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access owa on bb10

  • User unable to access OWAOctober 11

    User is unable to access OWA any pointers.. getting the below error pls Thanks The item can't be opened because it's become corrupted. Request Url: https://ukexchange.abc.com:443/owa/lang.owa User: Wes, Aurélia EX Address: /O=abc/OU=London/cn=Recipie

  • Unable to access OWA or ECP. - "Something went wrong" or "500 unexpected error"October 11

    Our environment consist of 3 client access servers with 8 mailbox servers.  I recently installed windows updates on all of the servers.  Now when a user tries to access OWA it fails and says "Something went wrong" when I try to access ECP I rece

  • Exchange 2013 Sp1 some users cant access owaNovember 30

    After I install new exchange 2013 with sp1 on windows 2012 R2 server one for mail boxes and the second Client Access, i move all mail boxes to it, then i uninstall  the old server (exchange 213 with cu3). All may exchange server's virtual machines on


    Dear All, Referring to the forum that I sent to the group sometime back which was successfully sorted. I have received a call from the users in the child domain, where they are not able to access OWA from the Internet. below is the error they are get

  • Restriction user to access owa outside the organizationNovember 30

    I need a policy that a specific group of user, they can access owa in inside the organizational network but when they go outside they cannot access owa outside network. if possible please suggestHi, Based on my research, we can block selected Users e

  • Can't access OWA 2003 as well as no access via mobile devicesNovember 30

    My Exchange server is able to send mail externally and receiving external mail but I can't access OWA as well as my mobile devices are not connecting to my exchange 2003 server running on server 2003 standard edition service pack 2.  I keep getting "

  • IPhone cannot connect to Exchange Outlook Web Access ( OWA )November 30

    Let me start by saying that my company will not activate POP or IMAP on their Exchange mail server. I am stuck with using their OWA interface into Exchange. However, when I enter the web address for OWA it never gets there. The iPhone will get to the

  • Some users - very minimial - cannot access OWA externally.November 30

    Some users cannot access OWA with the servers' FQDN (https://exchangeServerName.Domain.com/owa), but they can access it with the public ip. To fix this, I enter the FQDN and public ip into their hosts file, which fixes the issue. Any ideas? Thanks!Hi

  • Cannot access OWA/ECP except on the serverNovember 30

    Hope someone can help. Out of the blue, we cannot seem  to be able to access ecp by mail.domain.com format. On the server we can access OWA via https://mail.contoso.com Internally, accessing OWA works via https://mail.contoso.com Going to our static

  • Outlook Web Access (OWA) - Sidebar has vanished.November 30

    I am having trouble with my Outlook Web Access (OWA) which I use to access my work email from home. Unfortunately, I am not able to access the same functions like flagging emails ect. More importantly, I can't seem to get the sidebar to show. This is

  • Need help accessing Outlook Web Access (OWA)November 30

    I want to be able to to access Outlook Web Access (OWA) from my touch. It was part of the reason that I bought it. I don't want full crackberry functions, just the ability to see my email on OWA and shoot off a short reply. When I try to log in, I ge

  • Exchange server 2013 - cannot send / receive external emails - we can access owa -we can send/receive internal emailsNovember 30

    Exchange server 2013 in Windows server 2012 VM It was working fine then start the issue. Firewall is managed externally and the last report said: "I checked the firewall logs, which shows traffic being allowed through port 25 from to 4.28

  • Mac OS 10.5.2 English Version can't identify Chinese font when I access OWANovember 30

    I have a question that is Mac OS 10.5.2 English Version can't identify Chinese font when I access Microsoft OWA. (OWA version is 2003) When I access Microsoft OWA, I can see English fonts very well. But I will see Chinese fonts as ??? and I can not s

  • New created user cannot access OWANovember 30

    I have a sporadic issue with some new users.  As we migrate folks to Exchange, some new accounts created are unable to access their mailbox via OWA (or their personal device).  It just keeps responding "The username or passowrd you entered isn't corr

  • Cannot access OWA or EAC after rebootNovember 30

    Hi All, For some reason I cant access the OWA or ECP, this effects all users. There is noe error message, the normal login screen appears, but the login attempt just refreshes the login page, no errorrs or anything to show something is wrong. This oc

  • Outlook Web Access (OWA)November 30

    My company uses an Exchange Server with Outlook Web Access enabled, but I'm not sure of the other settings (IMAP?) When I got my iPhone I could not set up a link to the main server, but after some research discovered I could retrieve and send mail if

  • Can't Access OWA Server due to 10.9.2 upgradeNovember 30

    I recently updated to 10.9.2 and now I cannot access my government OWA web mail. I still can use my CAC card to access websites but not the OWA server. I am using Centrify Express for Smart Card 5.1.1.Hi Menghieser, If it works to access websites and

  • New User cannot access OWA after migrate from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2013October 11

    Dear all, I recently migrate the Exchange server from Exchange 2007 on Windows Server 2003 to Exchange 2013 on Windows 2012 R2. I can open the mailbox moved from Exchange 2007 without any problem. However when I created a new user in Exchange 2013, t

  • Safari displays messages in Outlook Web Access (OWA)  incorrectlyOctober 11

    I use Safari on my Iphone to view/process my Outlook email. It is a bit cumbersom, but works. However, just recently, it changed. Now, when I open an email, if I press "Reply" (agian this is an OWA) button, it creates a reply, but only shows the

  • Paste screenshot in outlook web access - OWANovember 30

    Exchange server 2007 IE 8 Hello, Is it possible to paste/embed a screenshot into a new email through OWA ? Maybe in exchange server 2010 ? regards, wim.Hi Wim, Yes you can embed a screenshot or any other picture into a new email in OWA; however you c

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