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  • Kann man in Adobe Muse auch Farbbibliotheken aus Color CC / Kuler importierenNovember 30

    Kann man in Adobe Muse auch Farbbibliotheken aus Color CC / Kugler importieren ???Danke für die Auskunft. Bleibt wohl nur das kopieren der Farb-ID und damit in Muse neue Farbpaletten anlegen... (?)Read other 3 answers

  • Adobe Muse APTEE Licensing NOT WORKING!!October 11

    Hi, I am an IT Professional working for a major University in Missouri. We have an Apple computer lab of 26 20" iMacs, all running Adobe Creative Cloud with an Enterprise license. This license includes Adobe Muse (with its own serial number). We use

  • Adobe muse - how to upload images in photo gallery in the admin console?October 11

    Question from Adobe Muse beginner - I can't figure out how images can be uploaded in a slideshow/photo gallery in the admin console? I can edit or delete images but not upload additional images?Hi, May I know which admin console are you talking about

  • Error when starting Adobe Muse CCOctober 11

    Has anybody encountered this error? Adobe Muse CC has encountered an error and will now exit. Please report the last few actions you took leading up to this error to the Adobe Muse CC team. String 'Home' does not appear to be correct format to transl

  • Adobe Muse.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.October 11

    I get this message when trying to open  muse. It happened after an upgrade. "Adobe Muse.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.  We are sorry for the inconvenience." Is there anything I can do?Please send me ([email protected]) the Mus

  • Paguei o Adobe muse CC, mas não passo da tela de AvaliaçãoOctober 11

    Eu paguei uma assinatura do adobe muse CC, mas quando eu abrir o programa ele diz que a licença gratuita expirou. Eu clico em LICENCIAR ESTE SOFTWARE, aparece a mensagem parabéns por comprar, mas depois volta para a tela de AVALIAÇÃO, como se o meu s

  • Adobe Muse page capacityOctober 11

    HI , I am working on my page which is full of pictures and different kinds od stuff. The thing is that i can not create or delete any more pages or masters.Does Adobe Muse have a max use of space or something ? Because every time I try to make a new

  • Adobe Muse Gallery WidgetsOctober 11

    Hi Everyone I am not able to figure out how to use the widgets which I downloaded from the Adobe Muse Website ( Widget Gallery). It seems that they cannot be dragged and dropped into the site I am creating. I finally doubled clicked on one of them an

  • Adobe Muse keeps FreezingOctober 11

    I have tried to uninstall then install Adobe Muse several times thinking that this would solve the problem but every time I open Muse, it starts fine. When I try to Open a file, even creating a new one, it begins to Load then ends up Not Responding.

  • Adobe Muse purchaseOctober 11

    Hi i'm interested in buying Adobe Muse for my Mac. I was using a previous trial version but now i want to buy it and the only option is with Adobe CC. First of all the cloud service is something i don't need and it's 20€/m for unlimited time so basic

  • Adobe Muse page is shifting to the leftOctober 11

    Hello, I love Adobe Muse and have been using it for some time now. I HAVE had this problem before but it was due to elements being placed outside of the page area, so of course I investigated that first. Unfortunately, I'm still having that problem a

  • Adobe Muse keeps crashing every time I publish any website all of a suddenOctober 11

    Adobe Muse keeps crashing every time I publish any website all of a sudden. Not just for the website I was working on but now all my websites. It was working perfectly fine and when I hit publish it just crashes. I have multiple copies and different

  • Adobe Muse: "Preview page in browser" and "preview site in browser" functions have stopped working.October 11

    Working one day then not the next. Firefox just spins. The preview button works, as does the publish function. 2.7Ghz i7 Macbook Pro with Retina Display Muse 2014.0.1 Something else to add: When Firefox finally timed out it displayed the full url. Co

  • "Adobe Muse Stopped Working"October 11

    I've been using Muse for about a month, with no problems. Today, I have repeatedly crashed with the error "Adobe Muse Stopped Working". This happens 10 minutes or so after I open Muse. It happens whether or not I have another app open. I tried c

  • Adobe Muse not Installing from Cloud using Adobe Application managerOctober 11

    I am trying to install Adobe Muse from Cloud and receive this message : Error: Third Party payload installer install adobe muse.exe failed with exit code :7 Everything else from Cloud has installed correctly. I am probably doing something wrong as I

  • Adobe Muse (2014.3) "Add Web Font" Function Not Working As Expected - Newly Added Fonts Become Unavailable Though ShownOctober 11

    Hello. This has also been posted in the Community: Adobe Muse Bugs forum. I've been having some odd/irregular issues though they have now become fairly predictable in nature. The issue is in regards to Adobe Muse (2014.3) and the availability of web

  • Adobe Muse form with 3rd party host is not workingOctober 11

    I have uploaded a form with Adobe Muse to a 3rd party host.  Upon testing the link scripts/form_check.php, I see 3 green checkmarks.  Upon testing the form, the form appears to submit successfully, however I never receive the email. I checked with th

  • Adobe Muse site not working in Google ChromeOctober 11

    Hi Guys, my adobe muse website www.focaldesigns.ie is not working in Google Chrome, i was advised to publish it again which I tried twice with no joy. Any help on how i can get the site back working in Chrome and on an iPad would be greatly appreciat

  • Adobe muse not working!October 11

    i have paid for the month to month with adobe muse but when click the download button NOTHING happens!!! this has been for 2 days now and NO ONE can help over the phone. ALSO, how is there NOT an option to make an image larger on your website? when y

  • Adobe Muse - "Publish" Button Not WorkingOctober 11

    I am trying to upload a website from Adobe Muse to Business Catalyst. Whenever I click "Publish" the window pops up and just says "Signing in to adobe business catalyst..." and never actually advances past that. It just keeps loading,

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