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  • Radius auth to standby ASA in Active Active FailoverNovember 30

    Hi Everyone, When ASA is in Active/standby failover i can ssh to standby ASA using Radius. But when ASA is in multi context mode  Active/Active failover i can not do Radius Auth to standby ASA? Is this default behaviour? Regards MAheshI would not hav

  • RADIUS auth-server unavailable messagesNovember 30

    Hello, during troubleshooting of some other WLC (WiSM2, issues I have noticed that there is some messages like this: hu Feb 27 15:01:11 2014    RADIUS auth-server available 1    Thu Feb 27 15:01:06 2014    RADIUS auth-ser

  • ACS with Bluecoat Packetshaper via Radius Auth using PAP/CHAPOctober 11

    Hi, We have a strange issue may be an known issue. We have the ACS with Bluecoat Packetshaper (Packeteer) as the Radius Client and tried with PAP as well as CHAP with the suggested VSA. But once we try to authenticate with GUI in the PS end

  • SSL VPN on C2821 Radius auth issuesOctober 11

    I've been looking through the discussions and I can't seem to nail this one down. I'm implimenting SSL VPN on a 2821 to do SMTP only. I need it to auth off the radius server and it is only asking for local router login P/Ws. It will not auth against

  • ASA and RADIUS with Password expiryNovember 30

    We currently have a 3015 doing our VPNs. We are looking to move that to our 5520. RADIUS with password epiry is being used for authentication on the 3015 and we would like to continue to use it. Reading the docs for the ASA I have found conflicting a

  • ACE - Radius Auth - Server Deadtime strange behavior... bug?November 30

    Following issue... Two ACE Contexts -> Admin and Test Both are configured to authenticate via AAA and Radius. Everything works as intended, roles get submitted by Radius etc. If you configure a deadtime >0 and for example you stop the Radius Service

  • Cisco Meraki Radius auth to ACS 5.6November 30

    I have several meraki AP's deployed that I would like to use 2-factor authentication to, as well as AD group membership lookup.  The 2 factor service we are looking at is cloud based radius and only supports a few auth protocols.  The Meraki AP's als

  • MacBook on WLAN with Radius authNovember 30

    Hello - I am trying to get my new MacBook (Intel Core Duo, OS X 10.4.8) to auth. against a Windows domain on WLAN. The WLAN uses W2K IAS as RADIUS server with own CA, on a 10.x /24 range, domain is DomainName.local, AP's are Cisco 1121's. Following v

  • Cisco SPA504G continues to disconnect (Radius Auth and HP Switches)November 30

    Hey Cisco Community, We recently exchanged our old PABX with a hosted solution instead. We have 2 locations where we use these phones and while the one location is running quite smoothly the other location is a bit more flaky. We know that the port a

  • User from certificate with Cisco VPN client and ASA (and radius)October 11

    Hello, we are trying to migrate a vpn client connection from GROUP to certificate. We want that client uses the user from the certificate and doesn't ask user, only password. Is it possible? Now, with user certificate, you can connect as another user

  • ASA WebVPN - restrict access to users in an AD group via ACSNovember 30

    Hi folks. I'm doing an WebVPN pilot on one of our ASA's (running 7.2.2). Everything is working fine, but I've been asked to restrict access to users that are members of a certain Active Directory group (lets call the group "VPNTEST") Right now t

  • TACACS auth and RADIUS accounting with ACSNovember 30

    I am having RADIUS accounting issues with an ASA 5520 that uses TACACS for authentication. Both are hosted on the same ACS server. I can send RADIUS info to my Microsoft IAS box but get Syslog ID 113022 errors when trying to send to the ACS RADIUS. A

  • RADIUS in 10.6 to authenticate Cisco ASA 5505 Strange ErrorOctober 11

    I have followed the steps as discussed: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=2177670&tstart=0 It did work for a number of weeks without any problem. Did not change anything on the Firewall or server, regarding updates etc. But now someth

  • Can't auth to Nortels networks devices using RADIUS with ACS 5.1November 30

    Hi, I've got a problem with the ACS 5.1 RADIUS Authentication for Nortel network devices (Baystack 470, ERS 5530 5510, Passport 8606). After configuring RADIUS on these device (primary serv, secondary serv, secret key, port...) and adding them to my

  • Integrating AAA Radius-server with Micro-soft IAS for SSHOctober 11

    Hi, I am configuring aaa-server on ASA-5505(Radius) and i am Using microsoft IAS for authentication for SSH connections on ASA, so during " test aaa-server authentication " i getting this message ERROR: Authentication Server not responding: AAA

  • NT domain with asaNovember 30

    Doing a simply test with NT domain auth. I created a AAA server group, addeded a server to the group. Then under AAA access I made ssh use the group server group NT. When I try to log in with ssh I get nothing but the message Auth server group NT unr

  • ISE 1.2.1 - RADIUS service down after Promoting Secondary PANOctober 11

    Hi Experts, I have currently a ISE deployment where I run a Dual Node construct (both 3495) ISE-1: PAN (Primary), MNT (Secondary), PSN ISE-2: PAN (Secondary), MNT (Primary), PSN When ISE-1 fails and ISE-2 is promoted to Primary PAN then the services

  • MFA Server unable to use RADIUSOctober 11

    I have MFA server installed and setup per this guide (http://www.isaserver.org/articles-tutorials/configuration-security/configure-windows-azure-multi-factor-authentication-forefront-threat-management-gateway-tmg-2010.html). I have imported the test

  • RADIUS Authentication Problems with NPS Server Eventid 6274November 30

    Hi, We have struggled for a while with RADIUS auth for some clients against an NPS Server when the user or computer tries to connect to the wireless network the following error can be seen on the NPS server: Network Policy Server discarded the reques

  • Best Wireless Auth. methods ACS 3.2(3) and ADNovember 30

    I am new with ACS and wirless authentication. Have just deployed my ACS 3.2 for Windows, and am trying to select the best methods of authentication for my invironment. I have determined my risk level to be low to medium. I would consider MAC based Au

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