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Alternative version asha 200

  • New software version for nokia asha 200 after 12.0...November 30

    when will the new software version for nokia asha 200 will be available after 12.04 version? Moderator's note: The post was moved to the appropriate board.We are unable to provide information concerning the future SW update of the said device. Howeve

  • Problem with Nokia Asha 200 appsOctober 11

    Hello guys, I am using Nokia Asha 200 and i am quite satisfy with this phone. The only drawback that i can find is that i cannot ue it social prebuild apps, like Social and i cannot use the e-mail app as well. When i open them and accept the license,

  • Asha 200 Software Update ProblemOctober 11

    I use an Asha 200 cellphone with software version being v10.58. At some times, I tried updating the software to the latest version using the Device Update Command in my phone, but got a message that "Update not allowed; contact service provider"

  • Nokia asha 200 UPGRADE AVAILABLENovember 30

    good news for asha 200 users asha 200's first upgrade is now on air.... if someone has up=graded please post your experiences Join my movement to bring a change in NOKIA for good by supporting my FORUM http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/t5/Eseries-a

  • Nokia Asha 200 phone software updateNovember 30

    hi, i repaired my nokia asha 200 and the software version was reduced to: V 10.56 RM - 761 MA3 nokia. and ever since then whenever i try the O.T.A. update it says "no new software found". please help me on thisYou dont get it fam. The software v

  • Nokia asha 200November 30

    I m using asha 200,bt phone has gone 2 hell , its apps r not working and update is not working ,edge not working , plzz helphi mate, have you checked that you have the correct network carrier data settings? also check the condition of your SIM card.

  • Backlighting of Asha 200November 30

    Does the light pink version of the phone has hazy backlighting of 4 soft keys,dual sim,call recv,call end, messaging. I'v just bought a light pink asha 200, & got a hazy backlighting of those keys... Backlighting of qwerty keys are just perfect.. Sol

  • My asha 200 phone echoes.November 30

    i bought my Asha 200 Nokia phone a few months ago. Whenever i make or recieve calls, my voice echoes. i dont know what to do. Help, i like this phone a lot.Hi rosiebaby, Thank you for your post and welcome to the forums. What is your current firmware

  • Adobe Flash Lite 3 - Nokia asha 200November 30

    what is the use of adobe flash lite 3 in nokia asha 200? Moderator's Note: The subject was amended as the post was moved to the appropriate board.HellKing, could you double-check with FlashTester.org, please? You have to put that URL into an SMS, sav

  • Support of App for Nokia Asha 200?November 30

    Frndsz, Do nokia ahsa 200 support We Chat and Whatsapp?Hi shahdhruv7, Thank you for posting and welcome to Nokia Support Discussions!  Both applications are not yet compatible with your Nokia Asha 200. Alternatively, you can check Nokia Store for sim

  • Asha 200 firmware updateNovember 30

    Hi, I've been having A LOT of troubles with my Asha 200, all of them already discussed in the forum. The solution found by everybody was updating the firmware to the newest version, V11.81, RM761, 20-08-12. Here is my new problem, my Nokia Suite says

  • Dual standby why not possible asha 200November 30

    In asha 200, while using data the other sim remains inactive & signal goes away... I want both sim active as in other phones.. I use one sim for data n other for call,sms but whenver i use data other sim remains inactive so i miss important calls...

  • NOKIA ASHA 200 Conflicting Appliction Issue (Nokia...November 30

    Hi Nokia, when i updated the Nokia Browser on my phone Nokia Asha 200, after successfull updatation, it is showing Conflicting application error and i can not access Nokia Browser. I have tried soft and hard reset both, but the problem remains. The s

  • Nokia Asha 200 Bluethoot Headset not connectingNovember 30

    Hi Im unable to connect bluethoot headset to My NOKIA Asha 200 . i enable bluethoot and on my headset bluethoot then i search but nothing found . i set visibility Show to all .:confused: I also check my headset bluethoot to my friends phone asha 305

  • Nokia Asha 200 : lossing appsNovember 30

    hi... i need help..im using nokia asha 200 n sudenly some of the apps was gone, i try many thing with suggestion. but still got the prob..the prob is my apps Nokia Messaging Mail & Chat 3.2 n Social (Communities) 2.0 was gone (invalid application). w

  • Nokia Asha 200 and Asha 201 (incomplete software a...November 30

    Dear Nokia Support, I own a Nokia Asha 200 and Nokia Asha 201, two very nice and good phones, however, I have updated my phones today to the latest Software Version 11.81. I have done the update as instructed by the Nokia Suite and did not pay any at

  • Nokia asha 200 support vbag? Help pleaseNovember 30

    I have a nokia asha 200 and its an awesome phone, love it! But sadly it can play vbags[gba](game boy advance emulator) I found online and I have been trying to find a GBA emulator for my phone. Does anybody knows where I can find1 that nokia asha 200

  • Nokia asha 200 updateNovember 30

    hi i have nokia asha 200 . it have v11.56 and i want to update it to lattest software i.e  v11.81 ..i am doing so with my nokia suite but it is not updating and giving me an error,,,please guide me?? wether i have to update first nokia suite ??? i ha

  • Nokia asha 200 not alert when the message delivere...November 30

    I bought nokia asha 200 4 month ago. At the first time, the function notification alert me when the message delivered very good. But, after 3 days later, It doesn't work. I update the new version software to my phone 3 times. So far, My phone use the

  • NOkia Asha 200 : Music : Playing songsNovember 30

    Hi , I am unable to skip to previous or next song while playing music on my Nokia Asha 200 . SW11.81. Neither does the next song play automatically after the current song ends. I am quite surprised.  Is there some other way to make it happen ?Are you

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