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  • Lenovo G505s overheatin​g and shutting down (BIOS 3.00)November 30

    My laptop has been crashing recently after the fans kick in. I am using the latest BIOS version (3.00) and the laptop is only around 6 months old (but for some reason is out of warranty). The crashes mainly occur during gaming but have also occured d

  • Lenovo G505 Wifi Problems - Limited Connection, No Connection, and Dropped ConnectionsOctober 11

    Some forum members have reported a variety of Wifi issues with their G505 laptops. Their reports range from showing "Connection is limited", to Wifi connections dropping repeatedly, to being unable to make a Wifi connection at all. I combined mu

  • N500 won't boot windows xp after flashing BIOSNovember 30

    Hi, I purchased an N500 a couple weeks ago, it's been running fine on xp, except occassionally I'd get disconnected from the internet (a line problem, not the computer, happens here in egypt) but the wireless would not automatically reconnect to my l

  • Lenovo G505s and Windows 7November 30

    Hello. I currently have Windows 8.1 on my Lenovo G505s but was thinking of downgrading to Windows 7 due to compatibility issues with games. If I downgrade to Windows 7, will I still have my Windows 8 License and be able go back to using Windows 8 if

  • I need help flashing biosNovember 30

    hi how to update flash bios? it is safe? i already download at the lenovo driver page. i don't have dvd drivers btw is g460 Solved! Go to Solution.if issue doesn't persist with windows media player, try to re-install k-lite.Read other 6 answers

  • No DVD after flashing BIOS on U330November 30

    A have acquired a fresh copy of Windows 7 ultimate and was about to perform an in-place upgrade on my U330 which was hardly used for the last year due to horrible Vista. My old IBM X31 was outperforming U330 in every field. I downloaded to disk D all

  • Flash BIOS update ???November 30

    I was checking out lenovo.com/support and came across a "Flash BIOS update" download for my desktop (J115 7387). Is this something everyone with a J115 7387 should install?  What exactly does it do? Thanks! Ryanyou don't need to flash the bios,

  • FLASH BIOS MSI K7N2 Delta-ILSR ????????October 11

    I am trying to flash the BIOS of my K7N2 Delta-ILSR board. I follwed all the instructions from the MSI Web but I can't get it going. I booted from Win ME & Win98 but could not get into C: drive. So I used Command Prompt from Window to get  into the C

  • MSI 770T-C45 won't post after flashing BIOS with M-FLASHOctober 11

    After flashing AMIBIOS 8.3 to v8.7 with M-FLASH via USB stick I can't get any post. Had I read this forum before I wouldn't have done it, but here I am. Fan starts, LEDs are off, no beeps at all, power button does nothing. Black screen. After force f

  • Flashing bios + ME ofZ87-G45 Gaming Mainboard from 1.5 to the latest 1.9.October 11

    I  have been reading and watching a lot of videos on the subject..including the general threads here. So my understanding has become ...  do not use  liveupdate 6 (mine can't even tell what I have installed).  M-flash is the official way to flash bio

  • Sticky - 2) How to Flash Bios NVidia 64 & Award Bios - More DetailOctober 11

    Sticky - How to Flash Bios NVidia 64 & Award Bios Warning Flashing the bios can be bad for your PC's Health DISCLAIMER: This is a work-in-progress, not all solutions are "confirmed", use info at your own risk Not all topics are covered, only

  • MOVED: What we need - a guide on how to flash bios, setup bios, and raidNovember 30

    This topic has been moved to AMD64 nVidia Based board. What we need - a guide on how to flash bios, setup bios, and raidLike How to Flash Bios NVidia 64 & Award Bios Syar2003 has also documented flashing methods in the Bios Collection. *Updated * 702

  • Lenovo g505s dual graphics?November 30

    I purchased a Lenovo G505s from PC world a few months ago and just wondered whether it actually has Dual Graphics as stated by the sticker....This laptop is is an A8-4500m with AMD Radeon HD 7640g, and 4GB RAM, upgraded to 8GB. I have seen other post

  • How to use the webcam in Lenovo G505s seriesNovember 30

    i am having a lenovo G505s(59-379862) with windows 7 64 bit.I have downloaded and installed the lenovo easycam drivers but i don't find any program appearing in windows from which i can click pictures or record videos.The camera works fine as i am ab

  • Downloaded and installed Flash Bios and for some reason an error occured, not computer wont boot!November 30

    http://www.csd.toshiba.com/cgi-bin/tais/support/jsp/modelContent.jsp?ct=DL&os=&category=&moid=136412... THeres what i downloaded, shortly after i tried to restart my comp but it was all frozen. I used the button to turn it off and when i turn

  • Lenovo g505s Mainboard help.November 30

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and I'm looking for some information regarding replacing the mainbord on a Lenovo g505. basicly the mainboard that is in the laptop has burnt out  due to liquid damage (beyond repair) and to replace the mainboard that is

  • Lenovo G505sNovember 30

    I'm lookin at buying the Lenovo G505s AMD A10-5750M 8GB RAM laptop (link below),can anyone confirm which graphics card it comes with? Have heard radeon 8650G and also 8570M, could anyone tell me for sure? Thanks http://www.johnlewis.com/lenovo-g505s-

  • Lenovo G505s A10-5750M 8GB Ram - graphics card?November 30

    I was looking at buying this laptop - http://www.johnlewis.com/lenovo-g505s-laptop-amd-a10-8gb-ram-1tb-8gb-ssd-15-6-black/p611680 - and was just wondering what graphics card it has? I emailed JL and asked and they told me the Radeon HD 8570M, but whe

  • Lenovo G505s: Overheatin​g?November 30

    Hello. Is it normal for the temperature of the GPU to fluctuate around 60C when I'm not really doing anything on my laptop (Lenovo G505s)? So far it has turned itself off twice because of overheating (I think that's the reason, as each time it was re

  • What we need - a guide on how to flash bios, setup bios, and raidNovember 30

    Ok, a topic I see very often on many forums, and several times here, is the following; How to flash bios, how to setup the bios settings, and how to setup the raid array, and then setup the bios to boot from the raid array. Could we perhaps pull our

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