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Autoloader in wiping ipod

  • Aging music fan wiped IPOD  when installing itunes onto new laptop on xpOctober 11

    I have just bought a high end sony vio with duo intel running windows xp. I installed itunes and when I synched the ipod I wiped all my tunes. BUT my ipod still shows about 20% space on memory used so I am pretty sure the songs are still there Does a

  • ITunes 11.1.5 completely wiped ipod 160gb classicNovember 30

    Updated to itunes 11.1.5, unchecked a few songs for my ipod 160gb then hit sync.  The whole ipod has been wiped!!!!  I spent hours with all this music and playlists, now totally gone, so much for new music on the roadtrip tomorrow.  To say I'm hugely

  • Wiped iPodNovember 30

    I recently downloaded iTunes again as our old PC packed up completely. When I plugged in my iPod it wiped off all of the songs on both my library and my iPod. I have downloaded all the songs again but iTunes won't sync to my iPod now as it is telling

  • Cant sync without wiping ipod?November 30

    Ok iv had a look at most posts now and cant find the answer i need. Iv recently bought a new windows vista pc, my old pc no longer turns on. I have over 8k songs, videos and holiday videos on my ipod that i need to keep. However itunes wont let me tr

  • New itunes wiped ipod of all musicNovember 30

    Okay, so... I got a new computer, which has the new iTunes. So I just wanted to add some music to my ipod, EXCEPT when I plugged it in, ALL SEEMED fine with it, I had my music on there (I even made sure my preferences said, Prevent iPods and other de

  • IOS4 Upgrade Wiped iPod ContentsNovember 30

    Over the years I have never had a problem with any Apple software downloads until now. I just upgraded to iOS4 and find that all my music, photos & audiobooks are gone! Apps and Calendar are OK. Since iTunes said it was backing up the iPod before the

  • Update failed and wiped ipod cleanNovember 30

    Hiya I was updating my ipod touch it got all the way to syncing the new files to it and then an error msg came up on itunes and it stopped syncing and now I have no information on my ipod ,so the comp isnt picking it up when I plug it in to my usb,an

  • Wiping iPod Nano (6th Gen.) cleanNovember 30

    Hello, I recently purchased an iPod classic and want to give my iPod Nano to a friend. Is there any way I can clear off the nano so that my friend can place her own songs on it while keeping my songs and etc. in my iTunes library so that I can sync t

  • Wiped iPod, original HD gone, iTunes purchasesNovember 30

    When I plugged my iPod into my computer, it said an update was available, so I tried updating it, but it gave me an error message and made me restore my iPod. Now I have only the music I had on CD in my library, because my old hard drive went bad a w

  • IPod Touch 2g no longer recognized by Mac ProOctober 11

    Earlier this week my Mac Pro stopped recognizing my 2g iPod Touch (doesn't show up in iTunes at all). So far I've tried: * Using a different USB port (ports tried work fine with other peripherals) * Restarting the iPod * Restarting the Mac * Deleting

  • IPod 4th Gen will no longer connect to my home wifi, what can I do?October 11

    This problem started recently, I would arrive home, take my iPod off airplane mode (and yes, wifi did turn on) but my iPod would just not connect to my home wifi. I went to wifi>choose a network and manually selected my network but when I did, it wou

  • IPod Touch - WiFi - SSID Broadcast Works/SSID No Broadcast Doesn't WorkOctober 11

    This is maddening in so many different ways: I have two (2) 2nd Generation iPod Touch 8Gb products. Both are nearly identical in every way -- how they connect, OS, Library, similar Apps (but not the same all the time), etc. iPod Touch "A" works

  • My new is iPod unresponsiveNovember 30

    I got my iPod yesterday. Ok for a day, then apple symbol kept appearing when I selected music from the menu - tried resetting iPod Then I was trying to import a couple more cd's and it said they were not recognised by the ipod, and to update. so inst

  • IPOD not getting songs that I-Tunes says it has.November 30

    First Post; looked through others and could not find something that discribed what I have going on. IPOD used to work great - was auto updated to ALL - worked for a year or so no problems. To many songs now, so wiped IPOD, retored with latest update

  • HT4962 Can't restore my iPod touch 3rd gen as it crashes iTunesNovember 30

    Hi my iTunes crashes when trying to restore my iPod touch 3rd gen, it has wiped iPod clean but gets half way through restore and comes up with error of app crashTry here. It also contains a link for XP iTunes for Windows Vista or Windows 7: Troublesh

  • ITunes Store Won't Load, Won't Show Error MessageOctober 11

    Alright--I've worked my way out of messy computer problems before, but this one's got me pretty well stumped. I mean, even for a PC using Apple products this is a bit ridiculous. When I open up iTunes, all of the media works just fine, but when I try

  • Cover Flow DISABLEDNovember 30

    OK after reading through these forums I'm starting to wonder if this is a blessing in disguise, but my cover flow does not engage EVER, no mater what I do. Any ideas? I can play the marble game just fine, and the shake to shuffle works fine, but turn

  • Itunes 7.5 speed sync issues (WAY TOO SLOW)November 30

    Ok. I googled this and found that I'm one of a few thousand people suffering from the same problem. Short Story: - My ipod died and is being sent to factory for replacement. - Borrowed girlfriends ipod since she doesn't use it much. - Wiped iPod and

  • I purchased an album and it has disappered from my iPod however other purchased items are showing. How can I get the album back? It is not on my computer on the itunes library due to the computer wiping all contents.October 11

    My ipod touch lost all its data due to my computer crashing and having to be rebooted. This resulted in all software being wiped - including iTunes. Therefore, I lost all my music, apps etc on my library on the computer. I then synced my iPod into th

  • My iPod Touch is running on ios 7. In the last two and a half months all the apps of my iPod have been wiped out twice. I had to download all the apps all over again. Why is this happening?October 11

    My iPod Touch is running on ios 7. In the last two and a half all the apps of my iPod have been suddenly wiped out twice. I had to download all the apps all over again. Why has it happened?Try: - Reset the iOS device. Nothing will be lost Reset iOS d

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