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acer liquid z520 restarts by itself

  • Acer Liquid Z520 System memory and Lock screen appsNovember 30

    Hi recently i've bought a Z520 duo and am encoutering a few things which i hope are you guys can help me.I am new to android (coming from Windows Phone) and am looking for help how to fix the things below. 1) System Memory I'm getting the message tha

  • Firefox does not open on Acer Liquid E.November 30

    Just installed Firefox Mobile Beta on my Acer Liquid E (running Android 2.1). When I try to open it a screen that says "Firefox" on the title bar opens then quickly closes. Tried a few times to open it, same thing keeps happening. I restarted my

  • Acer Liquid E700 problem with headphone jack, not working properly.November 30

    Here I am again, what a surprise! Reporting another problem with my 2 month old ACER LIQUID E700. Now the problem is, the headphone jack isnt working properly. When I watch movies, or play music with a headphone or earphone, the dialogue or conversat

  • Acer Liquid Z220 power charging interferenceNovember 30

    Hello, When I plug the Acer Liquid Z220 smartphone to the USB charger or the computer, the phone gets crazy... First, sometimes, it produces an endless loop error notifying that "system UI has stopped" and I can press indefinitely "OK"

  • Feature Suggestion for Acer Liquid Jade S55November 30

    I just buy Acer Liquid Jade S55 and I have some problem.- Battery drain problem. I think The brightness of display should customize to adjust lower level than currnt. - Sim Card and SD Card unmount problem. Sometime when I play on the device, my sim

  • How To Take Screenshot On Acer Liquid M220?November 30

    Can anyone please tell me how to take screenshot on Acer Liquid M220? Thankshttp://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/how-to/wp8/photos/take-a-screenshotRead other 2 answers

  • Acer Liquid z220, ACER HOME stuck in error loop, can't use my menuNovember 30

    Hello, I bought an Acer Liquid Z220 two days ago and everything was working perfectly. Today I was browsing my menu and it notified me that "Sorry, Acer Home was stopped.". I've tried turning it off and on, cache reset, data reset, force stop. I

  • My Acer Liquid Z200 freezes at the boot screenNovember 30

    I have my Acer Liquid Z200 with me for a couple of months already. It has been a great experience for me. But just yesterday, I drained the battery to the fullest for I greatly needed it for a report. (I was unaware that it was already low on battery

  • Volume down button stopped working Acer Liquid E700November 30

    Dear reader, I have an Acer Liquid E700 for about 3 months now. Suddenly the volume down button stopped working. I didn't do anything strange with the phone, but I think the problem started to appear right after I detached/attached the back case (but

  • Acer Liquid Z220 text messages say carrier name not contact name.November 30

    When I receive a text message it says the contact name, but when the conversation continue it says the carrier name of my phone on the message for both my name and the person I am texting.Hi dmbcanada. Have you encountered problem with sending sms wi

  • I downloaded it, but it won't even load/ open/ install on my phone (Acer Liquid E). It says I am "Out of Space"... but I'm not.November 30

    According to the requirements listed, I need 17MB of space. I have more than enough on both the SD card and the phone. I don't see this problem listed elsewhere, so I thought I'd ask if anyone knows why this might happen.Sorry, I'm not sure why this

  • Acer E700 SD card problemNovember 30

    Hi *allMy E700 unmount and mount the SD card without any reason.Tried the following:- other SD card- chkdsk /fDidn't help.Then i found this post (in German)http://www.android-hilfe.de/acer-liquid-e700-forum/623030-sd-karte-fehlermeldung-auswurf-ohne-

  • Not waking up monitorOctober 11

    My MacBook Pro 2 Ghz Intel Core i7 with 8 GB DDR3 RAM won't wake up an external monitor. I will also get an occasion "snow shower" on teh monitor then it dies. i have to restart the machine or unplug the Thunderbolt connector to get it to work a

  • Display problem, charging ProblemOctober 11

    DISPLAY PROBLEM & CHARGING PROBLEM ACER LIQUID E700, INVOICE NO.S8001A/14-15/6959 INVOICE DT:02-02-2015rajuwilsonk, If the phone is not charging I would recommend getting in touch with your reseller or Acer technical support in your area for options.

  • Firefox will not launch. The screen goes black for several seconds, then returns to the launcher drawer.October 11

    Installed Fennec 4.0b2 on my Acer Liquid running Android 2.2. When I tried to launch application, the screen goes to black, with a grey bar at the top with the word "firefox" within. This screen persists for several seconds, before the returning

  • Music app: artist appears, but no songsNovember 30

    Hi everyone, On my old phone (an acer liquid something) I downloaded some songs from various artists on my SD card, which would appear in my music library. Now, on my Nokia Lumia 720, the artists of the songs I downloaded still appear in my Nokia Mus

  • HDMI Connector typeNovember 30

    I saw an add for an HDMI cable that I was wondering whether anyone could tell me if compatible w the Droid Charge?  It's about half the price of the Verizon sold cable which is not available anyway.  Both Samung and Verizon support simply gave up and

  • Android beta 2 closes immediately at startNovember 30

    On my Acer Liquid (not E) beta 2 shows a black screen and immediately exits. There is no force close message, I'm just returned to home screen. Beta 1 worked and I uninstalled it as adviced before installing beta 2. Is there a log file or something I

  • Why is Firefox for Mac stalling on many sites recently?November 30

    In the last couple of days, my Firefox for Mac (37.0.2) has been stalling on many sites, with the spinning wheel icon just rotating endlessly to show unsuccessful processing. This hanging action occurs on several sites where I'm going into inside pag

  • I just want to know what specific smart phones that I can purchase that use Firefox. Thanks.November 30

    I am purchasing a mobile phone after not having one for five years. I like to use Firefox at home and need to know specifically what smart phones use this product. The android 2.2 etc. and the rest really does not mean anything to me. You could tell

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