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  • How to activate turbo boost feature in new mac book proNovember 30

    how to activate turbo boost feature in new mac book proIntel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.01 automatically allows processor cores to run faster than the rated operating frequency if they're operating below power, current, and temperature specification l

  • Check if Intel Turbo Boost is enabled?November 30

    Hi, I would like to check : a) If turbo boost is activated on my mac book pro. How do I check it. b) If not, can an additonal sum be paid in intel/apple to activate turbo boost (provided the processor supports this). If so, how can it be done. MacBoo

  • MSI Z87 G45 and Intel 4670k Turbo Boost Option Missing?November 30

    In my BIOS (V1.6): I go into OC>CPU Features and Turbo Boost is not there, I have seen the bottom setting about using Intel's Turbo Boost, to UNDERCLOCK when needed, but I see no Feature to activate Turbo Boost or for some reason has this feature bee

  • Can someone explain "Turbo Boost: to me?November 30

    OK - so the new MacBook Pro non-Retina offers: 2.6GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 Turbo Boost up to 3.6GHz How do you activate 'turbo boost'? Is it simply a function within the processor? Just curious - I'm staying with what I have just now. ClintonTurbo

  • What is turbo boost?November 30

    What is turbo boost and how do i turn this on?Just http://www.bing.com/search?q=What+is+turbo+boost Top hits: Intel® Turbo Boost Technology - On-Demand Processor - www.intel.com/.../turbo-boost/turbo-boost-technology.html Intel® Turbo Boost Technolog

  • Z77a-gd65 intel i5 2500k intel turbo boostOctober 11

    I have just upgraded to z77a-gd65 for my Intel I5 2500 k 16 gb corsair vengeance ram 120 SSD Be quiet dark rock cooler pro Seagate HDD 2tb Tx 750 PSU MSI r7950 twin f The problem is the Intel turbo boost is acting strange it is shooting up to 8. GHz

  • Mobo not allowing Intel Turbo BoostOctober 11

    Hey, I build my own pc like 2 month ago and I'm experiencing problems with Turbo Boost. It was enabled when I got it and after a few days it was gone. The whole option wasn't there in the bios. Later i flashed the bios cause i messed something up and

  • INTEL Turbo Booster Device won't start on dv8t 1000 laptopOctober 11

    HP Analysis and device manager show this problem. Driver tests up to date. What does this meaan and how do I correct it?This is Turbo Boost Driver installing incorrect. The driver installation should have failed with Error 'This Computer does not mee

  • Intel Turbo Boost DriverOctober 11

    Greetings     I have the i3-M330 chip on my laptop.  I was looking at laptops with i5-430 ( ? ) chips.  CNET stated that the later comes with Turbo boost.  But  seems the Turbo Boost driver is available for my chipset also.  Has anyone tried to insta

  • Locking Intel Turbo Boost on an i7-2670QM?October 11

    Hi, My HP Envy 15-3040nr has an Intel i7-2670QM processor, which works with Turbo Boost just fine. My laptop goes to a maximum of 3.0 GHz when under full load (I render heavy gameplay videos), and underclocks just fine when in energy saver mode. Howe

  • Intel Turbo Boost-OvercloackingOctober 11

    I have hp envy notebook pc with intel core i7 4700mq proccessor and i want to know how to enabled turbo boost ? Can i overclock the proccessor to the max frequency ?  This question was solved. View Solution.turbo boost is just enabled unless disabled

  • Intel Turbo BoostOctober 11

    Can anyone show me step by step (with pictures if is possible) how to enable Intel Turbo Boost from Bios ?Need your full model number so we can know what kind of BIOS you have and if your CPU is capable of TurboBoost. Read other 3 answers

  • Hyper-V stopped turbo boost and cpu park on my intel 4702mq processor?November 30

    Hi I just got my lenovo thinkpad e540(core i7 4702mq ,256 hyper-x ssd, nvidea geforce 2gb...) I installed windows 8.1  and server 2012 r2 to separate personal and business use. The cpu was running at many speeds to preserve battery life (between 0.7g

  • HP g62-a60EM Intel Turbo Boost Technology Driver problemNovember 30

    Hello! When I try to install Intel Turbo Boost Technology Driver from the HP solution&drivers page i get this error: This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software. Can you assist me with solution how to fix this pro

  • How does the Turbo-boost works on the Intel i7?November 30

    Just bought the new MBP Retina and would like to know how the Turbo Boost works in my processor. Is it a regular upgrade like buying a new processor or is it something I could menage at the settings and have it boosted up? Thanks,Intel's definition:

  • Qosmio X500-134 - Intel turbo boost issueNovember 30

    Toshiba stated that Qosmio X500-134 with the standard clock speed of 1.73GHz with the intel processor can get a clock speed of 2.93GHz with intel turbo boost. I have downloaded and installed the intel turbo boost monitor widget while running loads of

  • H77MA-G43 Intel Turbo boost question.November 30

    Hi, so I've recently bought a MSI H77MA-G43 board to fit in my Intel i7 3770 (non K). My question is that when I use some hw monitor to show which frequency my CPU is running, it is almost always running all 4 cores at 3.7Ghz. Even when I put load ju

  • D20 with Xeon Processor E5520 - Intel Turbo BoostNovember 30

    Hi Eric, E5520 CPU support "Intel® Turbo Boost Technology", how it work under D20 ? any s/w that we can monitor it ? From the D20 BIOS seems do not have setting relate to "Turbo Boost" ..... Any idea that we can can know it will work u

  • B85I, ITX, Socket 1150 & Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0November 30

    Does B85I motherboard have support for Intel Turbo Boost ?Quote from: XFM on 26-March-14, 04:08:04 It depends on whether the CPU that you use, not all of them have Turbo Boost. Looking though the manual it does show setting for Turbo Boost. (enabled/

  • Dv7 - 3170el + Intel Turbo Boost TechnologyNovember 30

    Hi! I have a question for you guys: How could I determine if the Turbo Boost Technology is active on my laptop? There are some options in bios menu or it's active by default? Thank for answer mates. Have a good work. This question was solved. View So

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