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  • Printr driver - can't downloadNovember 30

    I have been trying to dowload a new driver from the HP Support & Drivers pages. When I select Download for the follwoing driver (and some other, related ones), I get Page Not Found at the ftp site. HP Universal Print Driver for Windows PCL5 5.0 16 Ju

  • Forms 10g, how to send ReportServer generated PDF directly to client printrNovember 30

    Hi We are implementing Forms 10g now, at we are facing quite a big problem - we haven't found a way how to send Report Server generated PDF directly to printer installed in clients computer. Forms 10g and ReportServer are installed in the same machin

  • C4585 stopped printing wirelesly All in one printrNovember 30

    Was conected to my lap top via BT Home hub wireless link and working. Stopped and all attempts to correct have failed, took unit back and replaced yesterday. Un installed all previuous software and tried to install. Wireless refuses to work. When try

  • CLJ2600n not respondng to one of my HP microsOctober 11

    TcUntil about a week ago, my Color LaserJet 2600n was working just fine, for all intents and purposes, with both our Pavilion dv9720 series laptop and our Pavilion a6330f series deskop unit. The 2600n is Ethernetted to a Belkin wireless router, which

  • Add dialog to save as scriptOctober 11

    Hi all, I have this script And I want to make it to have a NAME field with the actual document name so I can change it when I make multiple versions of the file I have included a image to see example Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance! app.bringTo

  • IPad 2 with itunes syncing issuesOctober 11

    I have an ipad 2 and itunes I synced my ipad when i got it and now i want to link it up with my itunes to copy some of my ipod songs over. the problem i am having is, when i connect my ipad it is coming up with the options to set up the ipa

  • Problem with payment to vendor with chequeOctober 11

    To all SAP GURU'S, Hi i facing a problem relates with payment with cheque payment print out: when i entered T.Code: f-58 enter all related data like company code, pyament method, house bank, check lot no and printre for forms i getting a error msz th

  • Cannot "repair" Adobe Acrobat Pro v8.0October 11

    I have installed Adobe Acrobat Pro v8.0, and MS Office 2004. When I open Acrobat, it asked me if I want to repair the installation. Yes, I do, so I select the PDFMaker Toolbar for Office, Adobe PDF Printr, and Adobe PDFViewer Safari Plugin. At this p

  • XSLT with XDK (Using C libs, Oracle 8.1.7)October 11

    Hi,I am currently tring to use the XSLT mechanism available within Oracle 8.1.7 XDK C libs. In the file called "XSLSample.c", a function :"void printres(xmlctx*, xmlnode*)" is used to display the result of the tranformation to the stan

  • XSLT with DOM/C++ ParserOctober 11

    Help, Anyone familiar with xslprocess class with DOM Parser for C++? My application needs to transform the original XML document, and then parse the new document (parse elements in tree). The example in the XDK demo directory (XSLSample.cpp) stops sh

  • Crop marks out of alignment on double sided pdfOctober 11

    I have an Indesign CS4 two page document I have saved as a press pdf with crops. The client has just told me the double sided proof has come back with the crop marks out of alignment (offset vertically). Isn't this something the printrer can easily s

  • I can't print. My computer is saying I am not connected.I have sent a test okay. Any suggestions what I can do/October 11

    I cant print. My computer tells me I am not connected. I was able to take a test.Myprinter just repaired. and I installed the printr disc again . Any suggestios?There is nothing in your query that gives potential helpers anything to start with. What

  • Questions about submitting PDF form to serverOctober 11

    I need to add a submit button to an existing PDF form that will submit it to a PHP script on the server. I can find information on submitting as FDF, but what does the "submit as HTML" option do? What and how does it submit to the server? I adde

  • AirPrint for iPad 2 with iTunes 10.2 ?November 30

    i wanna know if i can airprint with itunes 10.2 and with window 7? if yes , how ? thx in advance!FWIW, I setup AirPrint for WIndows over the weekend. This is a free WIndows app that you install as a service on your Windows desktop/laptop. That then a

  • A/R Delivery PLDNovember 30

    Dear All, I am Designing A/R Delivery PLD. I want to print from Dot Matrix Printer. Is there any Special Font for Printing Document in PLD. Client need speed also for printing document. Thank, Mohit SoniHi Printing in SAP Business One using Dot Matri

  • Problem with executing "EPrintSetuprWizard" for Laserjet CP1025nw.November 30

    After the Wizrd finds the Printrer, the next step results in error. "Fallo en descarga" (Dowload error) Also trying to "join printer" in www.hpeprintcenter.com/, using "HostName" as "codigo de impresora" (computer c

  • Pop problem while creating spool request in reuse_alv_grid_displayNovember 30

    Hi Experts, I am trying to create a spool request of alv and problem is that i do not want pop-up window for asking output devices, actually i am calling reuse alv in loop and following steps i have done: w_print-print = 'X'.   CALL FUNCTION 'REUSE_A

  • Control width and hight ??November 30

    Can someone plz tell me how I can control width and hight of my printing?? My code:         public int print(Graphics g, PageFormat pf, int pi) throws         PrinterException             if (pi >= 1)                return Printable.NO_SUCH_PAGE;    

  • Can't add new printer Dell 1350November 30

    I am trying to add a Dell 1350 laser printer to my list of printers.  When I try to add it, i am unable to find an appropriate file for "Print Using:" option.         If I choose Autoselect, is states that Software for this printr isn't availabl

  • Bill Generation Issue in CC&B 2.4November 30

    Hi All, I'm working on Oracle Utilities CC&B 2.4 on Windows OS. Application and Framework details are as given below: Product Name Release ID Release ID Suffix Build Number Patch Number Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing V2.4.0 029 0 000 Orac

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