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arti notification vibrate duration

  • Email Notification - Vibrates too muchNovember 30

    I'm having an issue with my iPhone4, and I haven't been able to find a solution, cause, or even someone with the same problem.... I always leave my phone on vibrate, and have it set to vibrate when a new email message is received. This should equate

  • Iphone 5 notifications (vibrations) for messages different when phone is locked vs. in conversation. Why?November 30

    I have had my iphone for more than 6 months now.  The other day, I had to restore my phone from new to solve a different problem.  Prior to the restore, my phone was set to 1 single, short vibration for most messages, with a custom vibration of 2 sho

  • Notification (vibration) on Smartwatch 3 while phone is in silent or priority mode?November 30

    [email protected], i´m a bit confused about the notification system - is it not possible to get vibration notification on smartwatch WHILE the phone is in silent or priority mode? I´ve tried several settings but maybe i´m doing something wrong...? Greetings, Si

  • Notification vibration settingNovember 30

    Hi I don't have a setting for vibration of default notification on my sound settings, or anywhere else as far as I can see. This is a basic setting, is it really missing? ThanksHi and welcome to the community! Since you're new please be sure that you

  • PM notification breakdown durationNovember 30

    Hi everyone, when creating a new maintenance notification (IW21) and not checking Breakdown, the system still automatically calculates breakdown duration? Can anybody tell me why that is, is it normal and is it possible to change it? Thanks in advanc

  • Flip (8220) LED notification light duration and control problemsNovember 30

    As I've read on the boards with regards to other models, the red LED notification light stops working after exactly 15 minutes. T-mobile customer service was unable to find a way to extend this so that it keeps flashing until I check the message. And

  • GPS and notification when in background on mobile devicesOctober 11

    Hi, I am planning to create an app on both iOS and Android, and below 2 features/functionality are required 1. the app need to read the monitor the current GPS, even when the app is in the background. 2. the app need to inform user(e.g.  notification

  • On call notifications on lumia 730October 11

    Hi all, As mentioned in my earlier posts I have been using a Lumia 730 for the past 2 weeks and I have come across the following issue which is a bothering point for me. Not sure if anyone else have come across the same issue. While on a call I can s

  • Using vibrate uriNovember 30

    Hi everybody, I've just realized that vibration feature is added as an xml URIs. Based on 7920 Release Notes for Firmware 3.01: With firmware release 3.01, the Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7920 can now receive a URI message from a third party XML

  • Profiles - Custom Vibration Problems.November 30

    Ok, so I have been testing different options for my profiles.  On my previous phone (Curve 8330 - Sprint) I was able to set specific vibrations and ringtones based on in holster and out of hoster.  Now that I have my Tour, at first glance the Profile

  • Macbook Pro/Lion vibrating exactly like iPhoneNovember 30

    I downloaded and installed Lion this morning when it came up for sale, went smooth and very fast. After using the OS for a bit, I am very pleased with it. My only question for anyone who can answer is... Was there some sort of vibrating feature added

  • Why does my iphone5 vibrate during a callNovember 30

    Lately my iphone 5 gently vibrates during phone calls.  can anyone help me with this?What she meant was that the notification vibration was still on DURING a call. i.e. when you are talking on the phone, when an instant message/ sms/ notification com

  • Blackberry 8220 messenger notification problemNovember 30

    I have had my 8220 for about a week and one very annoying issue I haven't been able to figure out is whenever I receive a text message in the messenger I don't get any notification ( vibration or tone ).  I have set the phone to the Vibrate & normal 

  • Email Vibration Alert IssueNovember 30

    I have a weird issue with notification vibrations. I have the vibration alerts for both messages and email set to their default settings, basically, one vibration for email and two for messages. When the phone comes up from a fresh reboot both vibrat

  • Ringtone messgage tone and vibration not workingNovember 30

    For the last few days I have been reading many forums on sounds not working properly on the iphone, unfortunately no-one seems to be having the same problems as me... My ringtones, message tones, keyboard clicks, e-mail alerts, general notifications,

  • Message Notification for emailsNovember 30

    Is there a way so that you can recieve a notification (Vibration or Tone) when recieveing emails from specifc senders. For example everytime I receive an email from "John Smith" can a tone notify me? SteveHow Can I Presonalize My Alerts from Spe

  • Can't disable vibrationsNovember 30

    Hello. I just bought new Xperia Z3 compact (my first sony mobbile) and just found weird things. 1. So now please tell me how turn off vibrations for sms messages. Do not tell me go to messaging app>settings>uncheck notification vibration becouse it

  • Turn off vibration when receiving a textNovember 30

    Hello, How do I turn off any vibration when receieving an SMS text message? I tried to do this by going to: Messaging App -> Settings -> Uncheck "Notification Vibration" This made the vibration sound be softer, but it still has a vibration

  • Notification type for SmartbandNovember 30

    Hi, I would like know if Sony Smartband will have notification (vibration) function when I received any kind of notification on my phone (as Whatsapp, Facebook, ecc...). Is it possibile decide which app can notify? Thanks! Regards. Solved! Go to Solu

  • Why doesn't my phone ring?October 11

    Since downloading the iOS 7 update,I have not received notifications (vibration or sound) of any kind when my phone is in the sleep mode or the locked screen mode. I've checked every possible setting there is and none has solved this problem. I belie

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