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al a600 on buttan problam

  • A600 setup with Verizon TVOctober 11

    I wanted to start this subject to see if any end users have gone from Direct TV to Verizon Cable TV successfully. I had a customer that was sold the Motorola QIP2500-3 Set Top Terminal. After going through Windows media center setup the customer was

  • Problame connecting iphone to pc and chargingOctober 11

    hello, I have been having a hard time connecting my iphone to the pc or the wall ac plug. when I plug it in, some of the time the icon changes and the device charges normaly, some of the times i get a worning that the iphone cannot be charged when "t

  • While posting  through MIGO accounting problamOctober 11

    hai guys, while posting normal NB type p.o through MIGO ,iam getting error message  saying as" period 12/2006is not possible for account type S and G/L  400000" i have checked period of closing through MMPV,MMRV,OMSY. every thing is allowing , b

  • Portege A600-175 - Card reader device cannot startOctober 11

    I got a Portege A600-175 running windows XP SP3 with a problem in the card reader device. Inserting a SD it makes the sound that usually USB devices make when inserted ( and also when it is removed) bur it doesnt appear on my computer. Getting to dev

  • Photoshop CS4 slow on my idea centre a600October 11

    Hi. i have with me an IdeaCentre A600, 1gb ram, ati 3560. However, photoshop CS4 is laggy with this desktop. It is fast in loading images and all.. however, cropping is lagging (when highlighting the area i want to crop), adding text etc. any idea ho

  • A600 Won't Wake Up - Help!?October 11

    I have an ideacentre a600 that I upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate.  Randomly, the computer will just go into sleep/hibernate mode and it won't wake up.  I've tried all the usual methods to wake it up, like moving the mouse or hitting keys on the keyboa

  • Re: Portege A600-13Y: BIOS update 1.50 to 2.00-WIN - How risky it is?October 11

    Hi there, My Portege A600-13Y BIOS is version 1.50: - should I upgrade to 2.00WIN? - I found this source for the biso upgrade 2.0 but there is no indication that this file is authentic TOSHIBA bios. No checksums, no ssl certificate, nothing. Is it po

  • Nokia music activation problamOctober 11

    I have problam for nokia music activation problam.so please help me nd send my phone voucher code..Subodhtamang wrote: Hello moderator, i will tell u my exact problem. I had bought 620 in march the day when it was launched, at first i thought the pho

  • TV on the IdeaCentre A600?November 30

    I recently purchased an IdeaCentre A600.  I made the purchase because Lenovo was touting the IdeaCentre as a computer and a TV.  But apparently I had a different definition of "TV."  The biggest disappointment was the total lack of documentation

  • Problam with FSVNovember 30

    Dear Experts- I am defing the FSV in that screen i have ASSETS LIABILITIES NO TEXT EXIST---- NET RESULT PROFIT NO TEXT EXIST------NET RESULT LOSS NO TEXT EXIST ---P+L RESULT NO TEXT EXIST----NOT ASSIGNED.. IN this i have assigned all asset related gl

  • A600 Replacing SATA HDD with SATA SSDNovember 30

    I have reviewed the current knowledge base materials, but don't see one directly tied to my problem.  Appreciate any help received. My current HDD has been making a lot of noise lately, at least much more than I have heard in the past.  It's a little

  • I have N96 problam when im copy a folder in image ...November 30

    i have N96 problam when im copy a folder in image of n96 there is no picture show and no folder show,there is blank screen shown and when im press option the is show ,PROCESSING...... and then nothing show just processing anyone help me whats the mat

  • HT1338 why always problame on my mac pro?November 30

    i buy just still 3 month this mac pro always i get problame on my laptop .. 1 month ago hardisk problame and change a hard disk again same proble now no programme on my laptop what goining  on with this laptop i dont have any idea ?i buy just still 3

  • Idea Centre A600 Window 7 start up problemNovember 30

    I am using A600 all-in-one desktop.  Recently when i switch on my computer, after loading the lenovo screen, the machine automatically switch off by itself.  I don't know what is wrong about my computer Is the programme in my computer causing the iss

  • Problams with my OCZ PC 6400 4 GB ! plz help meNovember 30

    Hay , my name is Elad ! here is my problam: I have MSI Platinum Combo P35 and i got OCZ PC 6400 Platinum Edition 4GB DDR2 800 MHZ CL4 , 4 stiks of 1 gb each one (4X1024) How ever when i attechd the 2 stiks, 2GB the pc work pine and no problams ! But

  • Firefox is working fine for things like argos/normal browsing but when we try youtube or stardoll then it says that firefox has a problam and shuts downNovember 30

    Firefox is working fine but there's a problem with YouTube and stardoll when you access these sites it tells you that there is a problam and firefox shuts down to prevent any damegeBut I can't... find... it... It's not there. Unless you're talking ab

  • Ipad 2  problams ixloujd itunes app keybrordNovember 30

    issues ihave ipad 2 and one time locked my ipad by mistake and i was on 105 before in eraly software version on 4.33  my ipad 2 was unlocked with out a passcode so i tried restoring to older verson 4.33 and i did work so i put into dfu moode every an

  • Portege A600-12O - Can't reinstall Windows XPNovember 30

    While reinstalling windows XP on Portege A600-12O, I am receiving following error: Built-in HDD Error:The Product recovery CD is unable to reinstall the OS. Further, I tries to install XP SP2 using Microsoft's cd (...needless to mention without any s

  • I have a problame with the itunseNovember 30

    hy, i have a problame with the itunse. i cant find a ringtone ctegory. i dwonload a ringtone app, and i create a one, but i can't use it becouse i dont find the ringtone ctegory in the itunse. please help me. thake u.Hello, Sergei Barabash.  Thank yo

  • Please tell me how to fix it wifi problam in iphone 4s, please tell how to fix it wifi problam in iphone 4sNovember 30

    please tell me how to fix it wifi problam in iphone 4sIt's difficult to offer advice when you don't say what sort of "problem" you're having with Wi-Fi. Post back with specifics about the problem and then someone can probably offer suggestions.

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