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  • E72 photo editor not working anymore (blank "apply...October 11

    Hello, Today I tried to edit a couple of photos shot in my E72, but the editor is no longer working properly. As usual, I select the photo in the Image Gallery, then select Options > Edit. The editor opens, and I select Options > Apply Effect. The g

  • No lonely plant and michelin guide for e72November 30

    Dear all, I had updated to the ovi map software for my beloved E72. But can someone tell me why I didn't get and  lonely plant and michelin guide? ThanksTome happened when put the cell offline, Have you got a working data connection? And have you got

  • E72 error on applications when applied hard resetNovember 30

    The Ovi Store and Facebook applications stop working after applying hard reset (* # 7370 #). You must install the two applications again. E61 - E51 - E90 - E71 - 5800 - E72You can try the steps here and see if they help: http://support.apple.com/kb/T

  • Nokia E72 restarting after 2-3 minuts!November 30

    yesterday i have pruchased new nokia E-72 mobile phone and i was surprised that its restarting after every 3 minuts, i dnot know why its doing this. to slove this issue  i have update the software and now my all the application are update but thei pr

  • E72, MfE & Exchange 2003November 30

    I've been using MfE in it's installable versions for a couple of years now, on various devices. We've just moved over to E72's at work from WinMo devices and we use a SBS 2003 SP2 Exchange box. Normally, and this applies to all other devices (WinMo,

  • How To Silence Email Tone Alerts on Nokia E72November 30

    Does anyone know how to silence the email alerts on the E72? On my old E71, any keypress would silence the ringtone, but the same does not apply to the E72 and the ringtone keeps on going for the full 3 minutes of its length! The only solution I can

  • Annoying problem with Nokia E72's themesNovember 30

    I am gonna go mad!!! Why the hell ABSOLUTELY ALL of the new themes I download for my Nokia E72 do not support the Office and Applications icons in the main menu??? No matter what theme I apply to the phone, these two icons don't change!!! This seems

  • Nokia E72 Font Folder Not ViewingNovember 30

    Hi .. i want to install some nice fonts in my nokia e72. But it needs to rename by a code given in c:/resources/fonts. i havent found such a folder in e72.As i have already enabled "show system folder" too in xplore and y browser. look at screes

  • E72 phone conversation speaker way too low at max ...November 30

    Hi, I checked three E72 units. In all three, the speaker, when at full volume, is way too quiet. This applies to phone conversations put on speaker or off speaker (unit next to ear). In comparison, my previous phone (Nokia 6131) doesn't exhibit this

  • Can I use Restore From Memory Card to clone E72November 30

    Hi I have two E72s, both have the exact same firmware 091.004. Can I use the "Back Up phone Memory" feature to transfer everything (apps + settings + data) from one E72 to another? I just want to switch to another E72 this way: 1. On the 1st E72

  • E72 Hotmail in the email list erased???? Setting u...November 30

    Hello there, I have a major problem which probably is very simple but I have tried so much but nothing is working. I got a new e72 and the mail has been working before when I was abroad in Turkey. When I came to sweden the problems began. Impossible

  • E72 Swedish character "å" not triggering contact s...November 30

    In standby mode on the E72 all other characters will start a contact search when pressed, except the Swedish character "'å". Example: Pressing the Swedish character "ö" from standby will enter the incremental search function and get a

  • Email on E72 (argh)November 30

    Well, Email on E72.. is strictly ok .. I give it 1 out of 5 stars .. i'm infact disappointed .. its confusing. It configures some email services (that it knows about) through Nokia Messaging ..while configures others directly through the phone .. and

  • UMA support on E72?November 30

    I was disappointed to find that the E71 didn't support UMA. Has this oversight been fixed in the E72 or any similar model, or will I need a BlackBerry instead? The page at  http://www.nokia.co.uk/find-products/technologies/uma has a link which says '

  • E72. I try, and I give upNovember 30

    I really hate writting this I own a e71 & 5880 xpress with mild but optimistic expectations Now ... Its been less than 6 hours that I bought a new e72 and I will return it as soon as possible, its simply the best example of how can the worst possible

  • Text Caption options not appliedOctober 11

    Hi, I'm trying to add a text caption with a transparent style. however when I try to modify font, font size, or color no change is being applied. If I switch to the Adobe Blue caption style I can modify color, but not font size. Any idea why this is

  • Issue With Page Break When Sorting is also applied on groupOctober 11

    Hi I am facing an issue with Page break only when I have sorting applied on the grouping that I have in the template. The following is the sample XML <ROWSET> <ROW> <GRE>org1</GRE> <ORGANIZATION>Accounts</ORGANIZATION>

  • E72 - Honeymoon to Divorce.October 11

    Like many of you here, I've had quite a few mobile phones through the years and it's always a source of great excitement when a brand new phone lands on your desk. The new OS to explore, the Apps, the form factor. The downside of playing around with

  • Takes up to 5 min "Applying User Settings" with events ID 6005 6006 after a reboot - Win Server 2008 R2 Standard 64bitOctober 11

    Hi, Has anybody seen the issue below showing in the logs? The time for the logs messages switch from the real time (17:57) to some random time (10:55). There seem to be a disconnect with the time. I noticed right when the status message while logging

  • Error :  While applying the Patch 4440000October 11

    Error :  While applying the Patch 4440000 FAILED: file igwprop.odf on worker  1 for product igw username IGW. When i check the worker log file i got this error The sequence IGW_AWARDS_S in the database is defined as: MINVALUE = 1 MAXVALUE = 214748364

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