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Avid liquid 7.2

  • Avid liquid video Card on adobe premiereNovember 30

    in my company we have two sk7299 video capture cards for avid liquid, and we want to know if there is some way to use them to capture in adobe premiere cs5??PPro will only work with special cards when the card vendor writes a device driver to act as

  • Pinnacle Avid Liquid 7.2 Pro vs FCE4November 30

    Pinnacle Avid Liquid 7.2 Pro & Final Cut Express 4 which one is better? thanksHello, I've been using Liquid 7.2 for about four years now, and I like it a lot. I'm just going to start with FCE on Christmas Day , well probably Boxing Day when I have my

  • FCP to Avid LiquidNovember 30

    I know you can use automatic duck to convert an FCP file to AVID Xpro or media composer. Is there a way to bring a project to AVID liquid or Premiere? Can you use XML for this? Or if I created cinema tools database files for the media, and generated

  • Have to get footage to Avid Liquid shop (after PAL conversion)November 30

    Cheers all. I apologize in advance for the following Faulknerian rambling. I'm not sure how much info you guys will need to provide assistance. I am tasked with getting raw and uncompressed video to a European shop running Liquid. Our crew shot all t

  • Comparison of FCP v. Avid v. Adobe, PLZ Read!November 30

    Firstly I wanted to commemorate the people of this Final Cut discussion board for being very helpful and for posting interesting and insightful questions and answers. I am planning to purchase, along with a friend, a sony HD camera and as well as som

  • Premiere Pro unexpected quits on start-up/ C++ error Message appearsOctober 11

    Hello guys, I have a strange problem with my Premiere Pro version. From one day to another it won't start anymore. Every time I want to start the Software it quits with the error message that there is a problem with C++ File  (\...\...\Src\Win\WinPat

  • Applw error 2048October 11

    Hi, just uploaded QT pro and was trying import a 720p Mpeg to quicktime pro so I could format it to H264. I got the following error message Error 2048 QT doesn't understand the format. Whats up? I can export it though my editing software which is Avi

  • Export 16:9 as a 4:3 imageOctober 11

    Hello all, I have been given footage that was ingested by another company. Five files have been totally stuffed up...The original footage is 4:3 but was ingested as 16:9... So, when I click anamorphic the 4:3 image has the correct aspect in 16:9! I r

  • Can I view Timeline Playback via my Canopus ADVC300?October 11

    I have a Canopus ADVC300 attached to my Mac Pro via a Firewire connection. The composite video out is connected to a SD TV. Can I make the timeline playback to this TV as an external monitor? (I used to do this when I had my PC and used AVID Liquid.)

  • Acquisition HDV 4 canaux audio avec Adobe Première CS6 ??November 30

    Bonjour, Je possède une caméra Sony 270 permettant l'enregistrement HDV avec 4 canaux audio distincts, mais je n'arrive pas à faire l'acquisition de mes rushes. Les options de réglages d'acquisition CS6 ne permettent que la prise en compte des canaux

  • Title matte trackNovember 30

    sorry to have to post a probably mundane question but I'm just trying to get to grips with FCE after Avid Liquid. I want to create a title with transparency so that video say on the track above the title shows through it. I've created the title in Bo

  • Using final cut studio what the best way of getting a mini disc in to FCP?November 30

    I do some weddings and record some audio on to a mini disc recorder ( the small ones . On my avid liquid edit suite I just used to run it in live or ingest it on a 2 hour timer, and just record audio. What the best way to do it with final cut studio

  • Can PrE do multiple specific frame searches?November 30

    I'm trying to find a not too expensive editing program, possibly PRE 10, that will allow me to do a search in a video for specific frame locations based on criteria within a frame. I've done exhaustive searching on web to no avail so far. I've been u

  • Why does Adobe install 3rd party software with PE 10 without asking?November 30

    I purchased Photoshop Elements and Priemere Elements 10 together. During installation Adobe installed SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 5 on my computer. The installation did not ask if I wanted to install this software and there was no option to not install

  • New machine install, terribly slow responseNovember 30

    I'm hoping someone can shed some light here, I've recently built a new NLE for CS5.5 and the thing's incredibly slow to load, encode or even respond to an export command. A few specs on the new machine: Dual Xeon 3.47GHz 6 core CPU's, 12 cores total,

  • Unstable timeline movement using FireWire audio (MOTU 828mk3)November 30

    I'm using a 32 bit system with Windows 7 Home Premium and Service Pack 1. An AVI that I captured with my DV camera will not play in Premiere Elements. I can see the time line making a loop every 10 seconds or less whenever I use FireWire for audio. I

  • Can't install Premiere Pro CS3 in vista x64!November 30

    Hi I'm trying to install Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 trial version on my system Vista Ultimate X64, every time I run setup.exe that extracted on my desktop it load for few seconds, loading and then it close with no reason. There's no error code or any mes

  • CS4 - problem with soundNovember 30

    Hi, I have Adobe Premiere PRO CS4. Everything is OK, bud when I capture video trought 1394 sound track is after about 40 seconds off. I use JVC HD 7 camcoder and if I do it in Avid Liquid everything works. Does anyone know where is problem?Hey thanks

  • What is better for AEFX CS3 to run unbelievably?November 30

    I'm looking at buying a new PC to run After Effects CS3 better and I was wondering what is the best route to go.  Should I get a machine with more processors or should I get more Ram.  Would a graphics card make a huge difference and which is a bette

  • What is better in a processor to run logic: more cores, or faster core speed?November 30

    I'm looking into buying a new desktop Mac computer. I use logic/finale for work everyday. What would be better to run logic. A processor with more cores or one with a higher speed? I don't know if logic is multithreaded or not so i'm not sure which w

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