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  • Could not connect Nokia 6303i via USB cable to Win...October 11

    Hello guys in this forum Hello driver development group This is not a question for help, but more a question for sharing experiences. I recently bought a new Nokia 6303i, worked a little bit with it and finally I wanted to connect it to the PC to ent

  • Ovi Suite 3.0, Nokia 6303i, can't sync anything.November 30

    Hi! I have Nokia 6303i. I have updated Ovi Suite to the 3.0 version and now I can't sync anything on it. With ovi suite 2.0 I had no such problems. Ovi Suite 3.0 does recognise my phone. I have 'PC Suite' mode selected on my phone, but when I click s


    HELP TO VIEW PDF FILES IN NOKIA 6303i CLASSIC MOBILEOh ok thanks , seemed kinda odd that it started to happen all of a sudden. I checked all the settings etc in hotmail account no luck . I will get onto their website. Thanks for your reply. Meanwhile

  • Nokia 6303i, calendar, date with a note highlightNovember 30

    Hello, I just got a nokia 6303i as a work phone,and was wondering is there any way to get dates with notes or meetings highlighted in month view? In my current settings the dates get only bold marking wich makes very little difference. I need to see

  • Nokia 6303i freezes after startupNovember 30

    I have a Nokia 6303i. I was deleting my messages (more than 800) , and somewhere on the middle of the proccess it froze. I removed the battery and tried to turn it on again (with and without SIM), it just shows the home screen, works for 5 seconds (s

  • Nokia 6303i classic software updateNovember 30

    Hi, I bought new nokia 6303i classic mobile phone. Currently my software version is V06.61 . But when i browse internet that current updat reaches V 7. How can i update ? When i try to update , it shows that you have installed latest software. No upd

  • Nokia 6303i Firmware 7.10 UpdateNovember 30

    hello, i have a nokia 6303i with the firmware 6.61. now i want to update the firmware to 7.10. and i want to do it over my cellphone. when i go to options and search for new software then my cellphone says no new software available. but there is a ne

  • Nokia 6303i (s40) Alert, Calender, Sound & Volume ...November 30

    Hello, i have found that we can select a sound for Phone Ringing, Calender Reminder, or Alarm Clock separately. Seems to me though that there is no Volume Options for the Calender Application or the Alarm Clock. Do i miss something?! Nokia 6303i clas

  • My Nokia 6303i classic unable to connect to my lap...November 30

    Hello, My laptop is not recognizing my Nokia 6303i classic after installing OVI software. It is tellingĀ  Nokia USP Phone Parent is not installed properly. Windows asked to contact device manufacturer for assistance. Kindly help in solving this proble

  • Nokia 6303i can't save birthdayNovember 30

    I have a nokia 6303i and when i add the birthday to a contact it say that "contact saved to phone memory " and it make a note in the calentar. So far everything is all right but if i turn off the phone the birthday of the contact is lost but the

  • Nokia 6303iNovember 30

    Hi all..... Can someone help me please? I've recently bought a Nokia 6303i off e bay...virtually new. I'm trying to set up my E mail but cannot add a new account. I go into Messaging ~More ~ but there is no Add E mail account....just E Mail. If I cli

  • Nokia 6303i IM Services UnavailableNovember 30

    I'm trying to use the inbuilt IM program on my Nokia 6303i but whenever I launch it, it hangs on "Checking for IM updates" then changes to "Services curr. unavailable". I do have internet access from my provider and i'm in the UK. Any

  • Nokia 6303i, Nokia 3710 Fold or Nokia 2710 FoldNovember 30

    Hello, I want to buy a new moble and have narrowed my choice down to three. 1. Nokia 6303i 2. Nokia 3710 Fold 3. Nokia 2710 Fold I'm a very light user of mobles and like the design of all three phones, but would prefer a flip up phone. I need the pho

  • Nokia 6303i reinstall software issueNovember 30

    Hi all, Here's the deal. I connected my 6303i to Ovi suite and checked for sw updates. Didn't find any new updates but it offered to reinstall current sw version (10.80). I've been using my phone for some time and I thought a reinstall would be a goo

  • Nokia 6303i Software Update ProblemNovember 30

    Hi all. I am trying to update my 6303i software (from 06.61 to 09.83) via Ovi Suite (I tried also Nokia Software Updater) but after 4-5 minutes after the installation begins Ovi Suite says that it has lost the connection with my phone and suggest to

  • Nokia 6303i message mark all option . UrgentNovember 30

    I bought a new 6303i yesterday and the software is good, except that in messaging I can't find the option to mark all msgs or group msgs into folders etc. please suggest me how to do it.Hi! the only option at the moment is described in the following

  • Nokia 6303i USB ChargingNovember 30

    how to disable/turn off charging while connected to USB?Do not think that is possible... BTW it should not be an issue if it keeps on charging as mentioned here for Nokia C5Read other 2 answers

  • Real Player for Nokia 6303iNovember 30

    Hello! FriendsĀ  where from i can download Real Player for Nokia 6303iHi http://gallery.mobile9.com/ or serch this site its a nice one and tell me DOSE NOKIA 3110C PLAY .RM FILES WHAN I HAD DOWNLOAD REALONE PLAYER FROM http://gallery.mobile9.com/f/300

  • Nokia 6303i Issues..November 30

    delete if possible Solved! Go to Solution.Try thru' OVI Suite..Download from.. http://europe.nokia.com/support/download-software/nokia-ovi-suite/compatibility-and-download You may Sync as well as Back-up the messages.. -------------------------------

  • Software update for nokia 6303i classicNovember 30

    in this phone all the software are of old version due to which many features are not there in this currently it is using ver 7.10 and it is older version so we want some new software update for it more than ver 8.0Which "many features" are you t

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