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apple tv photostream incomplete

  • Apple TV photostream "unable to sign in"??November 30

    Just purchased and installed Apple TV today but when I try to launch Photostream, I keep getting the same error message " Unable to sign in  The icloud Terms of Service have changed.  For more information, go to http://www.apple.com/support/icloud/.&

  • Photostream incomplete in appleTVNovember 30

    I installed the latest update for appleTV.  I also installe IOS 5.1 on my iPhone.  This version of iOS allows me to delete photos from my photostream. So I deleted a few photos that I didn't want in the photostream.  After deleting a few photos, I tu

  • Photostream incomplete to iphone 5November 30

    Just got my iphone 5. Photos in iphone 4 Photostream backed up by icloud did not fully transferred to new iphone 5. Can someone help?Photo stream only keeps photos for 30 days.  After that they are deleted from your photo stream but not from any devi

  • My Apple ID is incomplete when I try to access App Store.November 30

    When the log-in window pops up if I want to update or add an app directly from my iPad, it does not show my whole user ID email address, only part of it, and if I type my password it comes back saying incorrect user I'd or password. I have checked th

  • Clam Down...Apple says missing features coming soon.November 30

    I am sorry that all the "pros" are over reacting to the release of FCPX. Instead of being civil they have been quite rude and dumb.   If all you guys clam down a second and read the news you would know that almost every single missing pro featur

  • Refresh apple tv photo streamNovember 30

    What is the process to refresh the Apple Tv Photostream for the Screen Saver option. I have updated my MacBook Pro to remove the pic, but they still show on the Apple TV.Welcome to the Apple community. Simply go to the screensaver settings and choose

  • My photostream is only syncing 135 of my photos.November 30

    My photostream is only syncing 135 of my photos. I know there's more in there. Why isn't adding any of the newer photos to the apple tv photostream?I would like to add that I found the error message: "Some of your photos, including the photo PHOTO.JP

  • Will the Apple IPad 3 be compatible with 4G?November 30

    Will the Apple IPad 3 be compatible with 4G? As it says on the box and receipt?Gromski_UK wrote: I had read a few posts regarding the device not working in the UK. To the best of my knowledge, it isn't. The 3rd-gen iPad supports LTE only on AT&T and

  • Photostream not working prpoerlyNovember 30

    my apple tv 3rd generation does not photostream all photos.i have more than 300 photos on my ipad 2 /ipod tch 4th gen but only 22 photos are getting transferred to apple tv photostream ? can any 1 help in solving this problem ? i signed out of my itu

  • Photostream icon missingNovember 30

    I have 3 Apple TVs, one current gen and two previous gen. After doing the update on the current gen Apple TV and one of the prior gen Apple TVs the Photostream icon is missing on the home screen. On one of the prior gen Apple TVs the Photostream icon

  • How do I sync to my Calendar from outside iCloud (Gmail, etc)?October 11

    I have become accustomed to having everything I need as far as my calendar, contacts and reminders everywhere I go and always up-to-date through the sub-miracle of iCloud.  However, believe it or not, my Apple ecosystem is incomplete.  How you ask? 

  • Cannot install iTunes on windows 7 64bitOctober 11

    Okay, I like so many cannot install iTunes on Windows 7 64bit. Now Orginally I got a message saying something to the effect of: There was a problem with the install you do not have permission for something... Through some investigating my iTunes was

  • Is there any way to retrieve photos from a dead iphone 4?October 11

    The mainboard on my wife's iPhone 4 has died maybe due to water. It's dead and I've had it confirmed by apple. Photostream was not on and it wasn't backed up in a long time.no, there is no way to retrieve your photos short of some forensic service th

  • Time Machine will not complete a system backup and terminates with "Unable to complete backup. An error occurred while copying files to the backup volume.  This follows a problem when Time machne terminated when the volume was almost full.October 11

    On 11/1/2011, Time Machine (TM) terminated with an error message I did not record.  I noted that the drive was full and decided to do a separate complete bootable  system backup using Carbon Copy Clone (CCC), before clearing the TM volume and trying

  • Photo stream access?October 11

    hi there, i had some trouble with my iPhone 4s and got it replaced (great service, by the way!).but i lost a lot of the pictures that were on that phone. now these pictures are all still visible on my apple tv photostream and my ipad that had photost

  • Why are purchased Audiobooks and Movies not downloadable in the Cloud?October 11

    When I took a look at the new Purchased section in iTunes and found that movies and audiobooks were not there.  Is there a reason for this or is it Apple launching an incomplete servic?Welcome to the Apple Community. Movies aren't included because of

  • How do youTransfer mobi files from MacBook to iPad mini?October 11

    I can't get mobi books transferred to my iPad mini. Do I need third party app? Apple advice seems incomplete and unclear.Thanks this helps but I wasn't clear about my issue. I have dozens (2GB) of mobi books (drm free) on my macbook and emailing or i

  • First Time installation of Flipshare software-unable to run without an error message.November 30

    Got a Flip video camera for christmas.  No battery life out of the box.  When I plugged it in to the USB port it loaded the software so it appears in my applications folder but will not run a set up without an error message.jcm21 wrote: CCC put up a

  • Can I use the pfctl command in Terminal to throttle bandwidth?November 30

    The ISP I use (Northwestel) limits my upstream bandwith to 2 Mbps. While I upload at that maximum rate, the download service is disabled. Plus, if I upload at that maximum rate for any sustained period of time (sustained being longer than about 5 min

  • Syncing photo streamNovember 30

    Why can all of my pics show on photo stream?Welcome to the Apple Community. photostream will only sync the last 1,000 or 30 days worth of photos.Read other 2 answers

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