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adutlrcmp.sql slow

  • SqlDeveloper Query = Fast, PL/SQL = SlowOctober 11

    I've got a nagging problem that is driving me crazy. Database is and SQLDeveloper is 1.5.1 with the same behavior in 3.0.03. Often I will develop a complex query in SQLDeveloper and get it tuned to a point where performance is great. However

  • SQL slow after upgrading to Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition ReleaseOctober 11

    Hi all: We have recently upgraded our database from Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release to Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release After that we found that our some sql getting very slow for example query with 9i showing r

  • SQL Slow though ASA 5510November 30

    Ive put in an ASA5510, and there are web servers on the DMZ that query SQL servers behind the firewall. TCP Port 1433 is open to the SQL Servers. The queries are working but are very slow, for example a sql query that returns 20,000 rows runs in abou

  • Sql slow afterweekly STATS-JOB,then run analyze table it is fast againNovember 30

    Oracle R11.2.0.2 : I hade some slow sql / reports and found the effect, that the sql is slow obvious after the weekend , when STATS - JOB BSLN_MAINTAIN_STATS_JOB and other Jobs were running weekly on SYS. I did run dbms_stats.GATHER_TABLE_STATS on sc

  • SQL Slowing downNovember 30

    Please, I have just migrated a database from one server to another powerful server, but the issue is that one of the sql statement is very very slowing down. we downloaded the dump file to another server, and the same sql is very very fast. I shrank/

  • Index usage making SQL slower.October 11

    Hello, While working on a performance tuning activity on Oracle on Solaris 10, I encountered a problem wherein one of our DBA's suggested indexing 2 columns of a certain table. One of the queries which is being run on that table has a RULE h

  • Adutlrcmp.sql not giving promtNovember 30

    Hi adutlrcmp.sq running for long time, it is not completing, we checked log files ..no error messages in log file. This issue is happend upgrade the Instance from to R12.1.3. Regards AseemWe checked the alert log in that we have one error e

  • Interactive Sql slow on Windows 8.1November 30

    Hello, I am running Interactive SQL Versiion 10.0.1, build 3619 on my New Windows 8.1 computer. I am having trouble with the speed of my sql query's. Querys taking 1-2 Seconds on my xp computer takes 20-30 Seconds on Windows 8.1 and the iSql program

  • SQL Slow Response from remote DBNovember 30

    I have two sites of which I am executing SQL querys and updates to an Oracle DB. Both sites have the identical code. I am querying against an Oracle 9.0.2 DB. I have tried using both the 8i JDBC Driver and the 9i JDBC Driver. At one site which is clo

  • Adadmin slow R12.1.1November 30

    I am new to Apps & trying to learn. I have a test environment. EBS 12.1.1, installed on Sparc Solaris 10 (RAM 4GB) when I run adadmin to compile invalid objects of APPS schema, it stops at the following sqlplus -s APPS/***** @/u01/appsR12/VIS/apps/ap

  • On Parallel Execution of SQL QueriesOctober 11

    Hi All, We have forced Parallel hint in a query and if its without any where clause it uses parallel hint but where as if we add few where clauses it goes through few indexes and does not show parallel hint in the explain plan. Is it because we need

  • Patch seems to be hangedNovember 30

    Environment details: ============ 1. Multi - Tier environment 2. Apps-Tier: Apps Ver: 12.1.1 Platform: HP-UX Itanium Platform Ver: 11.31 Trying to apply patch 12.1.3 on 12.1.1 since yesterday. I left the patch running in the following state yesterday

  • Error compiling invalidsNovember 30

    Hii.. Im upgrading my Apps from 12.1.1 on windows 32 bit server, i have already upgraded my Database from to, now im trying to upgrade my application and was applying patch 7461070 AD 12.1.1 upgrade driver, But the patc

  • Error while upgrading from 11i to R12 and while applying patch u4440000.drvOctober 11

    Error : There are now 55242 jobs remaining (current phase=A78):     0 running, 1 ready to run and 55241 waiting. Assigned: file adobjcmp.sql on worker  1 for product ad  username APPLSYS.    FAILED: file adobjcmp.sql on worker  1 for product ad  user

  • Using multiple Collections in Report queriesOctober 11

    I am using many collections in my Report Queries (where conditions) to create the XML needed for running reports (see where condition below). I name each one with a different collection name. I am seeing some performance issues and it looks like it h

  • Problem to Load the data Flat file to Oracle table on Linux MachineNovember 30

    hi, when i change the path of source flat file from windows to Linux machine. Now it gives the error. Basicalyy this file will load the files names into Oracle table. but in windows path its fine. All things r running fine in Linux. when i run the in

  • Should I use materialised view?November 30

    I am using the following sql in my code. This takes a long time to execute and I need to tune this. Please review and suggest if I should be using a materialized view instead. Main Select statement for interest calculation SELECT          intratechgc

  • Regexp_substr unexpected behaviourNovember 30

    While trying to come up with a constraint to check for correct RGB color codes (RvalueGvalueBvalue) where the value is between 0 and 255 I saw the following: database used: Oracle Database 10g Express Edition Release CREATE TABLE test (col


    HI, PROD EBS R12 AIX 5.2 db During applying patch there is running UTL_RECOMP.RECOMP_PARALLEL compile script since one hours when i check total invalid objects it stucked on 143 since one hours. Please advice ThanksCan you find any errors i

  • Adadmin Compile APPS schema never complete & it running for infinite timeNovember 30

    Hi, When I am trying to compile apps schema from adadmin --> compile apps schema, It never complete & it is not compiling invalid objects, I tried to manually run the adutlrcmp.sql through SQL, also the same problem the scripts is stuck (hang) in t

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