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b75a g43 boot mode change

  • B75A-G43 UEFI bootingNovember 30

    i'm new to UEFI booting.  i have a B75A-G43 mobo.  where in BIOS setup do i specify UEFI boot rather than BIOS boot? i am using Clover bootloader to boot UEFI and want to boot from a USB stick, before writing the bootloader to my HD. thanks kenthanks

  • B75A-G43 low memory frequencyOctober 11

    I have bough MSI B75A-G43 motherboard and four AMD AE34G1609U2-U memory modules (built by Patriot). In BIOS each of modules frequency shown as 1600, but memory frequency set to 1333, and no option 1600 provided in menu. I have updated BIOS to latest

  • IS GTX 970 GAMING 4G compatible with MSI B75A-G43 ?November 30

    So i bought myself today this card GTX 970 GAMING 4G When i went home to install it i found out that it does not work. the fans spool up, the msi logo lights up, but no picture on monitors, not even the bios screen. i managed to boot up with the nteg

  • B75A-G43 board with OCZ Agility SSDNovember 30

    Thought I would challenge my self to building a new PC! All has been going very well and all seems to be working well EXCEPT when I try and add anything else to the board like a CD drive or another HDD. Then troubles begin. Basically everything freez

  • MSI Dragon on a Budget - B75A-G43 GamingNovember 30

    If you are tight on your budget and MSI “Z77A-GD65 Gaming” is out of the picture. Try instead MSI’s more affordable Dragon line – “B75A-G43 Gaming” motherboard. The board uses the Intel Chipset B75 Solution which actually is for Small Business Comput

  • B75A-G43 and Roccat ISKU FXNovember 30

    Hi, I'm having problem with Roccat isku fx keyboard. After starting, restarting or sleep mode the keyboard is turned off. I have to physically unplug and then reconnect keyboard again to start using it. Windows installs keyboard as USB composite devi

  • B75A-G43 GAMING does it support SLINovember 30

    Hi i own a B75A-G43 GAMING and am running it with an MSI GTX660 gaming OC, i read that it supports crossfire which i believe is AMD multi GPU, i can find nothing in my manual about SLI though ... Logic tells me that if it supports crossfire it should

  • MSI B75A-G43 runs fans at full speed for 1-2 seconds after powering on the PCNovember 30

    Hello fellow MSI owners, I have a MSI B75A-G43 board and i was really curious why does the fans run at full speed for 1-2 seconds when the PC gets powered on and then gradually quiet down to normal speed. Other than this, the board works great. I hav

  • MSI Z77a G43 boot loopNovember 30

    Hi, I have read all issues about boot loop problems, but nothing fit mine. I bought MB MS Z77A G43 and Core i5 3570K. After building it, the computer is restarting again again. I clear the CMOS, boot and in the monitor it says, that setting was reset

  • Z77A-G43 boot problem with catalyst driversNovember 30

    Hi all, I upgraded my pc this weekend. I have ZH77A-G43 with 3*4GB RAM and ATI HD7850 gfx card. A new SATA HDD and a fresh windows7 install. All goes well until I install catalyst drivers. After that, windows will not boot anymore. I can see 'Startin

  • Z77a g43 boot issuesNovember 30

    We'll start with specs z77a-g43 motherboard 560 gforce video card kingwin mach 1 psu wd caviar black 1tb hdd kingston 4gb ddr3 ram x2 razer mouse and keyboard and then I don't remember the exact cpu but it's an i7 @ 3.4 I having issues with the syste

  • P67a-G43 Boot ProblemNovember 30

    Just installed this motherboard to replace another made by Gigabyte.  It doesn't appear to be booting up, no beeps, no output to the video.  Id does sound like the HDD is spinning and there is a single blue led on the mobo. i5-2500 HIS Radeon 6870 63

  • B75A-G43 Rapid Start?November 30

    Hello, I have a MSI B75-G43 mainboard, does anyone know if this mainboard supports the INTEL RAPID START TECHNOLOGY?  INTEL RAPID START TECHNOLOGY =  disabled I can't access this option and change it. Thank!The drivers are there although I believe it

  • MOVED: B75A-G43 + i5 3570K, bad OC-results. MB to blame?October 11

    This topic has been moved to Overclocking, Undervolting. https://forum-en.msi.com/index.php?topic=161713.0Quote Intel® B75 Express Chipset - Built for Small Business Thats what it was intended and designed for. http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/

  • Detail BIOS guide for MSI B75A-G43October 11

    Hello ,yesterday i was setting BIOS and i saw some extra features like "Windows 8 specific" The guide i downloaded mentions nothing so i am wondering if there is another guide that has more detail...You can download the full Manual from here htt

  • B75A-G43 + i5 3570K, bad OC-results. MB to blame?November 30

    After consulting both the instruction manual and the internet it seems there's no answer to why my 3570K can't set higher multiplier than 38x, which is nothing with this CPU.  Anyone know more about this?Quote Intel® B75 Express Chipset - Built for S

  • B75A-G43 cant switch PCIE GEN3 to GEN2November 30

    Hi, i have problem with this mainboard. I want PCIE GEN2 x16, but can´t disable PCIE Gen3. In bios is there option for that , but when i change to DISABLED, my GPU still running in 3.0. Tried reset CMOS, and have latest bios. Whats wrong ?Because i h

  • B75A-G43 killed by LiveUpdateNovember 30

    So, I ran LiveUpdate on my new PC, went for coffee, and when I came back, it was stuck in a reboot loop. When I plugged a pendrive in, it started to hang on reading from it (the pendrive led flashes slowly) so I hoped that at least the bootloader sur

  • Msi b75a-g43 problem with ddr3November 30

    I had Goodram DDR3  2x4GB 1333MHz on my motherboard. Yesterday i bought new 8GB ram (2x4), the same Goodram's modules. I have problem because bios see only 8GB ram. In Windows, cpu-z and clickbiosII can see 16GB. In task manager there is 8GB memory.

  • B85-G43 nosoundOctober 11

    System is completely mute. It had sound right after installing but after installing Nvidia drivers for GPU it disapeard. Since that time I tested: win 7 32bit, win 8.1 64bit, even Ubuntu live; various drivers from mobo's DVD, MSI website, Realtek web

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