the same thing? Must I restart SAP / database / server after the

  • Zones and packagesNovember 30

    The information on docs.sun.com talks about pkgrm -Z to remove packages from all the non-global zones (and to prevent it from installing on any new non-global zones). Unfortunately, the man page doesn't have this option, and the command says it is un


    Dear SAP EXPERTS ! 1. The route is not been able to be determined in the sytem for the Order. I have maintained the Transporation zone in the Customer Master. And Route Determination : Country Dep. Zone and Country Destination Zone Without Weight gro

  • Problem With User Creation in XI 7.0October 11

    Hi Experts, I am New For this Basis Work. 1) I Created New Client 100 Using 001 Client And The User is DDIC. 2) I Entered With 100 Client And SAP* User. 3) I Copied 001 Client for the Newly created 100 Client Using SAP_ALL Profile. Up to Now this is

  • Regarding User Creation in XI 7.0October 11

    Hi Experts, I am New For the Basis Work. Actually Iam working As a Developer. 1) I Created New Client <b>100</b> Using <b>001</b> Client And The User is <b>DDIC</b>. 2) I Entered With 100 Client And SAP* User. 3) I Copi

  • Difference between foreground and background excel outputsOctober 11

    I am running an ABAP report and from the output generated I am saving it as an excel file . Navigating from the toolbar as : Utilities->List -> Save as local file -> Spreadsheet. If I am running the report in background then the spool gets genera

  • Automatic Plant determination logic in the order line item levelOctober 11

    Dear all, I would like to know if there is a possibility to determine plants automatically, avoiding the standard plant determination logic at line item level, to determine plant based on stock availability. The process will be to skip the standard p

  • Condition record for tax calculationOctober 11

    hi . how to populate value for condition type MWAS (outputax) where to create?hi, Tax is determined based on, 1) Departure Country , departure Zone is taken from delivering plant 2) Destination Country of the customer receiving the goods( i.e Ship to

  • Which execution is more performance effective in SQL QueryNovember 30

    Hi Any one help me regarding oracle performance, which is best for application performance 1) I have multiple option and store in application and the option value or text store in transaction table, and we are querying information filter by option fi

  • Transportation & shippingNovember 30

    Hi How do determine route in inbound delivery and how to configure it. whem i am cerating shipping cost vi01,  i cannot transfer it, it is saying "No purchase item found for shipment cost item" and purchase order is available for that vendor(ser

  • Problem with Parameter on stored procedure for in() conditionNovember 30

    Hello, I would like to pass a parameter to a stored procedure like : procedure sps_country(zones varchar2) is begin select * from country where zone in (zones); end sps_country; My problem is : when i have one value in "zones" parameter all is O

  • Implementing Data level Security ?November 30

    I would like to Impelement Data level Security in Universe level itself. I have Set For users belonging to Branch (Mumbai, Delhi Etc) And One set of Users Belonging to Segment (CWG, IFA Etc) and  Set of users that are combination oif Branch and Segme

  • If i want to gather all the information related Route in VA03?November 30

    Such as: Country,Departure Zone,(shipping point) Shipping conditions Transportation Group Destination Country, Destination Zone (Transportation Zone) In VA03, where could i found the <b>Country</b> and <b>Departure Zone</b> for the

  • Need complete Configuration steps for creating Shipment & Shipment costs.November 30

    Hi, Can anybody explain the Configuration steps in IMG required to create Shipment (T Code - VT01) & Shipment costs (VI01). Thanks in advance. Manjunath.hi Route can be determined in sales order with the help of 5 parameters: depart country, shipping

  • Routes and Route StagesNovember 30

    Hi I have created a route in config.  However it does not allow me to enter any information in the route stages.  when I click on that the route stages screen comes but it is greyed out. Is there another way of maintaining the route stages? Thanks Vi

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