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album art exchange for nokia c5

  • During Mail for Exchange in Nokia C6, ALL contacts...October 11

    hey,  today i setup new account Mail for Exchange in Nokia C 6. I used my gmail id and entered google.com as a domain name and server. It asked me to  Keep contacts in phone or delete contacts. I selected Keep contacts in phone. after a moment, when

  • Nokia 5800 - 'Mail for Exchange' and 'Nokia mail'....November 30

    Ok may be a silly question but while looking through my 'installed apps' on my 5800, since i was thinking of 'clearing some stuff out' to make that little bit more memory on the phone (Currently I'm ~ 3/4 full) I noticed that although MOST of them (g

  • Problem with Mail For Exchange over Nokia E7-00 (a...October 11

    Hi, I have a problem with my nokia E7-00 (Symbian Anna). Until recently it worked fine with my terminal synchronization with GMAIL via Mail For Exchange. I synchronized the mail (including folders / labels I have on my account), address book and cale

  • Problem: How to get album art shown on nokia 6120 ...October 11

    Hi guys, i need help once again, how can i get the album art on my 6120 classic player? any advices any ideas? i really want to get the art there since it was one of the main reasons i bought the phone, i mean the good looks of its music player, than

  • No email body in mail for exchange? Nokia E52October 11

    On my Nokia E52 i have setup mail for exchange access to gmail, but all it seems to download is the header with who its from and the subject? There isnt any mention of the email body/message at all? My contacts and calendar all sync properly. Am i mi

  • Removing Mail For Exchange from Nokia 5800November 30

    Hi. My Nokia 5800 is running the firmware version v.30.0.011 (latest available). I installed MfE via the App. Update. However, now, I don't need it anymore and have removed it using the application manager. The problem now is that whenever I go to fi

  • Configuring Exchange on Nokia 5800 -Installation P...November 30

    Hi, I tried to configure my corporate mail thru mail exchange server but getting an error message as "Installation Package not Found. Check memory card inserted" but the memory card has been inserted while donfiguring it. Please advice. My mobil

  • Multiple problems with iSync 2.4 (e.g. "Exchange" error; Nokia E65)November 30

    Hi I have three questions regarding problems with iSync at the moment. 1. I'm confused with iSync the program and iSync the '.Mac' feature in System Preferences. 2. iSync often believes I'm trying to connect via Exchange. Not true, but it's stopping

  • Problem in Configuring Exchange in Nokia N8November 30

    i am using N8. I am conguired my office mail in exchange but its reciving and sending any mails through this account. My contact are sync and its gone. Please anyone help me to get my contacts and work my mail. Karthikeyan Hi, Which phone are you usi

  • N97 mini mail for exchange integration into Nokia ...November 30

    Hi, I posted this question last week but my post seems to have disappeared. I was wondering if it is possible to integrate mail for exchange into Nokia messaging on my N97 mini. I know that with some other S60 5th edition devices (like the C6), it is

  • Is viewing Mail for Exchange account in Nokia Mess...November 30

    I've got a XM5530 with the latest firmware installed. I've downloaded what i thought was the latest version of Mail for Exchange (from the SW update on the phone) v.2.09(208). I saw a v3 available on Ovi.com, but when I downloaded and installed, it s

  • Nokia e72, gmail setup + syncing contacts and cale...October 11

    My objective was to 1) get my contacts into the phone from this account, as I had on my old windows mobile device 2) set up my gmail account on my new nokia e72 1) getting contacts from gmail into the phone. Go here: http://www.google.com/support/mob

  • Can't fetch Album Cover Art from Store, allthough Album exists!October 11

    hi everybody! I have a title in my library that I want to get the cover for from the iTunes Store. It is definately available and I named it exactly after the one in the store (album, title, artist, genre...) But iTunes refuses to load the cover...it

  • Nokia DT-901 chirping noise 24/7October 11

    Is it normal that DT-901 wireless charger makes chirping noise all the time, even without phone on the charging plate? Noise comes from the power supply (Nokia AC-301E), not from the plate. The noise is not loud but I have good hearing so it gets ann

  • N97 application manager issue- Nokia Bots???November 30

    Dear All, I'm not able to view installed applications from the applications manager. The screen goes off for a few seconds and goes back to the root menu. This issue seems to have cropped up ever since i installed the Nokia Bots. Has anyone else expe

  • E6 - Mail for Exchange (Mandatory Server Policy Fa...November 30

    I bought my E6 for couple of weeks, and have been having this problem when I tried to setup Mail for Exchange on my company's email account, and got this "Mandatory Server Policy Failed".   Just have Nokia Care reinstall all latest firmware, sam

  • Nokia 5800XM issues after software updateNovember 30

    Hi recently updated my 5800XM to software version 21.0.025 after getting an error saying 'Phone start up failed. Contact retailer.' Retailer has been useless, just told me to update software, so I did. Since the update, phone works, which is great. B

  • Nokia 301 dead after software updateNovember 30

    I just updated my Nokia 301 from its software version 2.something to the latest (8.03 I believe). After the update process the phone is dead. It won't start up, nothing. Is there anything I can do?Beck_DK: we are investigating your report about Mail

  • E6 Mail for Exchange gives me following message Co...November 30

    I have bought new E6 today only and configure my Official Mail on E6, the configuration is perfect as I was using N97 Mini and on that Mail for exchange the same config works. But with E6 it is giving me the follwing error "Connection Error: Try Agai

  • Exchange Adress Boook on N8November 30

    Where can we find the Company Adress Book of our company when using Mail for Exchange on Nokia N8 ? On previous Mail for Exchange version (such as on the 5800) in the phone main menu we would select an icon to browse the adress book of the Echange Se

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