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  • AGP aperture settings? (MS-6390)November 30

    So I've got one more question to ask. I'm getting a geforce 6800 and every now and then on a forum I see someone having problems with their AGP aperture settings. Is there any way to change this setting on a MS-6390? I'm clueless. Thanks for the help

  • 6390-LE - KM266 (BIOS Stall)November 30

    First the specs: MSI 6390-LE/KM266 AMD Duron 1.3 128mb PC2100 Ok..here's the problem:    Just got the board/CPU/Mem 2 weeks ago. Since then, I've done everything known to fix the prob. The problem is that from time to time, the BIOS will hang up in 2

  • MS-6390 and AGP8x?November 30

    Hi, I recently bought a new graphics card with AGP 8x and was flicking through the settings and noticed that it said it was running at AGP 4x, I lost my users manual ;( so couldnt look up anything on it. So i was wondering if there is anyway to get m

  • MS-6390 - Only overclocking option is to increase FSB?November 30

    I've got a MS-6390 motherboard and in the Voltage/Frequency settings of the BIOS, I am only allowed to change the FSB. The voltage details are given but there seems to be no way to change them and I also can't find the dividers for the memory (is the

  • MS-6390 CompatibilityNovember 30

    I bought MSI MS-6390 with 2.4GHz AMD processor, the board does not support 60GB 72RPM Hard Disk. Hard Disk could be fdisk, format but on loading win98, winme or win xp "Could not write on disk error" displayed on screen. The same works on any ot

  • Ms-6585 with msi 4200 128 8x blue screen and blank screen with msi agpOctober 11

    here's the system, sorry for the not usefull crap. Operating System: Windows 2000 Professional (5.0, Build 2195) Service Pack 3            Language: French (Regional Setting: French) System Manufacturer: MSI        System Model: MS-6585              


      Hi .  i have the above MB + Radeon 9800 pro graphics card + 1gb of ram + 550w PSU + 2.8 athlon XP. Bios is set to enable agp8. AGP is always disabled and will not switch on . Even when i try to enable AGP thru the ATI SmartGart software the system

  • AGP Slot CompatibilityOctober 11

    I own a K7T Turbo limited edition Mobo which is only version 2.0  4/2 X AGP, but I had just bought an FX5900 Ultra Graphics card b4 realising. As it is version 3.0 8/4/2X AGP, should I send it back for refund or is it possible to install and run it w

  • AGP Driver Problem with my ms-6585 and msi-ti4200 128 8xOctober 11

    hi all !  Hope i'll get an reply cause this is bugging me since i have my board.  I'm having trouble with all the AGP drivers for the sis chipset.  Seems to stuck after the win2000 (sp3) loading.  Just before you enter you password.  the screen just

  • MSI KT3 Ultra ARU PCI/AGP dividerOctober 11

    Hey, I'm using the overclocking features on the board, but i can't find the PCI/AGP adjustment in the BIOS, any body know what i can do?? I'm using the latest BIOS which is 5.6 CheersAh, now thats what i've been told but according to Sisoft Sandra my


    Hello to all happy new year    Can i install SAPPHIRE RADEON HD2600XT 256MB AGP RETAIL to my system without having problems. Can ayonyone tested this? My System Specs are: CASE: INNOVATOR MIDI TOWER 450W CPU: Intel Pentium 4 Prescott m2 630-3,0GHZ-LG

  • How can I get video out to my TV from my old G4 AGP 450mHz?October 11

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone has any idea how to get video out from my old G4 tower? It's an AGP model (1st gen), 450mHz. All I've found so far is a link to very expensive Radeon cards, well beyond what I need, which is: - S-video or even RCA out

  • Power supply fan dead - help? (400mhz AGP G4)October 11

    Hello! Unfortunately, my PowerMac G4, a 400mhz, AGP Sawtooth model, has a dead fan. Over the last few weeks, I've noticed that my G4 has been running quite hot. I figured it was due to the hot dorm room that it's being used in. Then, I noticed that w

  • Max Data Rate: AGP 2x?!October 11

    Bought myself a new MSI-KT6 Delta a few weeks ago (MSI-6590), and have had no problems until now. First up, my GeForce 4 Ti 4600 decided to suddenly die. Random characters on the screen in text mode, flickery colours and corrupt pixels everywhere. Wi

  • Hardware missing -AGP Graphics card. How can I get my FCE 4 working on the new computer? CheersOctober 11

    Hi I have just upgraded my computer to Mac OSX 10.6.7 now I cant open my FCE 4. Message reads, Hardware missing -AGP Graphics card. How can I get my FCE 4 working on the new computer? CheersThanks, just so I know we are talking about the same items p

  • Is there a definitive word on how high/low to set agp aperture, et al?October 11

    Seemingly, the most elusive part of the bios settings is the agp-related settings (agp aperture, fast-write, etc.).  I say this, because all I ever find on posts is 'this is what I do', or 'well, this is my rule-of-thumb...'.  Is there no definitive

  • ATI Radeon 9000 Pro Mac AGP (driver needed for OS 9.2?)October 11

    Hi guys! How's everybody doin? I just picked up a used ATI 9000 AGP 128 MB (as an upgrade for my G4 Quicksilver 800 MHZ). I'm using 2 HD's (one with OS9), the other (with OSX) I think OS 9.2 will do ok without the need for a driver, but I just wanna

  • How To Get Internal Modem Set Up in the Fax List - G4 AGPOctober 11

    Recently installed OS 10.4.8 on my friend's upgraded G4 AGP (Sawtooth). Tried to set up his Mac's internal modem for faxing (no internet connection, he has cable modem for that). Got the fax set up to receive without problem. Tested it and it acknowl

  • Will the ATI Radeon 700 AGP card run two Studio 21 Displays?October 11

    I just bought a G4 MDD 1.4 GHZ Mac that has what I assume was the stock video card, which appears to be for LCD displays, since the cables from my Apple 21" Studio displays (CRTs) don't match up to it (those are called VGA monitors, right?). On my pr

  • Can't Use Cinema Display 30-inch With G5 (AGP)October 11

    After making a trip to the Apple store to make sure we got what we needed, and because we needed a monitor ASAP, we brought home a 30-inch cinema display. The people at the store assured us that even though they didn't carry it, we could easily find

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