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  • Loops in arrays or structuresOctober 11

    Loops in arrays or structures I was given a project on html reports and They have advised me to use Loops in arrays or structures At this point I am a novice at this html reporting system. I would like to know how I can use loops in arrays or structu

  • How Do I Load An Animated GIF Into PictureBox Control From Byte Array?October 11

    I'm having a problem with loading an animated GIF int a picturebox control in a C# program after it has been converted to a base64 string, then converted to a byte array, then written to binary, then converted to a base64 string again, then converted

  • Is there a way of determining what element in an array is being clicked on?October 11

    Hi all.  I would like to setup an event to determine what element in an array is being clicked on/hovered over.  I think I tried this before and found it wasn't working due to limitations of LV 7.0.  If this code already exists, it would be great if

  • NetBeans MobilityPack 5 BUG?? how can I send a byte array?October 11

    I�ve created a WebApp and a Simple servlet with one public method. public byte[] getStr(byte[] b) {        String s = "A string"; return s.getBytes(); Then I've used "Mobile To Web App" wizard to generate stubs to that getStr method. A

  • Error while assigning values to Array using Copy operationOctober 11

    Hi, I am using the following code to copy a string value 'Text' and 'UDFTypeTitle' to the 1st and 2nd position of an array:- <assign name="Assign1"> <copy> <from expression="string('Text')"/> <to variable="Inv

  • Assigning value to array type variable in a loopOctober 11

    Hi I have a scenario in which i am assigning value from a array type variable(x) to the invoke variable of a database adapter. The variable x is exact replica of the invoke variable. My copy operation in assign activity looks like this- <copy> <f

  • Error While connecting a DL585 server using Emulex LightPulse (A8002A) to a 3par Storage ArrayOctober 11

    When connecting this Windows 2003 server to the HP 3PAR Array, the customer receive warnings (6-7 per second), for example: ================================== Device (4,3,14) is reserved by other host. DsmSendTURSynchronous: Device(4,3,12), NTStatus(

  • Hard drive array losing access - suspect controller - zfsOctober 11

    i am having a problem with one of my arrays, this is a zfs fielsystem.  It consists of a 1x500GB, 2x750GB, and 1x2TB, linear array. the pool is named 'pool'.    I have to mention here, i dont have enough hard drive to have a raidz (raid5) setup yet,

  • WinXP-64 bit corrupts existing RAID arrayOctober 11

    I've got an MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum motherboard running Win XP Pro SP2 on two 36 gig SATA Raptors.  Everything was working fine, but I wanted to try the 64 bit version of XP.  Grabbed an old 80 gig PATA drive and threw that in the case.  Unplugged the

  • Expanding the drives into a raid 5 array?October 11

    I am going to purchase a powermac soon, but I want to understand raid arrays a bit better. I am an HD video editor, and am getting into large files sizes...Red, XDCam, 2K etc. I can buy any 4TB raid array with a card, or I read that I can add 3 extra

  • Unable to expand volume on arrayOctober 11

    I've got a Mac Pro (Early 2008, 8x2.8Ghz, 6GB memory) with a Highpoint RocketRaid 3522 card in it. I started out with a raid 5 array of 3 1TB WD GreenPower drives in a SuperMicro CSE-M35T-1B sata cage. Partitioned it as GUID HFS+ (1.8TB) and it works

  • Array problem in Photo GalleryOctober 11

    I want to have an array of buttons that each move with mouse over and mouse out. Then once user clicks the button the image is loaded from an array and put onto the screen. Once another button is clicked say B2 the B1 image is removed and a new image

  • Kind of query on an arrayOctober 11

    Hi, I have an array like this : DATA | YEAR | SCENARIO | JAN | FEB | MAR | .... data1 2008 1 120 101 109 data2 2008 2 120 105 104 data3 2007 1 100 108 111 data4 2008 1 124 101 116 and I want to search something like we do with a query but on an array

  • Nested IPE (In Place Element) usage when accessing Cluster/Array data via DVROctober 11

    I am sharing data across several VIs and loops via a DVR, and accessing the data via a DVR IPE. The data is a cluster of arrays. The diagram below (VI attached) illustrates the structures invloved, but not the structure of the application. (The diagr

  • Display array data in one rowOctober 11

    Hello --- I have an array of data, I would like to be displayed all the data in one row.<tr></tr>, how to do this? If I use <h:table> <column></column></h:table>, it will display different rows. Thanks! BenPopulate the

  • I have a VI and an attched .txt data file. Now I want to read the data from the .txt file and display it as an array in the front panel. But the result is not right. Any help?October 11

    I have a VI and an attched .txt data file. Now I want to read the data from the .txt file and display it as an array in the front panel. But the result is not right. Any help? Attachments: try2.txt ‏2 KB read_array.vi ‏21 KBThe problem is in the deli

  • Data Federator - Array as input to web service.October 11

    Hi, I have an ASP.NET web service method that takes in an array of string for input. I am adding this web method as a data source in Data Federator. However when I look at the method's parameters in Operations Selection in Data Federator, the array o

  • Getting 2D array of data in tabular format using web servicesOctober 11

    Hi all, I was trying to fetch data from MS access database and populate the same 2D array of data on my web browser. But unfortunately it says that the 2D array is not a "supported data type" for web applications and hence the 'build fails'. I w

  • How to send a java array to a pl/sql procedureOctober 11

    Hi, This is similar to a post about 6 months ago on retrieving pl/sql tables from a java application but I can't seem to figure out how to use what I learned there to solve this. In a java application I have a Long[] array, and in the database I have

  • Returning array of values from a PL/SQL stored procedureOctober 11

    I try to run the following example, always happen errors: Run-time error'91' Object variable or With block variable not set.(in line: Set myRS.Source = myCmd1 and Set myRS.Source = myCmd2) Who can tell me where is wrong? I check variable, all set. Op

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