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  • B_USERSTAT and B_USERST_TNovember 30

    Hi there, I would like to know the main difference in between B_USERSTAT and B_USERST_T? I know that B_USERSTAT  Status Management: Set/Delete User Status   and for B_USERST_T is  Status Management: Set/Delete User Status using Process but the values

  • Difference between B_USERSTAT and B_USERST_TNovember 30

    Hi, I would like to know what is the basic difference between the authorization objects B_USERSTAT and B_USERST_T. The values within them are exactly the same. Where is the point of difference? Thanks and regards, Vivek PandeyHi,    B_USERSTAT-> Defi

  • How can I use two "Status profile" for two categories of users?October 11

    Hi friends, I tried to configure two categories of users : 1 - First category (User1) can process the message and access to the standard Status profile (SLFC0001), 2 - The second category (User2) can process the message using another status profile (

  • Restrict the user   based on document type on migo transaction-prepare GRNOctober 11

    Hi, We are running ECC6.0 R/3 system.We had a requirement as follows In MIGO transaction , we want to restrict the user on document type i.e. we want that a particular user can  prepare GRN for document type  STO only. He cannot prepare GRN for other

  • Automatic determination support team based on own specs?October 11

    Hi, Rule 13200137 to automatically determines a support team using some standard specs such as: SAP Component Catalog Subject Category Code Subject Subject Code Group Sold-ToParty Country Transaction Number Priority etc... how can I add other specs?

  • Checking authorization of user statusNovember 30

    Hej there! In our CRM-system I would like to check whether a user has authorization to set a particular user status in a servicecontract. I know it is possible to check whether a user is authorised for a status scheme via object S_USERSTAT, but I can

  • Support team determination based on message creators - how toNovember 30

    Hello, dear experts, I try to implement the following scenario: We have several user groups with numerous users (they create messages). Support team needs to be determined based on the user group. How can we implement this? Standart decision with rul

  • CHARM Authorization issueNovember 30

    Hi , We have implemented CHARM. In our scenario we have custom partner function like SME who is part of every Change Request. The issue when they try to change the priority of the ticket to 1 or 2. and pop saying that you dont have authorization to s

  • No authorization for activating user status PLIMNovember 30

    Dear Gurus, I'm a newbie to SAP. Currently i'm facing the problem with Tcode KO01 while i'mtrying to create Internal Order. I can initialize the program but after i entered the Order type and pressed enter. Error msg "No authorization for activationg

  • Requirement for maintaining status "completed"November 30

    Dear All, We have following requirement: 1) We do not want the message processor to "close" the support desk message.     we maintain the staus schema as SLFN001 with "completed" as one of message status.     We want that message proce

  • Authorization Object to Add/Delete Materials in Process OrderNovember 30

    Hi, How to locate the specific object for Addition/Deletion buttons in the materials tab in Process Order creation/change(t code COR1/COR2).?? We want to restrict the authorisation for the same. Regards, ArpitHi, Try with the following object and fie

  • Appropriation Request StatusesNovember 30

    Is it possible to restrict the authorization for Appropriation Requests using just system statues. e.g. Planner created an appr req. He should be able to change the appr req as long as the system status is 'Created'. but once he set the status to 'Fo

  • Status authorizationsNovember 30

    Hello, I would like to restrict system status changes of PS objects for certain users. Does anyone knows about any standard auth. obj. available for PS objects? Thanks in advance, Yaniv.Yaniv I am sorry but I have to advise that there is no authorisa

  • Autrzn restrictionNovember 30

    hi IN BS52 i created autrzn key creat1 & appr1 & assigned to status profile in BS02 10 create - autrzn obj creat1 20 reject - appr1 30 approve -appr1 in pfcg i created role & in change authorizn data i selected B_USERSTAT & maintained autr

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